Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1851: Four-Way War

Violetglory was an example of a star with a wondersky realm. The Voidsky Organization’s Skywolf Star had almost swallowed them up before the wonderians had appeared and repelled them, as well as built the wondersky realm.

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“Shut up. Never, ever, ask that question, especially when our relatives descend on Orderia, understand?” the dreamless celestial emperor said.

“Yes!” Weisheng Yin nodded.

“Our branch brought along a bunch of dreamless mongrels while relying on this battleship to hibernate and drift through the cosmos until we landed here and found a nova source world at the far edges of the Mysterium Cluster! When we summon our race over, our ‘Weijing Clan’ will earn glory. While we only have three members left, that just means there’s fewer people to split the credit with. The divine wonderians are a race that draw clear lines between reward and punishment. This is an opportunity for our family of three to greatly rise up, so we have to seize it!” The dreamless celestial emperor looked ahead. He was aware that he didn’t have much time left with the imminent arrival of Skywolf.

“It’s all Little Fish’s fault. We would have succeeded long ago if she didn’t give Li Tianming the Azurespirit!” Weisheng Yin gnashed his teeth.

“I overlooked it. Actually, we wouldn’t even have had a chance to succeed if not for her. So many generations have passed since our branch arrived here, but no one’s ever been able to inherit the carefree wonder embryo and nurture an Azurespirit before. She could nurture it to completion, where it could even form the carefree wonder in someone else’s body. That helped us greatly, as our weakness is our low fertility. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have used this method to create so many ‘little sisters’ for you, and try implanting the azurespirit wonder in them one by one. For the sake of our branch and race, it’s admirable even if I killed your mother, right?” the dreamless celestial emperor asked.

“Yes! Father is admirable, and so is mother,” Weisheng Yin honestly said.

The dreamless celestial emperor laughed, “I really didn’t expect the high vitality of wonder spirits to be true. Your mother was truly admirable, making such a meaningful sacrifice. It could only be so effective if she died. Fifty daughters! It’s worth it to be able to have even one that could nurture a ‘locator formation’ wonder,” the dreamless celestial emperor said.

“The other forty-nine can be used to nurture other wonder formations. They’re father’s trump cards now. Imagine over fifty divine wonders working together in combat. Who else on the sun can stop it other than the sovereign? Li Tianming may not be your match even if he can kill the warlord. Honestly, I acted too late that time. I thought that brat was just a kid and his body could also nurture the Azurespirit, so it would be best to leave it in him until it matures so that it wouldn’t be damaged. I didn’t expect him to have an astralship and run away! I’ve been in constant regret the past two years due to my lack of decisiveness then. I didn’t expect fortune to smile on me and he would actually return! I should’ve brought all the divine wonders to the alliance meeting and captured him on the spot. I would then burn away all his flesh and prise the carefree wonder out of his body so that the divine wonderians can find us!” the dreamless celestial emperor viciously said.

“Father, it’s fine. It’s not too late now. Firstly, the Myriaddragon Mountains isn’t guarded against us and we can enter as we please. Secondly, these forty-nine wonders, as well as your own, have never been shown before! No one knows you’re as powerful as the sovereign. If you suddenly attack, Li Tianming won’t be able to block you, and the forty-nine wonders will also stop others from helping him!” Weisheng Yin confidently replied. “After capturing him, you can use his life as leverage to safely retreat. That’s our only chance. If we don’t do it now, if Li Tianming dies while fighting the sovereign, the carefree wonder will be destroyed!”

“Yes.” That was the purpose of the dreamless celestial emperor’s journey. He sighed, “I really should’ve done this earlier! How did this kid become even more impressive than the peak talents of our race?”

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“It can’t be helped. You only just found out about the voidheart worm and Skywolf. If we didn’t have competitors, we’d still have time and not need to be in such a rush,” Weisheng Yin said.

“If we succeed today and give the divine wonderians the coordinates, it’ll still take them months to get here even if they use the xenomemory space transfer. I hope Skywolf won’t have destroyed this place yet,” the dreamless celestial emperor said.

“Probably not. The sun emperor must be able to resist for a while. Also, it’ll be better for us if the divine wonderians save the day. There’ll be less resistance for the wondersky realm project. They’ll even be grateful for us, based on historical precedent.”

