Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1859: Fish Ba k in the Sea

Weisheng Moran assimilated the dreamless celestial emperor's finger like she had the other vessels. It was similar to a divine wonderian’s fusion, but not entirely. The flesh and astralforce within the blood seemed to be expelled.

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"More," she said with a serious expression, stretching a hand out toward Tianming.

"Alright!" He handed her another finger.

The dreamless celestial emperor had fainted from extreme fear, only to be awakened again by the pain. He howled in the most agonized fashion, even with his face caved in. It vaguely sounded like he was saying, "Impossible! How can you absorb my divine wonder? Monster! Monster!" He was the picture of peak suffering. The fact that he was still able to mouth off like that showed that he didn't have a shred of remorse, though. There was nothing more to be said to that kind of person.

"I want even more," Weisheng Moran said. And she didn't mean small parts like fingers. She eventually assimilated his entire body piece by piece, letting the dreamless celestial emperor die in the most horrifying fashion possible.

"You're right that the twenty or so years that I spent growing up before going to the Voidsky Realm weren’t bad. However, I still hate you. I’m someone who’ll still have to endure your torture even after you're dead. Not to mention, I'm not just me anymore. But I still have to thank you for violating every taboo possible to create monsters like us that can absorb divine wonders. You made us, so you're the first we’ll consume!" Fish in the ocean ate other fish to survive. That was simply the way of things. The heavens had ordained which fish should eat which based on their bloodline and birth. However, a mutated fish was born that day.

The dreamless celestial emperor heard what she said. At the moment of his death, he knew that the dreamless galactic wonder that he had spent his life researching and improving now belonged to someone else. In all of the long history of the divine wonderians, there was no precedent of divine wonders changing hands. But that day, the monster that was the result of a fusion of divine wonderian defects had managed to carry out that miraculous undertaking.

The death of the dreamless celestial emperor meant that the dreamless celestials would no longer cause any trouble in the short term. One of Tianming's worries had been resolved, and he had much to gain from it, too. After defeating the dreamless celestial emperor, his Omnisentient Threads had grown to one and a half billion. While most of the new threads were from rather weak gods, they were quite substantial when they were all added up.

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By the end, not a trace of the dreamless celestial emperor remained, with not a single albus going to waste. That was the ending he deserved. At least Weisheng Yinxi's corpses still remained.

After Weisheng Moran swallowed the dreamless celestial emperor, she seemed to fall into a hibernative state. The changes within her body were visible on the surface, too. Her skin, hair, eyelashes, and nails flowed with dense divine celestial patterns. Her body itself had become an incredibly complex formation of fifty smaller ones, making her a divine-like existence. Tianming came to a key realization from the words of the dreamless celestial emperor.

At that moment, a brand-new divine wonder manifested in her body, filling the sky with starry lights. One after the other, huge dreamlike whales manifested. While her divine wonder was a formation that absorbed nova source, it also required some astralforce to operate. As not even the combined astralforce of the fifty vessels could compare to the dreamless celestial emperor's, the whales appeared slightly smaller than his. Even so, it was proof that Weisheng Moran could take divine wonders and make them her own. Perhaps part of that had to do with the fact that she shared the same bloodline as the dreamless celestial emperor, but it could also be due to a unique constitution. The truth would only unfold with time and trial. Apart from her, the only other person in Orderia that had a divine wonder was Tianming. Either way, having the dreamless celestial emperor's divine wonder made Weisheng Moran a peak elite in Orderia, not to mention the other forty-nine she had at her disposal.

"The divine wonder cultivation method truly is amazing. Most divine wonderians start off with their own divine wonder formations, which they have to forge as they grow in cultivation. Like beastmasters and totemancers, they can't take the divine wonders of others. Could Weisheng Moran be the first being in existence to take the divine wonders of others?" That would mean that her divine wonder could become much more powerful than that of others. 

It just so happened that divine wonders mainly relied on nova source, which was an external form of energy. Like a divine astralship, it was a formation that could be used to its full potential as long as there was nova source. Even if her cultivation was a little weak, it was something that could be slowly made up for.

Such an occurrence was no doubt exceedingly rare, as far as Tianming was aware. There might not even be a single divine wonderian that would kill their life partner and wife and use them to birth fifty divine wonder vessels.

To Weisheng Moran, all of that felt like pages in a closed book that had no part in her new life. She noticed that after gaining control of the fifty divine wonders, her state of mind was incredibly tranquil. Tianming recalled way back when she had held her green paper parasol and looked at him with eyes filled with hope, asking him to save her. It seemed like so long ago.

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Gradually, she opened her eyes, looking like she did before. All of her hatred and suffering seemed to vanish along with the chains of her destiny, seemingly scattering away like fish freely swimming in the ocean. "Thank you, Brother Tianming, for saving this little fish. Thank you...." Tears of joy flowed as her dress fluttered in the wind.

"You did much of the work on your own. As for me, at least I didn't disappoint you!" He felt a little embarrassed for having antagonized the dreamless celestial emperor for no reason, and for intentionally avoiding her.

"Alright, then we both contributed to it." She wiped her tears and smiled. Tianming was quite happy to see her smile so freely. "Can I have a hug?"

"Umm...." Tianming felt a pair of eyes glaring at him.

"I want to see if I can use your carefree wonder to dispel the blood grudge."

"Ah, I see." He recalled that she was constantly suffering from it. Since there was a good reason, he wasn't worried about Xian Xian telling on him and embraced her. "Come to think of it, I'm hugging fifty beautiful girls at once."

Weisheng Moran chuckled.

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"Hey, don't just stand there chuckling. Everyone's watching. How are you going to do it? Don't tell me you have to eat me up whole?"

Weisheng Moran had to devour an entire person to take their divine wonder. The carefree wonder was already fully formed in Tianming's body, so it probably couldn't just return to Weisheng Moran.

"We raised the Azurespirit together, so it's like our child. Even though it was born in your body, it knows that I’m its mother. It’ll definitely help out its mother," she said, blushing.

Tianming also blushed from the explanation. He didn't think that he would have that kind of weird relationship with her. "Alright, give it a try." He did his best to activate the carefree wonder, allowing the green energy to flow into her body through their skin. The carefree wonder was rather unique in that it wasn't that powerful, but still incredibly useful. For instance, Tianming could smell some kind of thick fragrance being expelled from her body.

Still, it didn't look too good for them to be hugging in public. A casual glance told him that many people were intently watching them. He turned back and saw Xian Xian aggressively sketching the scene and inscribing words into its bark. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Are we about done?"

"It might take a month or so to fully get rid of it... if you're free...."

Tianming still had to fight on a daily basis. Where would he find the time? "Can we at least go somewhere else?"

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He breathed a sigh of relief. Being gawked at like that by countless people was quite embarrassing. "By the way, what happened to your elder sisters?"

"They're still around. They said your hug was really warm." After she said that, she turned back into fifty people, all of them identical to her save for their age. The oldest was around three centuries old, but they looked practically identical.

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"Nice to meet you, Big Sisters!"

"Hello, Little Brother," they said in unison, despite the apparent difficulty. That was proof that they were actual people.

Tianming realized that they had changed in some fundamental way. Even with their souls still defective, there was a hint of joy in their seemingly blank eyes. They flocked around Weisheng Moran, who smiled and said, "All fifty of us are a real family." She seemed to be quite happy, like a fish surrounded by many of its school mates, free and without worry. That was something they had dreamed of, and now it was becoming reality.

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