Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1872: Omnisentient Rage

Normally speaking, the Divine Sun Palace shouldn't be able to continue charging its next blast after the sun emperor left it, just like the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb couldn't be piloted if Tianming was absent. The keys to start the divine astralship were the wheel formation and his Ninedragon Tribulation, the latter of which required the nine-colored scale left behind by the Ninedragon Emperor. No doubt, the Divine Sun Palace also had strict restrictions for the pilot that had to be satisfied, and as far as Tianming was aware, the celestial orderians didn't have any such person.

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Who in the world could it be? Gradually, a familiar figure appeared in his mind. "Godfather...." Li Wudi shouldn't be someone who would willingly help the sun emperor attack the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. However, Tianming had been bewildered by his words the last time they’d met. While they hadn’t met this time around, Tianming knew that something was off given how the Divine Sun Palace was still charging up. The only way Li Wudi would help the sun emperor would be if he somehow lost control of himself. In that sense, losing the self was akin to death.

The slaughterfest at the Myriaddragon Mountains intensified, sending countless people to the afterlife. That the hope for Li Wudi's survival had been completely dashed was only more fuel for the fire of despair.

Tianming's mind was already on the brink of being overwhelmed. All this cruelty had resulted from the sun emperor and the celestial orderians' heartlessness. Rage boiled in him and rose higher and higher. All of his albi contained the anger and hate that the people connected to him felt. Their hate resonated with his, synergizing with one another! The rage of seven billion people, their Omnisentient Rage, was his rage! Their power was also his power! Like a monster, he gathered immeasurable power from the battlefield like a pair of lungs sucking in all the air as they expanded. The countless albi in his body glowed like stars in the astralscape, brightly shining as they clashed into each other. His body shone from the sheer amount of outside power he had gathered in him. Astral physiques seemed to contain deep secrets.

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His two sacrosuns swirled around him with his body as the focal point. One of them was a black and gold imperial star, while the other was a sea of stars of black and white. The former represented the sun in the sky, while the other resembled yin and yang, containing countless mysteries.

All of his lifebound beasts continued absorbing power from the sacrosuns. Given the level of their divine wills, they could easily control the power they had absorbed. They were probably reaching a level of power on par with that of the lifebound beasts of Sovereign Brightscorch. Tianming's totems, on the other hand, were probably a match for Sovereign Starfeather's own eight grand totems.

As Tianming was now, with seven billion Omnisentient Threads, he could fully channel the power of a sovereign despite only being a fourth-level solarian. His rapid growth was nothing short of a miracle. Coupled with the hate he felt for the nightmare Li Wudi had experienced, he didn't want to run; he had a good reason to face the sun emperor head on. Naturally, the sun emperor wouldn't let him leave, even if he wanted to. He had come in person to deal with Tianming.

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Relying on the strength of the other elites he led, Tianming continued advancing, crushing waves of enemy troops by force. The sun emperor would have to personally step in to avoid the same thing happening there that had happened at Fushen Valley earlier. Suppressing Tianming meant suppressing the Myriad Solar Sects as a whole!

This would no doubt be the most significant duel in the history of Orderia. Tianming had already defeated the dreamless celestial emperor, so this honor was fitting for him. The sun emperor descended from the sky like a golden mountain as Tianming looked up.

A pressure comparable to the prime wonder's weighed on Tianming. It felt like all the world's fire was flooding toward his body, making him feel like the world around him was collapsing. Up in the sky, the sun emperor floated in defiance of gravity, his golden hair fluttering in the wind. His eyes were like two small suns, shooting out beams that eviscerated anything they touched. His body seemed like it was constructed from metal and was covered in golden, flaming tattoos that stretched to his chest, where his most eye-catching sun-shaped bane-ring was. The battlefield seemed to quiet down around Tianming during the descent, filled with nothing but the bestial breaths of the sun emperor.

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With his flame-covered skin and frizzled hair, the sun emperor seemed like he was in a berserk state, but that wasn't really the case. Instead, he looked at Tianming like a god would a mortal. He had the absolute edge. The area he landed on burned up immediately as cracks appeared on the ground. The earth itself heavily shook, seemingly turning into waves in the sea. Out from the cracks in the ground came flaming lava.

"All Hail the Sun Emperor!" The celestial orderians had all been agitated by his arrival. The sun emperor easily had ten thousand times as many believers as Tianming, but he didn't have a legacy that would allow him to take advantage of them. Even so, his tyrannical strength was enough to make his subordinates entirely forget death and fight with suicidal fervor. Tianming had just cut them off their supplies, but they were immediately able to turn the pressure back against the Myriad Solar Sects, showing the full ferocity of their race. They were the true rulers of the sun! The Myriad Solar Sects had underestimated them after their last two losses, but once the sun emperor joined the fray, their spirits rose along with their pride. The humiliation they had suffered only made them crave revenge even more!

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" A wave of golden flames began spreading out once more. Countless celestial orderians rushed to the sun emperor's back and split apart to form a path before surrounding Tianming. A blank area appeared on the battlefield, forcing Tianming away from the Ninedragon Army, leaving only three people within—namely, the sun emperor, Tianming, and Weisheng Moran. The empty area was a stark contrast to the chaotic battlefield. Tianming wondered whether all of them would have perished if Li Wudi could have controlled the Divine Sun Palace back at Fushen Valley.

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The sun emperor's gaze finally fell on Tianming. One look alone made him feel like his body was catching fire. Right after that, actual fire came washing over his body from the sun emperor.

"I really didn't know what kind of foe I’d come to face. I really didn't think that my true nemesis would end up being a young brat... no, a monster birthed by the universe. I’ve given you enough time and room to grow and you’re fat enough already." He smirked, then continued, "It’s time to put on the final act." In other words, he would no longer give Tianming any chances. Despite the pressure, Tianming stood straight. He glared at the sun emperor and pointed at the Divine Sun Palace. "What's up with that?"

"Well, it's simple. Last time, the fusion didn't succeed thanks to some complications, so I got him to tell you anything to get you to stay behind. But this time around, your godfather, Li Wudi, has been completely refined and reformed. Not a single speck of his being remains. He’s part of my body now, and my will is his will! In other words..." he continued oppressively stepping toward Tianming until he was right next to him, "the person you were pining for is dead for good. He won't even get to reincarnate. His soul has completely burned up! Are you satisfied with this outcome? Are you mad? If you are, why don't you properly fight me to the death? There will be no running. Let's see which of us is the last one standing."

He knew that his words would make Tianming hate him, and that was what he was counting on. Who knew whether Tianming had other means of escaping? To the sun emperor, taking him down was just as important as taking the Myriaddragon Mountains. Tianming was one of the two main pillars that kept the Myriad Solar Sects going. If only one of the two pillars fell, they could still hold on, so he wanted to crush both of them.

"Hahahahaha!" He could tell that Tianming was completely enraged. That was exactly what he wanted.

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