Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1863: Dragon Fa e

A woman with a head of full silver hair lay within the crystal coffin. Her white robes were completely free of stains, and even her fingers looked completely pure. The only thing that was out of place was a cut on her neck, a sign that she had been decapitated. She was none other than Li Wushuang, whose appearance had returned to normal after she was killed. She seemed to be in a peaceful slumber and didn't look as cold and menacing as before.

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The gold-haired sun emperor laid against the coffin and watched for a long time. Then he seemed to smile as if he recalled something. After the recollection, he looked south and patted the coffin. With a serious tone, he said, "Mu He, Mu He, I've been waiting for fourteen years! I endured all those years, and the time when I’ll finally get to avenge you has come. This time around, I’ll make the ones that caused your death suffer thousands of times over!" He emotionally slammed the coffin as his expression contorted.

"Yuwen Taiji!" the sun emperor roared as the flares burst out from his eyes nonstop. The Divine Sun Palace seemed to rumble from his rage.

The chaos continued until a calm voice rang out in the hall, "You reap what you sow! Hahaha!"

The voice had come from the crimson-gold coffin to the right. Stunned, the sun emperor turned to look at the coffin, only to find that it wasn't covered up. Within it was quite a large amount of gold and crimson liquid that seemed to be mixing together. It almost seemed like molten metal, and within that liquid lay a red-haired man. He seemed sealed within the coffin and couldn't even move an inch. His gaze met the gold-haired sun emperor's. "She isn't Mu He, she's your younger sister. Your nemesis isn't Yuwen Taiji. The fusion of our souls has never been about yours consuming mine. Instead, we're blending together, which is causing you to grow more and more confused to the point that I’ve become you and you're becoming me," the red-haired man calmly said.

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"Nonsense! She is Mu He! My beloved Mu He! You don't know what we experienced together. It isn’t like what everyone on the sun says. If only she didn't have any blood relation with me...."

Before the golden-haired man could finish, the red-haired man in the coffin said, "Then tell me... who is Yuwen Taiji?"

"Yuwen...." The gold-haired sun emperor stood there, stunned. There didn't seem to be anyone called Yuwen Taiji among the Myriad Solar Sects.

"Li Tianming... voidheart worm?" He furrowed his brow as his eyes darted around, confused. After some time, he took a deep breath and smiled. "Looks like I have to thank you for waking me up. To think that your pointless experiences almost had my mind confused."

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"Says the one who cherished his sister more than he cherishes his wife," the red-haired man retorted.

"Shut up!"

"The cross confusion has begun, and you're past the point of no return. I told you to stop long ago, but you didn't listen. The Flameyellow Coffin isn't something you can control. You can't stop what's coming, either!"

"You're overthinking that and underestimating me. Li Wudi's pointless life only has a small effect on me at best. I’ll tell you what's coming: you’ll be refined by the Flameyellow Coffin until you completely transform into a part of me. Then I’ll attack the Myriad Solar Sects with even more force to activate the Flameyellow Guard Formation and crush Skywolf. Then, I'll take their nova sources and lead the sun into the new age as an imperial star!"

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"In your dreams."

"No, the one that’s dreaming is you!" The golden-haired sun emperor grunted and stretched his arm out, causing the coffin's cover to shut. When he infused the Divine Sun Palace's power into the coffin, complex divine patterns appeared on the coffin’s ninety-nine carvings. The patterns ignited into flames and entered the coffin, causing the liquid within to boil. There was no other sound than the rumbling of the coffin, the burning flames, and a shriek of pain. All the while, the sun emperor held the cover of the coffin closed with a look of madness on his face. "This is only barely usable and mistakes are common. I hope that this time around, no other accidents happen. How could a divine object like the Flameyellow Coffin let me down? After all, without you, there wouldn't be a me, right?" He heartily laughed, his voice mixing with the ambient noise in the palace and filling it with insanity. "Who could’ve imagined that such a normal world was actually hiding such an ancient secret experiment?"

The crimson and gold coffin continued shaking for close to two hours before it settled down and opened up, letting the gold and crimson liquid stream out from within. Steam and vapor filled the surroundings as a naked, red-haired man climbed out of the coffin. His hair looked like it was aflame like his eyes. The impact he gave off didn't pale in comparison to the golden-haired sun emperor in the slightest.

What was more eye-catching were his bane-rings. There were eight bloody bane-rings, four on each arm. They had the faces of great beasts and they seemed to roar like they were alive. At that moment, a bloody mark surfaced near his chest, seemingly burning to form a new bane-ring that had the face of a dragon. The flaming dragon on the center of his chest roared along with the eight beasts on his arms. The sun emperor maniacally laughed and roared at the sight.

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"Flameyellow Coffin! As expected of an ancient artifact! A miracle of antiquity!" He tore open his golden robes and exposed his chest. There was a golden sun-shaped bane-ring there that seemed to mirror the dragon-faced bane-ring on the red-haired man's chest, perhaps a sign that it had been created using the same method.

"Come!" the sun emperor roared. The levitating red-haired man approached the sun emperor and their flaming gazes locked with one another.

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