Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1843: Person in Your Heart

"Who goes there?" Tianming said as he gripped the hands around his waist, brightly smiling.

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"The person in your heart," said the clear voice.

Even though he was in a sea of snow, a spring-like warmth washed over him. "There's a lot of people in my heart, you know. Which one are you?" He grabbed her hands and pulled her closer. She was just as soft and gentle as before. They hadn't met for a long time, but with her around, his worries seemed to melt in an instant.

"How many people are in your heart?" she said, pouting.

"Tens of thousands, at least."

"Hmph, your eyes must have issues. Those tens of thousands of people are all me."

"Haha, so you're saying you're just like Yin Chen?" He turned around and finally looked at Feiling. Her black hair and eyes stood out from her short blue dress and her fair skin was exposed to the snow around them. In fact, it seemed even fairer than snow. Her flawless, alluring thighs were tempting to behold, but those didn't even compare to her charming smile. Her little dimples were just as enticing as back then when Tianming had first seen her at Red Twill Mountain. "Ling'er...." Her smile was something he hadn't seen for a long time.

"Hey, what’re you looking absentmindedly at? What's there to stare at?" She nervously held her dress with both hands, blushing from Tianming's intense look.

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"Not bad. You're starting to look your age: endless years old," Tianming teased.

"Hey, stop with the slander! Do you want me to smack you?" She seemed far more energetic than before. She raised her hands, but they landed gently around his neck. She gave his cheeks a light peck and said, "Well, I can't bear to. I miss you too much nowadays, and the more I think about you, the deeper I fall. I'm regretting not going back with you...."

Tianming suddenly felt that her decision had been the correct one. Their separation had only strengthened their relationship even more. In fact, as long as she missed him, those feelings probably helped suppress the other feelings from her ancient self. Only then could she return to her simple, pure self and feel joy again. She seemed to focus on nothing but him and him alone, her eyes glued to him. It was one piece of good news out of all the bad that he had received lately. Joy was really hard to fake, and Tianming knew that it was coming from her heart.

"What's wrong? Is something troubling you?" Feiling was a sensitive girl and she quickly picked up on his mood.

"Well, since returning to Orderia, we've run into a lot of trouble. I'm feeling quite pressured."

"I see...." She tightly held his hands and the two of them snuggled beneath the roof of Soulburn Hall. Then she had him lie down on her thighs and hugged him tightly, stroking his hair as she said, "Well, just use me as your little trash can. Throw whatever your troubles are at me and I'll take care of them for you."

"Wow, can you really do that?" He couldn't deny that resting on her thighs in the snowscape like this, far away from all his worries, was something he had greatly desired. It was no wonder men of ages past considered their careers and partners to be just as important as each other. A beautiful partner could even be far more tempting than empires.

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"Of course. I've been reading a lot, you know. I know how to solve all kinds of worries with my huge knowledge banks," she said confidently.

"Well, it's really huge alright. I'm so breathtaken that I find it hard to breathe," he said, looking upward at her chest.

"Get your mind out of the gutter!"

"Yeah, definitely." He went on to brief her in detail about his discussion with Long Wanying. Even though Feiling was there to listen, there was little she could do to help. However, he still wanted to share his doubts with her. At the very least, talking about his worries helped a little with his feeling of helplessness.

"Ling'er, don't say things like you regret not coming with me to help me with this. I'm actually happy to see how you're faring. Back then, you said you were sick, but now you look like you've recovered. Your recovery is just as important to me as the other stuff. Not to mention, there might not be much you could do if you were here. The situation isn't something that can be changed with the help of any single person."

"I know. I'll stop bringing it up." She nodded and hugged him tighter and puckered her lips. "Big Brother, I'm not really sure how I can comfort you. It all sounds really complicated. Instead, I have a few cliche words of love for you."

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But that was Tianming's expertise! "Alright, I'm ready to puke."

"Hmph, be ready to be moved and charmed by my eloquence." She cleared her throat and brought her lips to his ear. Blushing, she asked, "Big Brother, if a box containing a gift is called a present, what’s a box that contains me?"

"Sexual favors?"

"No, dummy!" She hammered his head and said, "It's a beautiful marriage!" [1]

Tianming really felt the cringe on that one. "Well, that isn’t cringe enough. Let me come up with one."

Feiling immediately tensed up. "I worry that I can't take it."

"Listen up. Do you know what the four things I need to do every day are?"

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"Cultivating... what else? Thinking about me?" She pondered hard, tilting her head.

"Wrong. The answer is three meals a day!"

Three meals a day, but four things to do each day? They were physiological needs. What if the fourth thing also had a physiologically emissive connotation.... When she finally realized it, her embarrassment turned into anger. She pinched his ear and said, "Naughty Tianming! Who are you having three meals a day with, huh? And that fourth thing of yours...."

"Ouch! Relax, that was a joke!"

"I don't believe you! Hmph! I'm sure you're cheating on me! You're dead for sure!" With the force she was using, Tianming almost begged for mercy even though this was just the wondersky realm.

1. If this sounds weird, it’s because it’s an untranslatable pun. ☜

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