Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1880: Heavy Blow

Tianming believed in Lingfeng and was certain that the plotting sun emperor would suddenly grimace in pain in the next moment, then be crushed from the front and ground into dust. Far too many enemies had died from onslaughts like that by Tianming. In fact, he felt rather unnerved that the sun emperor was able to wear such a prideful expression the entire time.

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"You must die!" The words were accompanied by a storm of powerful cuts, yet the sun emperor still managed to hold on. 

Tianming felt that something was off, then all of a sudden.... "Back away!"

The Soulfiend shrieked as it was ejected from the sun emperor's body. At that moment, Lingfeng had fought his way into the sovereign’s sea of consciousness. He was about to exterminate the sun emperor's vita with his rage-filled sword, only for the Soulfiend to be ejected.

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"I have to retreat!" Lingfeng was stunned. At that instant, it felt like his killing intent had been frozen. He looked inside, only to be shocked. He could clearly see everything—the sun emperor's fourth imperial soul was smiling as it looked at him like a cunning old man looking at a hot-blooded youth.

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"Your little tricks don't make you a good fit to be my son-in-law," the sun emperor said. He wasn't afraid in the slightest, even though he was Lingfeng's prey. Lingfeng was confident that he could exterminate him! Yet what chilled him to his soul was how the sun emperor's soul was encased within a black coffin covered in complex divine patterns. Some of the patterns, which were golden, formed the character for 'yellow', while the crimson-red parts formed the character for 'flame'.

To think that there were actual objects within the sun emperor's sea of consciousness! Seeing that caused him to recall that Tianming had the Soul Tower protecting him inside his own sea of consciousness, and the sun emperor had something similar! The vita of the sun emperor watched Lingfeng confidently from within; the fact that the Soulfiend was ejected after attacking the coffin showed how powerful it was.

"Come!" the sun emperor roared, raising his brows.

Even after all that, Lingfeng didn't collapse from the shock. He had come to kill, and that was what he would do. He scooted past the Soulfiend and slashed his crimson blade toward the coffin. The two characters depicting 'flame' and 'yellow' brightly glowed and sent him bouncing back.

"You really overestimate yourselves! In this day and age, who wouldn't possess some kind of protective treasure? You two are fools!" the sun emperor heartily laughed. Not only had the coffin stopped the attack, it’d also bounced it back. Lingfeng's own vita had been cut into tens of parts and his soul power began rapidly dissipating.

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"Ugh!" That soul power had come from the battlefield, so Lingfeng's own soul was unharmed. However, he was still greatly weakened. Their plan had been foiled by that coffin. It was a huge blow to their effort!

Thankfully, the Soulfiend turned back and pulled Lingfeng out of the sea of consciousness, helping them escape. Fortunately, the coffin couldn't attack, just like the Soul Tower, or the two of them would have been toast.

That short instant had changed everything. The sight of the sun emperor's soul scattering that Tianming had been waiting for didn't come. Instead, two beams of red light shot out of him and returned into Lingfeng's body. With a pale look, Lingfeng cried, "Run!"

"It's too late for you, haha!" The sun emperor's body brightly glowed once more.

While he didn't know the details, Tianming understood that Lingfeng had failed. The sun emperor was an untouchable god that could even shake off a plan like that!

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He sent his totems charging toward Tianming and tossed his sword away, then opened his arms wide. "Flameyellow!"

An ancient, crimson-gold coffin appeared from his body. Its manifestation seemingly caused the entire sun to shake, resulting in the eruption of countless volcanoes. The newly emerged pillar formations also glowed in blinding fashion.

"What in the world is that?!"

People all looked at the object that seemed more terrifying than a grade-nine divine artifact. It was a coffin, but was it also a weapon? The sun emperor soon answered that question by waving his hand and sending the coffin crashing toward Tianming. It wasn't that large of an object, yet it was able to instantly crush the prime wonder that was comparable to a hundred thousand mountains!

Tianming blocked with all of his totem swords, and Infinitum Spatium and Grandvoid Universum shattered from the blow! The coffin then slammed against the Grand-Orient Sword, a clash like never before. All of Tianming's sword strikes had been neutralized just like that. The terrifying force caused his organs to shatter, resulting in the destruction of many of his albi. His head and arms cracked and he was on the brink of completely disintegrating. Like a kite with a snapped string, he fell from the sky to the bloody battlefield. Lingfeng was also out for the count.

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All of that had happened within mere moments—the Myriad Solar Sects' brightest moment had ended just like that. Tianming and Lingfeng were completely unable to continue fighting, causing the morale of their troops to plummet. They all saw death and the entirety of the Myriaddragon Mountains wallowed in despair as it crept upon them.

But that wasn't enough. The sun emperor wasn't happy that he hadn't completely killed Tianming. He saw that the brat was lying still in a pool of blood, breathing. The sun emperor clicked his tongue and said, "A brilliant rising star like you deserves a magnificent death. There's no point in delaying this. I’ll let the world witness how I send you off on your final journey."

The Flameyellow Coffin came smashing down from above.

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