Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1844: The Se ond Perpetual Nirvana

Feiling and Tianming tussled and rolled on the snow. Feiling soon discovered that her dress had disappeared, ripped into pieces that fluttered in the wind. 

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"What are you doing?" Although she tried to cover herself, she couldn't hide her beauty.


Half a day passed in the blink of an eye. They hadn’t received any notifications outside, which meant the sun emperor had yet to make his move. The second-, third-, and fourth-rate sects, as well as the entire Fushen Clan were retreating as planned. After the storm, the snow on the ground appeared even more striking. The gentle girl in his arms had quietly left while he was dreaming. Tianming lay alone on the snow, his gold and black eyes watching the snowflakes fall from the sky and envelop the world.

From the very start, Feiling hadn’t explained herself or cleared up his confusion. But in spite of that, he was at peace after pulling into the gentle harbor that was her. The cringey love talk, as well as her adorable manner, her every frown, every smile... her each and every move made him realize how beautiful life was.

“I'll pick her up at the end of the war. I can't leave with my tail between my legs and I can’t die. So I must win!" Feiling had changed his irritable and chaotic heart. Like a sweet spring, she’d washed away his impetuousness and cleansed his eyes that had been blinded by hatred. His current external passion and inner calm were extremely suitable for cultivating the sword.


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The scenery within Primary was always beautiful, regardless of the time of year. As the eye of the storm, it was very quiet there. The revolving nova source was bright and magnificent; the world was illuminated by the colorful lights for as far as the eye could see. Colors were the theme of the primalwingers. And among all the colors, the blue of the Kunlan Realm appeared the most noble and captivating, much like a gem. Kunlan Lake at the entrance of the Kunlan Realm was much larger than before. Ordinary primalwingers, as well as their overlord, had stopped approaching the lake. But even so, they saw three pairs of enormous wings extending from the Kunlan Realm. The wings were no longer made of pure sapphire, but were an amalgamation of various types of wings with a wingspan of at least tens of thousands of meters.  Over the past few months, the primalwingers had watched as more than ten thousand top-grade wings flew out of the Kunlan Realm to merge with the three pairs of wings, a phenomenon that continued even to this day. It was hard to imagine how terrifying the wings would be after combining so many. 

There was only one person who could watch the process up close: Lin Xiaoxiao. At that moment, she was floating above Kunlan Lake, blankly staring at the woman below. The enormous wings were connected to her body. Enveloped in bright light, the woman’s body appeared perfect, whether it was her face, figure, or skin.

"She’s too beautiful," Xiaoxiao couldn't help sighing.

"No matter how good-looking she is, she’s still your enemy. You’ll never be able to claim the top seat if she doesn't die," Wu You gloomily said.

Xiaoxiao was used to pretending it didn't exist, so her mind automatically filtered its words. She didn't dare approach Kunlan Lake in fear of being sucked into the Kunlan Realm. From this distance, she seemed to see Feiling entering the heavenly locus formation.

"Looks like she can’t take it anymore. She wants to see him." Xiaoxiao smiled knowingly.

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"Are you stupid? Why’re you happy if they’re so in love?" Wu You rolled its eyes. It wasn’t happy with either Tianming or Feiling.

"In love...." Xiaoxiao had heard that things in the wondersky realm felt just like the real thing. When she noticed the blush on the woman’s face, Xiaoxiao didn't dare look at her again. She quickly turned around, her heart skipping a beat.

"Xiaoxiao." She was just about to leave when she heard someone call her name. Feiling appeared before her as soon as she turned around, her wings gleaming in the light.

"What is it?" Xiaoxiao asked. She didn't dare face Feiling in her current state. With the addition of the wings from the Kunlan Realm, Feiling’s temperament had undergone a drastic change. Perhaps she was still a little girl in the wondersky realm, but here, she had the air of a supreme empress even if she didn’t display her strength.

"My second Perpetual Nirvana is about to begin." In the light, Feiling's expression was gentle.

Xiaoxiao had witnessed the first Perpetual Nirvana. At the time, Feiling’s body had exploded and reassembled time and again… so she knew how terrifying it was. It was essentially multiple near-death experiences.

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"Have you told him?" Xiaoxiao asked with concern.

The dreamy woman in front of her shook her head and said, "He has a lot on his plate. I don’t want to add to his worries. This is my fate, I’ll face it on my own."

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"I would feel terrible if I were Tianming. What if you don’t return? He doesn’t even have the right to know? How’s he going to live with that?" Xiaoxiao asked.

"I know, but I don’t have a choice.... I can't bring myself to tell him." Lost and frustrated, Feiling slightly lowered her head. The impending catastrophe shrouded her entire being like a dark shadow.

This time, Xiaoxiao was silent.

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"It doesn’t matter. I believe in myself. I’ll definitely survive and wait for him to pick me up. Or maybe I’ll go to him and give him a surprise." There was conviction in her eyes. 

"So you meant Perpetual Nirvana when you said you were ill." Realization dawned upon Xiaoxiao.

"I'll get better. I will." She repeated that over and over again, as if convincing herself. Compared to the panic she had felt during the first Perpetual Nirvana, she was calmer now. Perhaps that was also the power of love. After their time together, Feiling could see that he couldn't live without her. She couldn’t bear to leave him alone, and it was that strong emotion that made her eyes bright and her voice resolute. 

"Don't tell him about my condition. Don’t mention Perpetual Nirvana either. I’ll take care of myself and get better, and when he comes to pick me up, I’ll be healthy and beautiful."

Shocked by Feiling’s determination, Xiaoxiao stared at her. As a woman, she understood Feiling’s thoughts.

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