Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1849: Weisheng Yinxi

Weisheng Moran stared wide-eyed. It was the first time she had witnessed Weisheng Yinxi split in two. Although she had heard the secret of the dreamless celestials and knew of the locator, it was the first time she had truly seen the difference between the divine wondersky race and the dreamless celestials. The other forty-nine women that looked exactly like her failed to react to any of it. From beginning to end, they were like puppets. No wonder the dreamless celestial emperor had said that she was different from them. Confined by the women, the confused Weisheng Moran couldn’t move.

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Then Weisheng Xi walked up to her out of sheer boredom. Seeing Weisheng Moran’s confusion, she happily said, "What’s wrong? Is it your first time seeing us apart?"

"Are you divine wonderians...?" Weisheng Moran said through gritted teeth.

"Of course. Dreamless celestials are just a bunch of mixed-bloods under the control of us divine wonderians. Although they’re also man and woman in one, they’re actually one person, unlike us. We’re two people. That’s the fundamental difference between us. The dreamless celestials are hermaphrodite beastmasters who can reproduce on their own, while we’re the great divine wondersky race. So in our eyes, dreamless celestials should really be called dreamless bastards!" Weisheng Xi yearned for the divine wondersky race.

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"Then what am I?" Weisheng Moran trembled. She wasn’t even a hermaphrodite, and certainly not a dreamless celestial. In comparison, she was more like a pure beastmaster.

"You?" Seeing Weisheng Moran's resentful, yet perplexed expression, Weisheng Xi couldn't help but laugh. She leaned in toward Weisheng Moran's ear and quietly said, "Anyway, you're almost dead, so it doesn't matter if I tell you. You were conceived by my father and a dead person. All fifty of you were.… But the difference between you and the other forty-nine is that they only possess half a vita. They’re incomplete. You’re the only complete one, barely a human. Weisheng Moran, you aren’t a divine wonderian, and you have nothing to do with the dreamless celestials either. Your lifebound beast was acquired by my father using a blood pact when you were young! To be honest, our lifebound beasts are merely a smokescreen. They were also acquired via blood pacts. We’ve never used our divine wonders, which are most powerful." After speaking, Weisheng Xi smiled.

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"I was born to a dead person?!" Weisheng Moran felt her heart shatter. Was she referring to the woman lying in the dark cave? From what Weisheng Xi had said, it seemed they shared the same father, and the forty-nine women around her, whether their souls were intact or not, were her sisters. "Who was the dead woman?" Violently trembling, she stared at the laughing woman in front of her, her heart broken.

"You want to know the truth, don't you?" Weisheng Xi laughed. She was very carefree, because it wasn’t her life.

"Yes, please tell me," Weisheng Moran begged.

"It's very simple. That woman is also my mother, so, strictly speaking, we’re sisters. She’s my father’s other half, and their relationship is the same one that Weisheng Yin and I share. But she was killed after giving birth to us," Weisheng Xi whispered.

"Then what…."

"My father didn’t have any other choice but to use the divine wonderian’s art of formations to maintain her flesh and create a wonder spirit, which is somewhat similar to a lifebound spirit. Her body lives on, but her soul is gone. Only in that way can my father retain his strength. After all, husbands and wives share a symbiotic cultivation. If one party dies, the other will collapse. This is my father's way of surviving, so he can continue to rule the Dreamless Celestial Nation. It isn’t easy for my father. Divine wonderians must control the Dreamless Celestial Nation. In our generation, Weisheng Yin and I are the only ones left. He must protect and support us until we’re strong enough." Weisheng Xi must have been bored out of her mind to be talking so much. Weisheng Yin and Weisheng Xi were so inconspicuous that few dreamless celestials even knew of their existence.

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"That’s impossible. I’ve seen the emperor switch to his female form...." Staring at the man in the distance, Weisheng Moran shook her head. She had indeed seen the emperor as a woman many times. Weisheng Xi meant that the dreamless celestial emperor was a divine wonderian, but only the male part. The part of him that was the woman had perished long ago.

"Have you forgotten? Divine wonderians are masters of illusions and formations. With my father's abilities, how could it be difficult for him to switch genders? However, he’s long been a singular person, equivalent to Weisheng Yin on his own,” Wei Shengxi proudly said.

The truth was out. Weisheng Moran grew closer and closer to the truth and knowledge of her past. "Then what about us...?" She bleakly stared at her dull, unresponsive sisters.

"You... I'm too embarrassed to even talk about it." Weisheng Xi covered her face.

Right then, the dreamless celestial emperor and Weisheng Yin headed deeper into the warship. Weisheng Xi suddenly became more courageous. "My father must miss my mother too much. It didn’t take long after her death for him to start messing around again. After all, the wonder spirit is still warm. It’s almost no different from a living body. Guess what happened then? She was pregnant! And the odds of her conceiving were higher than before! It took them many years before they had Weisheng Yin and me, but in less than a hundred years, they conceived fifty of you. Except for you, the rest of them are fools. They’ve all been refined by my father." Having said that, she stopped herself before she said more.

"Refined into what?" Weisheng Moran sensed that they might be the dreamless celestial emperor’s great weapons. He must have obtained some sort of benefit for him to continue defiling the wonder spirit. She stared at the sister in front of her who could playfully speak of such awful things. At the thought of the dead woman and how she was still being used, Weisheng Moran’s heart turned cold. Were they all psychopaths? What kind of mental disorder could turn them into such people?

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"Forget about it! Just keep your mouth shut and behave, and maybe he’ll let you live on account of your complete soul." Weisheng Xi stood up, looking even more pleased. Although she called her ‘sister,’ she considered Weisheng Moran no different from the puppets.

"Weisheng Xi, please clear up one more thing for me, won’t you? I want to know. I’m begging you...." Weisheng Moran said, tears streaming down her face.

"Fine." Weisheng Xi glanced at her impatiently.

"Who killed her?" asked Weisheng Moran.


"Our mother."

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"Huh?" Wei Shengxi shrugged. "You still don't get it, do you? We don’t share the same mother. My mother is a divine wonderian, and yours is a wonder spirit without a soul, got it?"

"Then how’d she become a wonder spirit?"

"My father killed her." Weisheng Xi smiled.

Why? But Weisheng Moran was afraid to ask further. It was at that moment that she knew what a repulsive soul was hidden beneath the dreamless celestial emperor’s attractive skin. The divine wonderians would murder their partner and birth a bunch of puppets under the banner of single-minded love. And the most ridiculous thing of all was the fact that it was her life. Her lifebound beast was fake, acquired through a blood pact just so she would seem no different from any other dreamless celestial. Everything was fake. She didn't even know how her soul and life had come to be. Weisheng Moran couldn't understand why this was happening to her. Her experience was probably the most bizarre in all the worlds.

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