“The sun emperor?” The dreamless celestial emperor frowned. “That fellow is getting weirder and weirder. He clearly knows about the voidheart worm in the Sky Palace now, but he’s still fighting the Myriad Solar Sects. He doesn’t even care about the casualties. Why’s he so insane?”

“He probably went mad from his sister’s death and wants revenge,” Weisheng Yin said.

“Perhaps!” It was something the dreamless celestial emperor had never been able to figure out.

“The Myriad Solar Sects will have no hope once Li Tianming dies. Will he go for us next?” Weisheng Yin considered. After all, the sovereign was gunning for all the formations.

“Does it matter?” The dreamless celestial emperor grinned.

“Eh?” Weisheng Yin was stunned.

“As long as the carefree wonder is activated, our job is done and our family will just hide somewhere. We’ll live freely and just enjoy the sun’s scenery. It’s no big loss if our slaves, the dreamless mongrels all die.”

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“True.…” Weisheng Yin awkwardly smiled as well.


At Great Saintdragon Peak, Tianming was seated at a stone table with the Saintdragon Emperor and Long Wanying. A cockroach was on the stone table relaying a conversation two words by two words. Hence, Li Tianming and the rest found out about Weisheng Moran’s identity, as well as the relationship between the divine wonderians and dreamless celestials.

Tianming felt sorrowful for Weisheng Moran. The pitiful girl’s complex identity made the others sorrowful as well.

Search for the original.

Long Wanying’s eyes were full of tears as she listened, repeatedly shaking her head. “This dreamless celestial emperor is as bad as the sun emperor. We must help this girl if there’s a chance.”

Her own elder sister had said that she wasn’t even a person to her face.… Then, the words inside the ship were even more explosive.

There was no way the other side could have expected Tianming would leave behind bonegnaw ants in Weisheng Moran’s body. He had wanted to save her last time, so he’d spent the effort. He had never expected such dividends!

Voidheart worm!

Voidsky Organization!

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The Sky Palace’s members had long since been eaten up!

Skywolf was part of the Voidsky Organization, which belonged to the mysterians’ hunting squads!

Why could Skywolf be so despotic, robbing everywhere? That was because the faceless mysterians supported them. The faceless people were truly vicious. The voidheart worms they raised likely had the same characteristic as them: faceless.

Tianming had never expected to run into the claws of the mysterians here in Orderia, and the news of the voidheart worm made the incoming dreamless celestial emperor sound like a minor issue.

Fortunately, the sun emperor and his Divine Sun Palace weren’t doing anything now. The three hundred million celestial orderians needed a bit more time, too. Thus, Tianming had time to prepare for the dreamless celestial emperor’s arrival.

“The bad news is that the situation is worse than we thought. The good news is that we found out the truth earlier!” Long Wanying felt her scalp numb.

“A cosmic wildbeast that was woken up after sleeping for ten thousand years!” Tianming had gone to the Sky Palace before. No wonder they’d been so strange. It turned out they represented the will of the voidheart worm, not the Sky Palace!

The truth was out now.

“This means we’re actually in a four-way war! The sovereign, the Myriad Solar Sects, Skywolf, and the divine wonderians!”

The dreamless celestial emperor was the weakest party and also the most imminent. “Kill him and the divine wonderians will be gone, which will clear one side off the board,” Tianming mused. It seemed that Skywolf’s arrival was now certain. It would also be the strongest side with the voidheart worm in the Sky Palace.

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“The problem is, he says he’s as strong as the sovereign. How will we kill him?” the Saintdragon Emperor asked.

“I don’t know how strong divine wonders are. However, there are forty-nine and he’s so confident. I think he also wants to use Weisheng Moran to threaten you…”

Time was tight, and Yin Chen’s reports were so slow that the dreamless celestial emperor was almost there.

“Use the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation and keep him outside,” Long Wanying said.

“No, he’s an alliance member. What if he uses that as an excuse for the dreamless celestials to attack the Myriad Solar Sects? He doesn’t care about their lives, only ours,” Tianming said. The dreamless celestial emperor could ally with the sovereign at any moment and add to the myriad sects’ pressure.

“No need. I plan to let him in. I’ll kill him myself. The Myriaddragon Mountains are our territory!” Tianming suddenly stood up and walked out.

The Saintdragon Emperor and Long Wanying exchanged looks.

“I’ll go control the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation to give Tianming help when it’s needed,” the Saintdragon Emperor said.


A life and death battle was about to begin as Long Wanying felt anxiousness filling her.

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