Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1875: Se ond State Of The Sovereign’s T

Eight bane-rings on the arms and one on the chest! The nine bane-rings all blazed with fire as they spun, all of the golden fire in the battlefield following its lead and spinning as well. The violent flames burned countless mountains to ashes. Bird cries were emitted from the nine bane-rings, covering the battlefield even more effectively than Lan Huang’s roars and making the ears of the celestial orderian and Myriad Solar Sect warriors bleed.

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“What’s that?” Xian Xian’s spiritual body flew above Tianming’s head, dumbstruck. As the Radix World Tree, she was suffering the most against the sovereign. His golden flames had spread to all of its leaves and flowers.

“What the hell?” Ying Huo was just about to mock it when the bane-rings released rays of light that were absorbed by the nine divine solar gods!

The divine solar gods all roared, then spread their arms. Their imperial robes began fluttering before transforming into golden feathers. The feathers scraped against each other, the friction producing sparks and an unpleasant screeching sound. They grew in size as their feathers began to swirl around and gather. Three sharp, spear-like bird claws appeared. Finally, golden wings extended and a long, sharp beak peeked out.

Tianming and the rest were forced to accept that the nine divine solar gods had all become birds! And not just any ordinary birds of course. They were like scorching suns and had golden wings and three legs. Their feathers were like sharp blades and their power was like a nova source. They were three-legged golden crows!

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They were even larger than the previous divine solar gods. Although they were avian beasts, they were still fundamentally totems. However, from those blade-like feathers covering their body, their melee strength had reached terrifying levels. Were they divine solar gods or three-legged golden crows?

That wasn’t actually important, as they were still the sun emperor’s totems. This was perhaps just their second stage, which was stronger beyond any shadow of a doubt. The sun emperor was surrounded by tens of thousands of golden feathers defending him. They were all burning with fire and looked even more dangerous than Ying Huo’s feathers. The three-legged golden crows were also larger than Ying Huo, even at its largest.

From their vantage point high up in the sky, they looked down upon all of creation. Each was like a radiant sun, with divine prestige that gave them more than enough qualifications to look down on Ying Huo.

The entire battlefield felt stifled again. The sovereign’s strength made the Myriad Solar Sects unable to breathe while the celestial orderians’ fervor grew, as not even they had known about this second state’s existence. A metamorphosis implied even greater power, and that the sovereign wanted to end the battle. Victory was in sight!

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The cries were even more piercing, and the fighting spirit even higher. The celestial orderians had grown even more murderous. And just as they expected, the sun emperor didn’t let them down. He used the tens of thousands of golden feathers as swords that swept past everything as the three-legged divine crows fluttered their wings and shrieked. Every single crow was like a falling sun of its own.

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Their targets were Weisheng Moran’s divine wonders, Tianming’s divine wonder, his lifebound beasts, and his decapath era godswords. Just nine totems dared to rely on their power advantage to take on all comers!

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Two ripped into the territory of Weisheng Moran’s divine wonders, their wings like violent blades that violently ripped the divine wonders into stars. Three faced off with Tianming’s decapath era godswords. Their avian bodies were even more agile, and their feathers, beaks, wings, and talons were all weapons. The flames on them were also scorchingly hot. Just those three birds alone managed to force the decapath era godswords back in retreat, nearly destroyed. And those were totems that had been boosted by seven billion omnisentient threads! As for the last four crows, three had gone for Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang. The remaining one viewed Yin Chen and Xian Xian with disregard!

Piercing cries rang out as the golden crows, with their mastery of battle arts, were full of unpredictability and could even twist their bodies in inconceivable ways.

Over a million palm-sized metal butterflies transformed into a storm of sharp edges that passed through one of the crows. Nicks appeared all over it, but the totem’s body quickly recovered. It spat flames at Yin Chen, the high temperature immediately melting its bodies into slag that fell from the sky.

Yin Chen could reform, but it would take time.

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Having broken through Yin Chen’s defensive perimeter, the crow rushed toward the Radix World Tree. Its three spear-like legs clamped down on the trunk as it ignored Xian Xian’s Demise Greenloti, Bloodrain Sword, and even the Radiant Vines and black roots attempting to twine around its body. While its golden flames spread onto the giant tree, it flapped its mighty wings and directly plucked it off the ground!

Xian Xian’s roots and vines were all breaking apart from the flames. They had covered its entire body, and it was just a matter of time before it turned to ash! The rate of damage even surpassed the Greenspark Tower’s regenerative abilities. It was still a lifebound beast, even if it was a plant; it couldn’t repair itself like a totem after turning to ash.

“Save me, Little Li!” Xian Xian cried out in pain. Its spiritual body was still next to Tianming, but it was turning pale and its eyes were dimming.

This opponent had posed a fatal danger to every person by Tianming’s side. He had never met such a terrifying opponent that could even steamroll his seven billion omnisentient threads in his entire life!

In that critical moment, a nine-story white pagoda fell from the sky. Just as the crow took flight, the weighty pagoda drew on the power of the masses and slammed into its head and the golden crow was smashed into the ground.

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