Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1876: Go Dream In Hell

The savage golden crow wasn’t able to hold on and finally let go of the Radix World Tree, allowing Xian Xian to finally escape.

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The prime wonder smashed down, causing an earthquake that cracked the ground for kilometers. At ground zero, the land caved in and left a pit that was hundreds of meters deep. The terrifying reverberations even reached the fusion formation, causing half of Orderia to feel the aftershocks.

It was evidence that Tianming may not be the sun emperor’s match right now, but he was still ridiculously strong to the point he even surpassed normal sovereigns. The golden crow had been practically flattened; its feathers had been scattered everywhere and a sea of golden fire blazed on the ground. However, a totem’s vitality was much stronger than a lifebound beast’s. As long as the bane-rings remained, they would never truly be gone.

The crow shrieked as it tried pushing the pagoda off its body, forcing Tianming to concentrate all his energy on keeping just that one bird down—however, the sun emperor had a total of nine of them!

“All that effort and you can only hold down one of my fingers. Isn’t this pointless?” a voice boomed out from above as a sword came hacking down on Tianming’s head. Tianming used Skysword Apotheosis with the Grand-Orient Sword and it abruptly shot up, seeking to split the sky in twain.

The sun emperor’s expression was dignified as golden feathers around him rained down, piercing through Tianming’s Infernal Armor. The golden sword simultaneously slammed into the Grand-Orient Sword, its motion seemingly simple but filled with boundless divine majesty.

Tianming fell to the ground like a kite that had its string cut. Although it wasn’t as exaggerated as the golden crow’s fall just moments before, mountains still shook afterward. The mighty force made him bleed all over and destroyed many of his albi. The most vicious parts of it were cleansed by the carefree wonder, while the Greenspark Tower hurriedly repaired the rest of his body. However, so what if he was healed if he couldn’t get back up?

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The golden crow that had been kept down by the pagoda flew up, ignoring the prime wonder as it went to attack Xian Xian and Yin Chen again.

Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang’s battles had grown even grander in scale. As sovereign beasts, they were stronger than their two siblings. However, they still didn’t have an advantage as they duked it out one on one with their opponents and they were covered in wounds.

Only the decapath era godswords were still steadily holding on against three golden crows.

The most dangerous battlefield was at Weisheng Moran’s side. Just two crows had destroyed her forty-nine divine wonders and wonder dreamwhales. The crows fell like suns again and again, tearing apart the whales and treating Weisheng Moran, who had no combat power of her own, as prey.

“Do you recognize the gulf yet? Honestly, your performance has me stunned. But it’s all for naught. You can’t bridge this gulf even if you show a hundred times your willpower. It’s over. This fight may look exciting, but it’s meaningless. You’re too young. One careless move of mine and I’ll accidentally kill you.” The sun emperor wasn’t joking. He really did find this meaningless.

He gestured and his totems renewed their offensive while he charged at Tianming himself.

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Tianming’s heart began pounding. He had already become a moth in this fight and wouldn’t be frightened by the flame in front of him. He would throw himself forward even if it was a meaningless death! He wiped away the blood on his face and flew into the sky to meet his destiny.

As long as people saw his light, the Myriad Solar Sects would still have hope. Others would also wipe away their blood and throw themselves to their deaths!

In the skies, the golden crows cawed and flapped their wings as they fought all of Tianming’s methods.

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In the center of the battlefield, the youth and the golden-haired emperor’s swords met in a deadly dance. 

Tianming crashed down once again. His totems and lifebound beasts were also forced into retreat. Weisheng Moran was sent flying and knelt on the ground, her face as white as a sheet of paper.

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The golden crows were like nine suns that covered the sky and looked down on all living things.

“Still going to ignore reality?” The sun emperor was in the middle of his totems. He was rather surprised that he had done so much and yet Tianming was still breathing.


In his eyes, the willpower of the youth whose white hair had been stained red had infected others, causing them to maintain their own willpower.

The number of Tianming’s Omnisentient Threads had risen to eight billion, but had now reached nine billion! He was getting stronger and stronger; however, he would still be weaker even if he hit ten billion.

The sun emperor had already surpassed the realm of sovereigns from heliacal-class worlds. He definitely held a secret that surpassed heliacal-class worlds on him!

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Tianming knew his body was in a disastrous state. However, the willpower of nine billion people continued pushing him forward. He didn’t need to look at Ying Huo and the rest to know their hearts were united with his.

“Kill him! Kill him!” Even though it wasn’t a realistic dream, he and his lifebound beasts believed in it as they threw themselves at the suns like moths to a flame!

“Your strength is lacking. Willpower and courage are myths used to deceive the weak. Only children have faith in it. You just don’t understand that all the ‘miracles’ where you beat me were just pure, dumb luck. However, luck will never always be on your side.” The sun emperor was disdainful. Kill!” The sun emperor wanted to use this one battle to show Tianming what reality was—it was power!

He wanted to say something more as he looked at this youth full of valor and struggle, but when the Godsin stabbed at his face, all of his ‘appreciation’ turned into fury. “Damnable idealist! Go dream in hell!” he snarled, as the desire to torment this child rose in his heart. Even greater power surged out of his body.

However, the youth in front of him didn’t experience the slightest change to the conviction in his eyes.

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