Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1874: Tragi

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Even the wonder dreamwhales that had looked quite impressive were swallowed up by golden flames as a golden sword swept past them.

The sun emperor shot out, shooting toward Tianming like a flaming meteor.

“That old man Dreamless raised his little ghosts for so long. However, he ended up getting killed by them and having his ability stolen. How ironic. Were you children born to bully old men?” the sun emperor coldly chuckled, his confidence in his strength on full blast. Of course, the suffocating and crushing might he had shown so far had also validated that confidence. He relied on brute force without the slightest bit of technique to break the cage of divine wonders, and had even destroyed a few of them. His momentum was unstoppable!

The sovereign’s strength, as well as the celestial orderian army’s power, made everyone’s hearts chill.

The most important thing was that the Divine Sun Palace had finished accumulating power. Another Divine Wrath fell, a scorching golden light that blinded billions. They couldn’t even see those by their side and could only feel the world trembling around them.

The defensive power of the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation shifted to resist the Divine Sun Palace. However, that allowed the celestial orderians on the battlefield to charge forward like wild horses, staining the ground with blood!

It was incredibly bloody!

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It was incredibly tragic!

At that point, the words ‘hell on earth’ weren’t enough to describe it. The worst part was that no hope could be seen.

As for the battle of experts everyone had been looking forward to, the sovereign had revealed peerless strength that let everyone know that the purpose of his appearance was to eliminate a miracle!

“Kill!” Tianming roared so loudly his voice almost broke. Carrying the will of seven billion people, he collided with the sun emperor. His five lifebound beasts fought by his side, his prime wonder descended from the sky, and his decapath era godswords reformed. Ten swords that weren’t inferior to the sun emperor’s in size immediately executed the Skydragon, Skysword Apotheosis, clashing with the nine divine solar gods.

Northapex Perpetuity, Southsky Chaospit, Westvoid Progenifiend, Eastdivinity Acme, and more.... Ten large, mysterious swords carried the power of the masses as they clashed with the nine totems, causing the sky to darken and booms to inundate the sky. The decapath era godswords were direct and violent, while the nine divine solar gods were the epitome of skill.

They had a wide breadth of techniques, each like the sun emperor in person. The advantage of heavenly being totems was on full display as they executed profound and intricate grade-eight divine arts without end, ablating the force of the decapath era godswords.

Tianming wasn’t able to control the mighty force, so the godswords were knocked away. They crashed into groups of celestial orderians, pulverizing them.

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Black and white lightning, as well as infernal fire, shot forward. However, the sun emperor was agile and quick to respond. His totems gathered together, knocking aside all of the abilities and carving out a path of survival. The sun emperor was capable of being both violent and skilled.

“Is this a turtle or a dragon?” The sun emperor laughed upon seeing Lan Huang charging over, the land and mountains shaking in its wake. Compared to Lan Huang, who was using the Primordial Wheel on the divine solar gods, he was as minuscule as a speck of dust. However, he placed himself in front of his totems before punching out with a fist.

The fist seemed to have gathered all the world’s light as it landed on Lan Huang. Facing off with Lan Huang in brawn seemed like using an egg against a rock, but something inconceivable happened—Lan Huang was flung away like a ball and shot up into the stratosphere, Primordial Swords and blood raining down from it. It had been swatted away like a fly by a mountain, grievously injured in one exchange.

The sun emperor blew on his fist and shrugged his shoulders. He dismissively smiled and said, “Size isn’t important. This sovereign is the true representative of power.” He roared with laughter, flames blazing on his body. His totems towered above him like nine flaming mountains. He didn’t pause before going for Tianming and his lifebound beasts again.

Despair, absolute despair!

“Too strong.” It wasn’t just Tianming, but Ying Huo and the rest had also come to the same conclusion. He’d never underestimated the sun emperor and had already expected a hard fight, but this was out of expectations.

“This is playing with my life!” Tianming could tell that his chances weren’t even at ten percent, even if he staked his life. However, was there a path of retreat? He felt like he was the Windheed Pavilion’s sect master, Fengling Suyu. Like moths to a flame, he, his totems, and his lifebound beast all threw themselves into. The path ahead was death, but they still had to step forward even so, because tens of billions of lives stood behind him!

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“Everyone.…” Tianming could feel Ying Huo and the rest’s souls. He didn’t know what to say. There was no one that would forever be invincible in the world. This was his most hopeless situation, yet he was dragging them into it. An emotion and resonance filled him.

“Start killing! Stop this feelings thing at once!” Ying Huo scolded, taking to the skies. It had already been accumulating power for a while. The large quantity of nova source it had gathered within its body detonated and a pillar of flame shot out and struck the sun emperor. Endless amounts of infernal flames infiltrated the area of the sun emperor’s totems. One of the divine solar gods came forward to clash with Ying Huo’s abilities.

“Oh?” The sun emperor frowned slightly. His totem’s face had warped as a hole appeared in its stomach. It hadn’t gotten off with light damage. As a master of flames, he had never before seen fire that could damage his totems.

“Intriguing, intriguing!” He stared at the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix in the sky, revealing a ferocious smile. “I was unsure about who was worthy to start my murder spree with. I’ll start with you, bird, until Li Tianming goes from a universe-class genius to a village-class idiot!” The sun emperor seemed to find his situation amusing. He loudly laughed, and so did the celestial orderians. However, his hands remained clenched.

The nine divine solar gods descended toward Tianming, his totems, and his remaining lifebound beasts. As for the sun emperor himself, he held his sword and turned into a fiery meteor that fell upon Ying Huo. He wanted to kill!

His divine solar gods used their totemic calamities. Fiery meteors gathered in the sky until there was over ten thousand of them. Then they fell from the sky; there were so many meteors that the sky was blotted out.

As for the sun emperor, he was like a sword that stabbed toward Ying Huo’s waist.

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“Careful!” Li Tianming and the others’ expressions changed.

“Fuck off!” Ying Huo’s explosive temper made it seem like it would face off with the sun emperor. But instead, it released a Skyscorch Featherblast before shrinking into a little yellow chick and skedaddling. It entered the rain of fire, danger still bearing down on it from behind. It turned around and saw the approaching sun emperor, his cold gaze making its feathers stand on end.

Ying Huo was still filled with unwillingness to die. It felt like it was explosively strong, but the enemy was even more explosive.

At that pivotal moment, a chain shot up from below and arrived at the sovereign’s eyes.

The sun emperor dodged, which immediately allowed countless divine wonders to press down on him. A white-haired youth interposed himself between him and Ying Huo, flicking the chain in his hand once again and causing the world to glint with silver light!

The decapath era godswords and Tianming’s other lifebound beasts were also involved in the grand battle.

The sun emperor caught the Godsin’s sharp tip in his fingers with a cold expression. He was just about to pull when the thin sword vibrated, leaving countless micro-tears on his skin.

It was another injury! Even though it was light, it made the sun emperor lose his patience. His golden gaze landed on Tianming, so scorching that Tianming’s white hair caught on fire. “I feel like this has become meaningless. You started this, so you shall end it.” The sun emperor shrugged his shoulders, turning sinister again. The current him was even more frightening than before and a deathly chill fell on the battlefield. The divine solar gods returned to their positions above the sun emperor.

The bane-ring on his chest, as well as those on his arms, began rapidly spinning. Within them, a dark gold baleful figure suddenly appeared.

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