Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1879: Brothers United in Heart

Millions of small totem swords swept forward like a mighty current. The sharpest point of that current was where Tianming and the Grand-Orient Sword were radiantly shining. The scene of the storm of swords parting the golden flames to open a path to the sovereign was beautiful and brought hot tears to many people.

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“Tianming, kill the sovereign!” 

The divine wills of the billions of people connected to Tianming gathered in his Myriadsword Providence, empowering it further. This was the second strongest possible fusion strike of Ninedragon Tribulation combined with totems and a sword body. It was a nearly perfect state.

Even so, it wouldn’t be able to threaten the sun emperor based on past experience. Even though it was stronger, it didn’t even make the sun emperor’s expression change.

Lingfeng wasn’t slacking off while that was happening. The Soulfiend and he transformed into a storm of darkness that wasn’t inferior to the sea of swords as it made its way to the sun emperor. “Soul Embrace!” His voice seemed to have come from the darkest of nights.

The Soulfiend’s three heads of joy, rage, and sorrow all made a rare change and became rageful as its six eyes turned blood-red. The storm of darkness quickly ate up the distance between it and the sovereign. The Soulfiend’s six arms extended toward the sun emperor, destroying everything they passed with black smoke.

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In the center of that storm of darkness was a youth whose black hair and clothes fluttered. Horrifying soul power leaked from his body as his red eyes turned into the eyes of the storm.

Divine wonders and giant beasts were by the sun emperor’s side, while the Prime Tower was above. Behind was the Soulfiend and Lingfeng’s storm of darkness and ahead was Tianming’s sea of swords. He was surrounded by three ‘miracles’, which was undoubtedly the most dangerous position the sun emperor had ever been in.

In that situation, even he stopped smiling and his expression became incredibly cold. He held his golden sword with both hands, thrusting it aloft in the air. The golden crows disengaged from their opponents before fixing themselves in place around the sovereign, forming a golden shield around him.

Even more terrifying power emanated from the golden sphere. Golden flames spread out for kilometers, making the sun emperor and his totems a super sun on the battlefield, one covered by golden feathers.

This first ripple of power from the super sun caused all of Weisheng Moran’s divine wonders to collapse, as well as battering Tianming’s lifebound beast’s away to crash on the ground as a bloody mess.

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A storm of darkness, a sea of millions of swords, and a super sun! Of the three, the most radiant and massive was definitely the sun in the center. It was also the most terrifying, which proved the sun emperor’s identity as an absolute overlord of the sun.

Their battle had drawn too much attention, causing many fights to peter out as the combatants were spellbound to watch its conclusion. The battlefield fell into silence as time seemed to stop, leaving only the brilliance of the three powerhouses.

“The sovereign must die!” 

Following that declaration from many of the Myriad Solar Sects’s warriors, the gold, black, and Tianming’s multi-colored hue collided! Outsiders couldn’t see the details, only the world-shaking explosion that followed. The land shook and the sky darkened, almost like it was the end of the world; only the four people involved knew what had happened.

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The Soulfiend was the first to rush into the sun emperor’s defensive perimeter. It unleashed all the power it had absorbed from Lingfeng. Rampaging soul power struck the sun emperor’s totems.

Holes appeared in the golden crows’ chests, causing them to let out a piercing shriek. Everyone recognized it—it wasn’t from Ying Huo, but the even fiercer golden crows. If even the totems couldn’t stop the Soulfiend, what hope did the sun emperor with his fourth imperial soul have? Tianming and Lingfeng finally saw a hope of killing him.

Vast soul power surged out from Lingfeng. Red light flowed out of his body and a massive sword made from soul power formed, a manifestation of his vita leaving his body. It was clear that Lingfeng’s vita was over a hundred times bigger than the previous time he had used his Soulcrush Slash.

“You’re finished!” Tianming’s storm of swords had also arrived at the sovereign. The sovereign seemed to be facing Tianming, and all of his totems even seemed to be deployed to defend against him. He had seemingly overlooked Lingfeng!

That sturdy and sinister back made Lingfeng’s killing intent soar as he felt he was being looked down upon. “Die!”

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The Soulfiend waved its six arms and its massive body that was tens of thousands of meters tall entered the sovereign’s body. “Kill!” Lingfeng’s word was a signal to Tianming that this was their chance to successfully complete the kill.

Tianming had seen hope as well. He was clearer than anyone else about Lingfeng’s threat against souls. Once he suppressed the sovereign in the soul, the sovereign would only be able to let himself be killed. And once the sovereign fell, the celestial orderians would quickly follow. This was a chance straight out of a dream; it was the only way to stop this bloodsoaked war.

Tianming and Lingfeng exchanged a look. In the next moment, the two brothers seemed to go crazy. Their target was the sun emperor, the most terrifying enemy in history!

“No one’s unkillable!” Lingfeng snarled. After the Soulfiend entered the sun emperor, he immediately used his Soulcrush Slash, creating a streak of red light that tore through the air and entered the sovereign’s body. He was full of confidence, and Tianming was as well. Currently, his storm of swords was clashing with the nine totems.

The whistles from the swords overwhelmed the rest of the battlefield’s noise, while the fire and sword ki from the fight were like rain falling on the battlefield. The sight of golden flowers of sword ki blooming in the sky was incomparably spectacular.

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