Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1887: Skywolf Frostwave

Tianming charged toward the Divine Sun Palace and saw a golden barrier around it. Even then, the blast had sent it flying straight to the ground, sending shockwaves out from the impact area. Green ice also appeared for tens of thousands of meters around it. Nobody knew the extent of the damage done to the palace apart from the sun emperor himself.

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Tianming blankly watched the whole scene with the others on the battlefield. Even the most elite celestial orderian commanders didn't know about Skywolf's imminent arrival and thought that the blasts had come from the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb instead.

As for the sun emperor, he had been unable to avoid the blast as it was a surprise attack. The enemy had used the flaming clouds as cover while they aimed. Perhaps he had managed to hide in the Flameyellow Coffin in the nick of time, but he was still squarely struck nevertheless. The green pillar that swallowed him up pierced all the way to the ground, hitting the many celestial orderian troops below. Then the light spread out like waves, leaving behind more than twenty million frozen green statues. They were no doubt dead from the attack. Not to mention, the slightest breeze was enough to cause them to shatter. The wave of green frost managed to drown out the golden flames around the battlefield. Seeing the Divine Sun Palace fall and more than twenty million of their comrades turn into ice, the remaining celestial orderians fell into a deathly silence, their faces pale.

"Li Tianming...." He was the only one left above in the sky. Gradually, the vortex grew brighter and brighter, casting light on his body. The celestial orderians thought that he had taken out the sun emperor with a mighty show of force.

"Where's the sun emperor?"

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"I don't know! Don't tell me he was vaporized—I can't see anything!"

"Nonsense! That's impossible!"

It was the celestial orderians' turn to fall into panic. Their morale had kept tanking since Tianming returned, and now they were at rock bottom. The flames around their bodies crackled as the cold frost loomed over them.

"It's got nothing to do with me." Tianming wouldn't claim credit for anything he didn't do. In fact, he believed that Skywolf was a much bigger threat than the celestial orderians. There was no doubt in his mind that they would prove harder to deal with than the sun emperor.

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Tianming hurried the Saintdragon Emperor to speed up the evacuation using this opportunity. "Escape to wherever! Just try to survive!"

With Skywolf's sudden arrival, all Tianming could do was avoid the limelight. He blended into the crowd with Lingfeng. One thing was on his mind, however: how were the sun emperor and his palace doing? He didn't have the time to stay to find out.

After that, a gigantic green mechanical wolf descended from the flaming clouds. It looked about as large as the Divine Sun Palace. While it was in the form of a beast, it was clear that it was a divine astralship constructed using divine ores and impressive formations. It was a superweapon in the form of a wolf! Its huge, greenish-gray form was countless times larger than normal lifebound beasts, and it was just as fierce as them, if not more.

It took a while before the others reacted.

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They had been their nemesis long ago. The Orderians, whether they be the celestial orderians or part of the Myriad Solar Sects, would never forget that astral war from long ago, nor would they forget the nightmare Skywolf had brought to the sun. Even though they had managed to survive, that didn't mean Skywolf hadn’t left any wounds. The arrival of their old nemesis was even more shocking than the fall of the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. The defenders immediately forgot the threat of the celestial orderians and were able to do nothing but stare dumbly at the mechanical wolf as they struggled to breathe.

Most of the people there were speechless, and the others didn't have anything other to say than mumbling 'Skywolf' over and over again, more fearfully with each repetition. The entire battlefield had frozen over after the divine astralship appeared, which was what Tianming had expected.

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Then the mechanical wolf began moving; it sounded like metal grating against metal. Like specters, this divine astralship that had been constructed entirely out of divine ores was incredibly tough. The frost it emanated also froze the wills of those that beheld it, even the celestial orderians.

Only Tianming was still alert and hurrying the evacuation. There was no use saying anything else. If the sun emperor was still alive, he would be the one fighting Skywolf. Tianming only worried that the wolf-shaped divine astralship was charging up for the next blast to attack the others on the battlefield. It would be all too easy to kill the millions that were gathered tightly in a single area.

Fortunately, they were different from the sun emperor. The mechanical wolf approached the crowd as it would ants. It breathed out some cold smoke, giving rise to boundless fog as its mouth opened up and revealed a doorway of sorts.

The next instant, many specters from Skywolf emerged from the ship. Tianming clearly saw them from his place in the crowd. There were around ten thousand of them, all around ten meters tall. They had wolf heads and greenish-gray bodies and emanated cold auras, all shrouded in the cold fog. Their killing intent washed over the people there. Among them was a man in a cape standing at the very front, radiating the coldest aura of them all. His face seemed covered in long, green eyes.

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