Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1848: Forty-nine

There was a deep underground palace with a blood pool in the center. Bloody mist enveloped the pool as the waters bubbled and a girl with long, dark green hair was trapped inside as she suffered unending torture. Footsteps sounded. Opening her bloodstained eyes, she vaguely saw a handsome young man in that scarlet world. Hands behind his back, he coldly looked at her.

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"It takes a thousand days to nurture soldiers, only to use them for an hour. Little Fish, you’ve made a big mistake. I hope you’ll atone for your sins through service," said the young man, his lips curling in a sinister smile.

"What are you planning now? Do we have a way out besides uniting with the Myriad Solar Sects to protect ourselves?" The girl's breath was weak and her voice was hoarse.

"Hehe, you don’t know anything. Of course, there's no need for you to know, either." He stretched out his hand, dragged the bloody girl out of the pool, and threw her to the ground. Staring at the resentful girl, the dreamless celestial emperor said, "Little Fish, fortunately you were able to help me absorb this blood grudge, or else I’d be finished. I’ll remember this hatred on your behalf. You must remember as well."

The girl looked at him coldly with a gloomy expression and no strength to respond.

"I have a surprise for you." As the dreamless celestial emperor raised both arms, the blood pool in front of him boiled and splattered everywhere. The bottom of the pool was exposed at once. Right in the middle was what seemed to be a formation door. Under the dreamless celestial emperor’s control, the door suddenly opened, revealing a dark passage below. 

The girl was stunned. She had remained on top of the formation for a long time, but never realized that there was another world under the blood pool.

"Come out, children!" the dreamless celestial emperor softly called.

The girl narrowed her eyes. With his call, movement came from below. One by one, figures jumped out from the depths of the passage and appeared in a straight line before the dreamless celestial emperor, forty-nine of them in total.

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The girl let out a scream—the forty-nine figures were all beautiful women. Some were mature, not old, but more charming. The youngest was about the same age as the girl. They all had long, dark green hair, green eyes, and a graceful bearing, each of them capable of turning the world upside down with their beauty. But all of this wasn’t enough to make Weisheng Moran scream. What frightened her was the fact that all forty-nine women looked exactly like her, like complete replicas! Even if some of them were slightly older, they looked exactly as she would look in decades or a hundred years. At the sight of those forty-nine people, she seemed to be looking in the mirror; they were all her. Anyone faced with such a scene would question their life and ask themselves, “Who am I? What am I?”

There was only one difference between Weisheng Moran and them. They were like puppets, alive but emotionless. Although they blankly stared at the dreamless celestial emperor like fools, Weisheng Moran could sense that each of them was stronger than her. But fools didn’t have divine will. The dreamless celestial emperor seemed to be their master. 

"Little Fish, you should be able to guess that you’re just like them, but rejoice. Although you’re the same, you’re the most special among them. You’re lucky." He softly smiled.

Weisheng Moran shuddered. They had all emerged from the dark cave below, which meant they had been hiding inside for a long time like prisoners. How frightening was that? And why? What the hell am I? Her mind was flooded with these hair-raising questions.

The dreamless celestial emperor no longer paid any attention to her. Taking two steps forward, he walked toward the dark cave and glanced inside, his expression taking a strange turn. It was a divided expression, one of yearning and madness both.

What else was down there? Weisheng Moran suddenly wanted to see for herself. Holding her breath, she inched closer. Perhaps the dreamless celestial emperor was too preoccupied to notice her, so he ignored her actions.

Brimming with tension, she shifted her gaze in that direction. Then she saw it! There was only a tiny area of light and what seemed to be a bed in the dark underground cave. It was a plain and simple white bed. On the bed lay a woman with loose hair. Her arms rested on her stomach as she slept extremely peacefully. Her wavy dark green hair resembled a flower that adorned the dark cave with some color. When Weisheng Moran finally saw the uncanny similarity between the woman’s appearance and hers, she was already numb. However, she also noticed something different, something neither she nor the other forty-nine women possessed: celestial patterns twirled across the woman’s glowy skin. The bed was actually made up of celestial patterns. She had the breath of the living, but it was as if she was dead, like her soul was no longer there. Weisheng Moran had never encountered such a special lifeform. She suddenly burst into tears. Her heart ached with longing for this woman.

