Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1854: Dreamless Gala ti Wonder

The white spear in the dreamless celestial emperor’s hands was slender and long, and resembled an extremely complicated white serpent. It was known as the Wondrous Skypiecer. It was a grade-eight divine artifact, ranked among the top of Orderia. It had the divine pattern, Wondrous Aroma. As soon as it appeared, a strange fragrance suffused the air. It was an olfactory illusion, which was a higher level than visual or auditory illusions. Suffering the scent was like being hit with poison. It would enter deep into flesh, blood, and bones until the target was completely confused and had lost their faculties and could do nothing but wait for their deaths!

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The Wondrous Skypiecer was one of the dreamless celestial emperor's trump cards, but he didn’t place too much hope on it, because Tianming’s carefree wonder was its bane. It would be cleansed as soon as it entered Tianming’s body. However, the Wondrous Skypiecer also had some visual and auditory components. It was just one spear, but Tianming instead saw countless copies sailing through the sky toward him.

The issue was that the divine wonders were too strong! Many also had controlling or restrictive effects, making it hard to pinpoint the dreamless celestial emperor. He was a man that would never show himself until there was a chance to kill.

Tianming was also aware that the dreamless celestial emperor hadn’t yet used his divine wonder. He was a person that had hidden on Orderia for a very long time and had climbed so high even without it, meaning it was absolutely his greatest trump card.

Suddenly, there was the deep, long, and empty sound of the sea. The noise covered the sounds of battle. It was like the battlefield had been submerged, and even Tianming felt like he was deep in the ocean, struggling to breathe. Then starlight began shining in the region, as if billions of colorful stars had suddenly lit up. It was the depths of a sea, except it was a sea of stars!

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It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Tianming witnessed the colorful stars coming together and constructing forty-nine wonder dreamwhales made of starlight. They swam around Tianming, turning the battlefield into their ocean. He was aware that the forty-nine wonder dreamwhales were the dreamless celestial emperor’s own divine wonder; it was quite fierce indeed. Each was as big as a mountain, and they hungrily devoured nova source as they swam, becoming more material and radiant.

As expected, the forty-nine whales and forty-nine divine wonders turned their attention to Tianming. Some divine wonders locked him down, some controlled his movements, and some attacked, while the whales descended like meteors.

It could be said Tianming had been in absolute peril from the very start of the battle.

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The dreamless celestial emperor’s voice came out from the giant whales. “You’re quite lucky, Li Tianming. This is the first time I’ve used the dreamless galactic wonder in public. After this, I won’t have to ever hide it again.” At that moment, the dreamless celestial emperor, who was lurking somewhere with the Wondrous Skypiecer, was the most dangerous element on the battlefield.

“Come!” After experiencing so many battles of life and death on Orderia, the number of Tianming’s Omnisentient Threads had explosively increased. After killing the Warlord, he had resonated with his followers. And at that moment, he was full of confidence in himself with his billion followers next to him.

Long Wanying didn’t understand why Tianming had engaged the dreamless celestial emperor in battle when he could have just not given him entry. It was because, after the battle of Fushen Valley, no one other than the sovereign could suppress Tianming when he used his follower’s conviction!

Tianming was filled with fighting spirit against the dreamless celestial emperor’s ‘trump cards’.

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A billion Omnisentient Threads!

Along with the power they supplied, his follower’s care and concern were also motivators for him. “The dreamless celestial emperor thought he surrounded me with forty-nine divine wonders, but he doesn’t know of the billion people walking the same path with me!” That was why Tianming was fearless.

The power of a billion followers surged into his body. His pandemonium and cyclic sacrosuns transferred it to his lifebound beasts and totems, as well as strengthening his prime wonder.

Then the prime wonder appeared. It was a protective aegis that pushed away the divine wonders around him. The next moment, his lifebound beasts and totems all appeared in strengthened states, defending him. The decapath era godswords, especially, were incredibly powerful.

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Countless rivers of stars seemed to crash into the one man, five beasts, and ten swords, swallowing them up.

Those forty-nine wonder dreamwhales were also formations, but at the same time, they seemed to resemble lifebound beasts.

“Charge!” Following Ying Huo’s emotional warcry, the beasts stood in front and bore the brunt of the whales. Seas of fire and lightning rushed into the divine wonders, while Lan Huang and Xian Xian used their bodies to physically block the whales.

The enemy’s divine wonders were indeed strong. Even the strengthened Lan Huang was pushed back, bloody wounds appearing all over its body, while Xian Xian’s branches were all snapped.

The whales fell like meteors. Even if their bodies shattered upon impact, they quickly reformed, their bodies undying. But fortunately for Tianming, there was still the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation at play!

The pincer attack made the forty-nine divine wonders come close to collapsing, giving Tianming a chance. Armed with the Greenspark Tower and the prime wonder, neither he nor his lifebound beasts feared injury!

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