Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1878: Heart onsumed With Three Flames

Today was truly a day of many partings, and the grudges and blood that this hellscape had accumulated would be difficult to dissolve even after thousands of generations. And the instigator of it all, the sun emperor, was relying on his personal strength to face Li Tianming and Ye Lingfeng. He had a pleased smile, as if all the vengeful spirits had nothing to do with him.

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Nothing needed to be said.

In that short period of warmth, Tianming used the Greenspark Tower and carefree wonder to recover. The even more heavily injured Lan Huang and Xian Xian also managed to hold on. As long as they were given a chance to catch their breath, Tianming and his lifebound beast could recover most of their combat strength. At the same time, the power of the nine billion Omnisentient Threads continued flowing unabated into Tianming’s body before it was transferred to the two sacrosuns, allowing the lifebound beasts, totems, and divine wonders to never run out of energy.

Tianming surviving until now and keeping the Myriad Solar Sects’ hopes alive was no mean feat. Now that Lingfeng had joined him and given him the chance to counterattack, his mass of injuries and trip to a state of hopelessness had now made his heart consumed with three flames: the flames of vengeance, the flames of fury, and the flames of fervor. The sorrow of the departed and tragedy of the battlefield all poured out from his heart, clouding his mind.

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These were two youths filled with the utmost hate! Compared to Lingfeng, Tianming also had the additional grudge of Li Wudi’s ‘death’. Every time Divine Wrath fell, Li Wudi’s hopes of survival were dashed once again. His resoluteness in attacking with the Divine Sun Palace didn't bode well for him.

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When he saw Tianming look at the Divine Sun Palace, the sovereign laughed, “Give up your hope. You should understand that your godfather is already completely dead. The one helping me control the Divine Sun Palace and destroying your Myriaddragon Mountains is just another body of mine.” He was still this merciless.

Those words aroused killing intent in Tianming. “If he’s gone, then you’ll accompany him. If he’s still around, you still have to die!” The Greenspark Tower frantically did its best, allowing him to climb to his feet. He grit his teeth before leading his five lifebound beast and ten decapath era godswords in a charge toward the man and nine birds in the sky. He grasped the Grand-Orient Sword in his hand.

Even though Lingfeng had come, Tianming still continued his strategy of a frontal clash with the sun emperor! That was his responsibility as the older brother... and it was where his talents lay anyway.

Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, Xian Xian, and Yin Chen all accompanied him as they unleashed their many abilities.

For example, Meow Meow pounced on its opponents. With the pandemonium sacrosun, power flowed without pause. Black and white lightning burst out of its body, forming a pool of lightning. Genesis Bolts and Chaos Fiendbolts mingled, forming pillars of lightning that descended upon the sovereign and the golden crows.

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Ying Huo was even braver. As the one most displeased with these totems, it leapt into the flock of birds. Its feathers that possessed the Blazebane, Cosmic Blade faced off with the three-legged golden crows’ golden feathers. Sparks flew everywhere as they noisily scraped against each other. Infernal and golden flames intermingled, invading each other. But the infernal flames were definitely higher quality. When the golden crows were infected, they felt like they were being flayed alive, making them shrilly cry out.

Having found a chance, Ying Huo grew even fiercer. It cussed as it fought a shocking battle with one or two golden crows. Its wings, beak, and claws moved like bewildering shadows. It was a sight rarely seen in history. Although they were a lifebound beast and totems, both sides were masters of battle arts, so their fight was both fierce and complex, as well as unique. Normally speaking, when a lifebound beast fought a totem, one would use abilities while the other would use totemic calamities.

Elsewhere, the sovereign beast Lan Huang was also very impressive. However, its speciality was a charge, so it was still suffering against these agile bird totems. With his lifebound beasts opening a path ahead as the prime wonder fell from the sky to suppress and Weisheng Moran tried her best to use her divine wonders to suppress and restrict the sovereign, Tianming had even more freedom to act.

He rushed into the clouds, then used his first totemic calamity: Myriadsword Providence.

All of his fighting spirit was in this attack. The decapath era godswords dispersed, transforming into millions of smaller swords. They formed a swirling sea of swords that all looked like Eastdivinity Acme. Within the sea, both of Tianming’s hands tightly held the Grand-Orient Sword as his nine billion Omnisentient Threads turned into explosive power.

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‘Sovereign!” Tianming spat with venom as he stared at the man who seemed to have control of everything. Countless blood feuds had gathered in this battle; Tianming was only willing to risk everything with this attack like this because Lingfeng was around.

His heartbeat quickened—he was completely done preparing!

The millions of swords whistled. All of his divine hazard sword kis burst out. His Grand-Orient Sword became the core of the millions of totem swords. The Grand-Orient Sword was the best for bearing the power of the people.

The will of the people seemed to shift to the small totem swords at that moment. Every sword seemed to have countless people riding on them as they hovered behind Tianming.


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The moment the Grand-Orient Sword moved was the moment all of the small totem swords shook.

At this point, Tianming had mastered eight of the Ninedragon Tribulation sword arts. Now, he fused all eight together. As he used the Sevendragon Tribulation, he added the Skysword Apotheosis to the mix. It acted as the core sword intent that the other seven strikes revolved around.

Skysword Apotheosis! One sword to swing through the sky, and all gods had to retreat in the face of it! That was the intent of the Skysword.

Actually, Tianming had used this move earlier, except the sun emperor had stopped it. This time around, it was stronger and more resolute than before.

While his wonder and lifebound beasts were risking their all to pester the sun emperor, Tianming and the Grand-Orient Sword became the heart of the storm of swords and fell upon him.

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