"Do you want to know who she is?" a strange voice sounded beside her ear.

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"Yes.…" As soon as Weisheng Moran answered, the hair all over her body stood on end and she quickly shrank back, because the person talking to her was the dreamless celestial emperor.

Squeezing her neck, he lifted her up and said in a mocking tone, "She is your mother."

“Mother....” The word shattered her heart. So she did have a mother! Such a figure had never existed in her life. Her breathing grew heavy. She believed his words, because she could sense a connection by blood. Just as she was about to take a second look, the dreamless celestial emperor coldly closed the door. 

Then he smiled at Weisheng Moran and said, "Don't get excited. There’s one more thing you don't know."

"What is it?!" Weisheng Moran asked through gritted teeth. She wanted to ask him what he had done to her mother. Why did she seem to be alive even though she was dead?

However, he merely smiled and said, "I am your father." He carelessly shrugged as if the truth made him sick.

But for Weisheng Moran, it was like taking a bat to the head. She had always speculated about her relationship to him since she was a child. All the other dreamless celestials were hermaphrodites, but not Weisheng Moran. She thought the dreamless celestial emperor was both her father and mother. Perhaps he wasn’t willing to appear as a female. However, he only mentioned “father” and not both. What did it mean? Wasn't he a hermaphrodite? But he had once revealed his female form....

While she was still shocked, Weisheng Moran was thrown into the group of people who looked exactly like her. The women held her down. Their immense power made it impossible for her to struggle.

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"I hope that Li Tianming cares about you, even just a little bit. To be honest, I didn't want to be his enemy at all. It's all your fault, you know?" Laughing, he turned around and walked out.

The women behind Weisheng Moran grabbed her with a death grip and left with the dreamless celestial emperor. At that moment, Weisheng Moran’s brain was a mess. She couldn’t forget about the sleeping woman in the dark cave, nor the nightmare that the dreamless celestial emperor had forced onto her.


As soon as they emerged from the underground palace, a white warship appeared outside. Though not comparable to a divine astralship, it was still enormous. Mainly powered by a large number of divine herbs, it could travel short distances through space. The Dreamless was considered to be the most powerful weapon in Orderia after the two divine astralships. The dreamless celestial emperor boarded the warship with all fifty women. At the same time, several formations powered up.

"Yinxi!" the dreamless celestial emperor shouted.

Soon, a young man walked out of the warship. He was very handsome, and, like the emperor, charming and elegant. Tall and fair, he had a bright smile.

"Have you checked the warship?" the emperor asked the young man.

"Yes. There aren’t any formations that can be used to eavesdrop, nor any living beings," the young Weisheng Yinxi reported.

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"I’ve heard that Li Tianming has eyes everywhere, so be careful," the dreamless celestial emperor coldly said.

Weisheng Yinxi glanced at the fifty identical women behind the emperor, his expression strange. With a loud roar, the warship whizzed toward the Myriaddragon Mountains. The dreamless celestial emperor stood at the prow of the ship, his heart smoldering with killing intent.

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"These are your sisters." The dreamless celestial emperor turned to the silent young man beside him.

"No. Those born to the dead have incomplete souls. They aren’t even human. Don’t call them our sisters." Weisheng Yinxi said with disgust. As he spoke, his body twisted and split in two, becoming a man and woman. The man was handsome and the woman beautiful.

"How annoying! When can I be free? Who says you can separate when you feel like it and merge when it pleases you?" the girl pouted.

"Xi'er, how many times have I told you? In Orderia, the divine wondersky race only has a single lineage. We’ve remained hidden among the dreamless celestials for so long. Before our great cause is completed, we can’t expose our identity," the man said.

The man was called Weisheng Yin, while the woman was named Weisheng Xi, two people who had never existed among the dreamless celestials. There, there was only a Weisheng Yinxi. 

And Weisheng Moran witnessed all of it.

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