Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1847: The Dragon Awakens

Because Tianming didn't use considerable astralforce, his move was hardly powerful. All that mattered for unlocking the palace was sword intent. The drum continued vibrating and roars sounded from the entire tomb. He looked around and found that numerous hidden celestial patterns had appeared on the walls. Starting from the newly lit Skydragon Palace, light shone everywhere and the once dimly lit Ninedragon Imperial Tomb became extraordinarily bright. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that the entire structure of the tomb was undergoing a transformation.

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"The divine astralship formation!" The Saintdragon Emperor shouted in excitement.

Tianming nodded, sensing that the tomb’s formation had finally appeared. Only with a divine astralship formation could the tomb be considered complete. It was no longer just a means of transport, but also a fighting machine. Only with the formation could it attack and defend. 

The tomb’s changes weren’t merely internal, but also external. The nine-headed dragon seemed to have come to life. What was more shocking was the transformation of the outer walls, which looked like layer after layer of dragon scales with celestial patterns dancing across them. After being covered in scales, the tomb resembled an enlarged version of Lan Huang—sturdy, domineering, and mighty! From its appearance alone, the tomb was no longer inferior to the Divine Sun Palace.

The wardrum and wheel formations had also evolved into their fourth forms, with an additional cylinder structure like a bamboo tube that could be rotated. Ying Huo flew off of Tianming's shoulder to fiddle with it. After a while, it said, "It’s similar to Tianming's Grand-Orient Sword. You can aim and shoot it."

"Silly chicken, how can the Grand-Orient Sword do that?" Long Wanying softly laughed.

"That's because you don't know the specifics," Ying Huo retorted.

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"Oh, and what could that be?" Long Wanying asked, curious.

As soon as the words left its lips, Ying Huo was caught by an embarrassed Tianming and thrown back into his lifebound space. If he allowed its big mouth to continue speaking, he would be too ashamed to face his elders.

"Aunt Ying, forget about the stupid bird. All it does is spout nonsense." Tianming laughed cheekily.

Fortunately, she didn’t dwell on the subject. The ‘bamboo tube’ had attracted Tianming's attention as well. After a little observation, he noticed a button. It was clear at once what it did. Picking up the tube, he looked inside and found that he could see what was happening outside. "I think this is the tomb’s attack component. If I push this, I can produce an attack similar to the Divine Wrath," he said.

He could already feel the formation absorbing the nova source stored in the saplings. In fact, it was soaking up a great amount of power.

"Give it a try?" Both Long Wanying and the Saintdragon Emperor had guessed it as well.

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Tianming adjusted the bamboo tube so it was aimed at the sky while expelling those around him. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the button and targeted the fiery clouds. In that instant, the entire tomb violently shook. The celestial patterns on the Bamboo Tube Formation fluctuated and nova source that had been absorbed by the saplings poured out uninhibitedly at this moment. The consumption rate was tens of thousands of times what it was when the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb navigated the universe. From outside, one could see the destructive power accumulating on the dragon heads.

"The sleeping dragon has finally awoken!" Raising his arms in celebration, the Saintdragon Emperor cheered, tears streaming down his cheeks. He knew how important it was for the Myriad Solar Sects to possess such a divine astralship.

The destructive power gathered by the tomb grew more and more powerful. Spheres of nine different colors expanded in the dragons’ mouths. Amidst the excitement came a sudden buzzing sound. Before the power could condense, it dissipated and all activity in the tomb ceased. Even the Bamboo Tube Formation in Tianming's hand suddenly lost its brilliance, becoming weak.

Search for the original.

"What happened? The giant dragon woke up only to fall asleep again?" The Saintdragon Emperor blankly stared.

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"Why’s it limp?" Long Wanying looked at the formation in dismay.

What made them even more depressed was that the problem wasn't confined to the Bamboo Tube Formation. The divine astralship formation that had finally reappeared disappeared once more and all of the dragon scales faded. In that instant, the tomb reverted to its original appearance.

At a loss, Tianming and the two elders stared at one another. Gritting his teeth, he sighed, "There’s nothing I can do about it. The saplings aren’t exactly trees and their nova source is limited. There’s enough power to sail through the cosmos, but not enough to support the divine astralship formation and power its attack. Right now, the saplings have been sucked dry. They can’t even muster up enough energy for a single attack...." The predicament made them dizzy. After finally restoring the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, they now faced a problem: the lack of a miniaturized nova source.

"Apart from the celestial orderians, where else can we find a nova source? Can we find a stellunar source and compress it?" Tianming asked.

"Can you do that?" Long Wanying rolled her eyes.

Obviously not! It was said that a compressed miniaturized nova source was as powerful as a stellunar source. When the Divine Sun Palace broke the Nonacrypt Fushen Formation, out poured the power of two stellunar sources, which was equivalent to the source of the divine moonrace’s cultivation for several hundred millennia. The divine astralship’s terrifying power was clear to see.

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"Where can I find a miniaturized nova source?" Tianming asked.

"The sun emperor extracted his from within the sun using the fusion formation and compressed it into the Divine Sun Palace. The Sky Palace also possesses a solar core. As long as we have a solar core, we may be able to obtain one. But the problem is that the Sky Palace is unlikely to help us,” said the Saintdragon Emperor.

"Got it!"

In other words, the key lay in the Sky Palace and their solar core. Tianming was tempted to head over there for an adventure. If he was successful, he would own the Sky Palace Formation, solar core, and a complete Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. But if he failed, he... would be able to escape, wouldn't he? Both the Saintdragon Emperor and Long Wanying saw a fire in his eyes.


In the Dreamless Celestial Nation, a girl engulfed by the blood grudge struggled in her shackles. At that moment, the door slammed open and a figure walked up to her. She didn't have to look up to know that the person was filled with an overwhelming killing intent.

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