Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1891: Run Away

Tianming gave it a look and noticed that Yu Ziqian's forehead was bleeding. The stigma on his forehead absorbed the blood and glowed in an eerie manner. Even then, he wasn't able to open the formation.

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"Back off."

"Got it."

Tianming stood before the Sky Palace Formation. He was fairly certain that almost anything was possible with his left arm. However, he chose to use his stigma instead. His had been given to him by the wooden house in the Sky Palace, after all, which had inherited the true will and intent of Sky Palace, while the other members had already been corrupted by the voidheart worm.

Everyone watched as he placed his hands against the formation. He brought his forehead closer and closer to it, causing the stigma to glow. Then a clear sound rang out at the moment of contact. It sounded almost like knocking on a door. After that, waves of white spread from the point of contact to the rest of the formation. It was completely unlike when Yu Ziqian had ‘knocked’ on it. Tianming had casually opened the entrance of the Sky Palace Formation. Just like that, the formation melted before them and turned into lakewater that was up to ten thousand meters deep and he fell into the water, vanishing before everyone's eyes.


Everyone curiously got closer, but right as they were about to enter, the Sky Palace Formation was restored. They knocked on the formation and it felt like they were hammering against solid metal. It was no wonder that not even the full-fledged Divine Sun Palace could breach it.

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"Did he enter?" Yu Ziqian asked, having recovered from his dizziness.

"Let's go. We have to ensure that the Myriad Solar Sects still exist by the time he returns," the Northdipper Swordsage said, waving his hand.

Tianming wanted as many of them to survive as possible, as he knew better than anyone that his power came from living believers. Only if they were alive would he have the power from his legacy.

"Let's go." The Saintdragon Emperor and the rest left without turning back. While they were still worried about Tianming facing the voidheart worm alone, they were confident in him.

"Hehe..." Yu Ziqian chuckled as he followed behind the rest. His eyes darted around wildly as his veins visibly pulsed around his body.


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After passing through the liquefied formation, Tianming felt like he was floating around in a dream. He was carried around by some kind of current in a river. At the end of that river was a dilapidated wooden house. He accelerated toward the house, but didn't think that he would be flushed outright before he touched it. Then he landed on the ground and found himself in a world of white fog. This was the Sky Palace. Ahead of him were countless snow-white buildings, between which lustrous plants could be seen. He could smell a flowery fragrance in the air, as if he had come to a calm wonderland. In this tranquil world, even his breathing seemed to disrupt the serene atmosphere.

He immediately spread Yin Chens around when he arrived. At the same time, the Yin Chens that had been left behind and gone dormant were waking up, but they hadn’t seen anything during their dormancy.

Looking up, he cast his gaze upon the tallest and grandest hall of white. That was where he had met the members of the Sky Palace the last time he was there. He flew toward it, but Yin Chen's butterflies and locusts flew faster than him.

"Someone is... coming here..." Yin Chen reported, and Tianming quickly saw them for himself.

A white figure appeared from beyond the cloudy fog. It appeared to be a woman in white robes. Her face was covered in thick powder and she looked even older than the Azuredragon Emperor, yet she was the youngest member of the Sky Palace.

Tianming remembered her, as she was the one he had interacted with the most the last time he came. She used to be one of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s elders and was known as Granny Yuan Long. The sect had requested her help during the first invasion of the Myriaddragon Mountains some time ago. After many years, Tianming had finally reunited with her.

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Two of the seven members of Sky Palace were reported to have died, yet, while she was ranked the lowest among them, she had survived. When she saw Tianming, she didn't say a single word before attacking.

As a beastmaster, her lifebound beasts were her powerhouse. Five snow-white dragons that somewhat resembled Long Wanying's worldcleanse whitesoul dragons appeared. They looked like seven-star divine beasts and were called saintpath origin dragons. From the name alone, one could tell that they symbolized all things holy. Yet Tianming could tell from a single glance that something was off. Their scales seemed almost too pale, and their bodies were covered in long strands of hair. What was even more terrifying was how their eyes were pale and lifeless instead of the stern eyes that were normally found in dragons. Rather than dragons, they seemed more like worms. While Lan Huang was an oddly shaped dragon itself, it still exuded the aura befitting of a true dragon, one that was even purer than those of all dragons in the sun!

Granny Yuan Long immediately blocked Tianming along with her dragons and slashed her sword toward him.

"Why don't we chat for a bit first? I'm not much of a fan of fighting right after meeting," Tianming said as he backed off.

However, the old woman didn't respond and merely made an odd shriek before charging toward him again. Her dragons all used their abilities, shooting beams of pure white at him.

"Alright, I guess you're just a puppet at this point," Tianming said, powerlessly shaking his head. "Then perish." The voidheart worm would only show up after he got rid of its puppets. He didn't say any more and summoned his totems, exclusively fighting using them without using his own body at all. The swords soared into the air and coordinated with each other in a complex fashion to go for the kill, immediately slashing the five dragons into multiple pieces.

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It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Dragon corpses rained on the ground, yet not a single one of them bled. Instead, fleshy white worms emerged from their corpses before they scattered and blended in with the white walls around them, leaving only Granny Yuan Long behind.

"I don't suppose you're any different," Tianming said, feeling a slight melancholy for her fate. However, he didn't show any mercy. She was weaker than the Northdipper Swordsage, so she would be far from enough to take care of Tianming.

The Godsin went flying, almost instantly eviscerating her body and causing even more white worms to crawl out. Only a single head balanced on Tianming's sword, which was as thin as an insect's wing. Her expression wildly contorted as large numbers of worms fell out. When they were all expelled, only an empty husk was left behind.

Tianming gave his sword a shake, causing the white powder to fall from her face. All of a sudden, her empty eyes moved. She opened her mouth and struggled to say something with great difficulty. "Run... away...."

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