Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1869: A Tale of Two Wolves

Valleygod was a large stellunar source world about ten times the size of the Divine Moon Realm. It was managed by one of the celestial orderian branches that called themselves valleygods. The celestial body itself was gray and white and was constantly covered by clouds. While it was larger than the Divine Moon Realm, it wasn't eye-catching at all, making it well suited to be an outpost.

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Valleygod was one of the outposts that were the farthest away from the sun, and beyond it was the chaos zone, so called for the countless meteors in the area. Many of them crashed into Valleygod, which necessitated the constant activation of their astralguard formation to minimize the damage.

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That day, the many inhabitants of that world spent their day like usual, pining for Orderia. But all of a sudden, the sky brightly glowed, illuminating the gloomy world. Many people came out of their houses in shock and looked to the sky. Some even flew into the clouds to look beyond them.

"What is that?! It's so fast!" They could see two blinding sources of light flash past them.

"It looks like two wolves rushing past! How could there be wolves so huge?"

"Am I seeing things?"

It couldn't just be a hallucination, for many people saw the same thing.

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"Could they be divine astralships?"

This made them nervous. Outposts were only designed to monitor the approach of other star worlds, which they would have ample time to report on. Divine astralships were too quick for them to be able to report back in time.

"It's said that our people are warring against the Myriad Solar Sects in Orderia. For alien divine astralships to come at such a time...."

"This means trouble. Big trouble."

"Haven't there been records of divine astralships coming to Orderia from Skywolf?"

As Tianming's Ninedragon Imperial Tomb hadn't set out in the direction of this outpost when it left for Violetglory, and it didn't have a true miniature nova source, it was hardly noticeable at all and had gone undetected.

"Skywolf! That's right! The divine astralships were shaped like a wolf!"

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"Skywolf is here!"

The valleygods immediately fell into a panic, yet the divine astralships simply ignored their humble outpost and headed straight for Orderia. It was far too insignificant. However, if the outpost was in the trajectory the two stars of Skywolf were traveling, it would no doubt be ground into powder and swallowed up, marking the end of their world. With the divine astralships already so near, how far away could their home stars be?


The border of the Myriaddragon Mountains was slowly being burned away as the fire encroached upon the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. The world itself looked like it was on fire. In the sea of golden flames filled with violence and bloodshed, totems descended like ancient gods wielding terrifying weapons coated in flames, causing the battlefield to rumble.

Looking closer, it seemed that the three hundred million troops were now entirely within the defensive formation's bounds and had fully engaged with the alliance's troops while their totems were clashing with countless lifebound beasts. The fight was in full swing. Beastmasters and their varied lifebound beasts protected each other as they launched barrages of abilities. The beastmasters themselves used all kinds of battle arts in close combat. The sound of explosions and cries were heard all over the place, and everyone's line of sight was filled with nothing but blood and flame. They had all lost their reason and turned into pure killing machines, dancing on the precipice of life and death.

The battle involved hundreds of millions of gods. No words could describe the savagery and bloodiness of the battle. Even with countless Yin Chens as his eyes, Tianming saw nothing other than death and gore.


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"Today’s the day the sun is unified!"

"As long as we win, we'll make history for the celestial orderians! We'll have all the resources in this world for ourselves!"

"The Myriad Solar Sects proliferate too quickly! If things go on, they'll outnumber us! We must cull their numbers so our descendants will have ample space and resources!"

"The more we kill, the more our descendants benefit!"

"We have a nonabane sovereign leading us! He'll fulfill the mission of wiping out the entire Myriad Solar Sects!"

"Sun Emperor! Sun Emperor!"

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The celestial orderians’ undying fighting spirit and faith in the sun emperor launched them into a slaughterous fervor. Their poisonous rhetoric spread nonstop until every single warrior lost their reason, killing for nothing but glory and delight in the destruction they caused.

"The sovereign is with us! Wipe out the Myriad Solar Sects!"

"Die! Even if we have to pave the path to the future with our corpses, the sun will belong to nobody but the celestial orderians!"

"No matter how much blood we have to spill today, we'll be worshiped as heroes!"

"That's right! In the long history of a nova source world, human lives are worthless! Nobody in the future will record how many people died today! They'll only have praise for us!"

They all found their own justifications for committing such a slaughter. Normally, they weren't evil folk and not all of them had killed people in their lives, but they took part in the slaughter today for the glory of their people. That alone was enough to turn otherwise normal people into devils. The celestial orderians had never had morale so high. They had absolute numerical superiority and didn't feel the slightest bit crushed by their failures at the Azuresoul Sword Peak and Fushen Valley. This was what they were really made of, the army of three hundred million!

Everyone on the battlefield was surrounded by chaos, wrath, and despair with a healthy serving of corpses and smoke. Even the invaders themselves felt some horror at the sight, but they couldn't afford to falter. Instead, they sucked it up and continued the slaughter. It was all too easy to tell friend from foe—they just had to see whether the one they were fighting had totems or lifebound beasts. It wasn't just hate for the enemy, but for the different groups of cultivators they each belonged to!

As time passed, the numbers on both sides dwindled. People that had been lively just moments ago became lifeless husks with their eyes still wide open. It didn't take long before they were cremated by the flames. They were nothing but tiny specks on a battlefield this large. Nobody knew who they were nor where their family was from. All they could do was hug their weapons tightly as they unwillingly teared up and waited for the final slumber to come, destined to be forgotten with the torrent of time, unable to make so much as a splash.

In war, every side was the losing side, save for the youth that opened his Xenoworld Gate some distance away from the fighting, harvesting terrae nonstop.

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