Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1834: 1834

Chapter 1834 - The Sky Palace's Strangeness

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This was Tianming’s impression of the sun emperor: golden-haired, vicious, strange, and sinister.

As soon as he appeared, the red-haired sovereign shut up.

“Li Tianming, you can try stopping what’s coming. However, standing against history and the survival of all life on Orderia will only have one outcome—losing!” the blonde sun emperor coldly and imposingly said. And what did it mean when the golden-haired one appeared and the red-haired one no longer spoke?

Tianming couldn’t understand it and laughed, “Don’t make your crazy invasion sound so righteous. You’re all just greedy, arrogant, and psychopathic sinners. If you really wanted to resist Skywolf, the best option would’ve just been asking for an alliance. The Myriad Solar Sects aren’t idiots. Who’d start an internal conflict right before fighting an outside invader?”

“The will of the Myriad Solar Sects is decided by the will of the Sky Palace, which is sick to the core. Thus, so are the myriad sects. Only aggressive treatment can remove the rot and make the sun whole.” Flames of righteousness seemed to burn in the sovereign’s eyes.

“Are you joking? What can those old fogies in the Sky Palace do? How can they decide the will of the myriad sects? We decide our own will,” Tianming said.

The golden-haired sovereign laughed. As for red-haired, he had been quiet ever since the newcomer arrived, as if he was locked in place.

“You’re a disciple of the Sky Palace and carry their stigma. When you have the chance, go in and you’ll understand everything. You may think they are only a symbol, but they hold the lifeline of the myriad sects!”

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Tianming didn’t know if the two bodies were cooperating to hoodwink him. The waters were growing more and more muddied.

“Opposing all life on the sun will only lead to death. I advise you to think this over very carefully. Otherwise I’ll end you even if you’re my godson!” As he spoke, he placed his arm over the red-haired sovereign’s shoulder. The two faces, one tyrannical and the other cold, had a heavy visual impact when placed so close together.

Then they turned around together and stepped into the Divine Sun Palace, which turned north.

“All protective formations of the Myriad Solar Sects must be broken within one month, no matter how many people die. All territory must be administered by my celestial orderians. If the Myriad Solar Sects are wise enough to surrender, fewer will die on both sides. But if they resist, everything will burn to ash so that the sun may shine forever more.” No matter how nicely he put it, his last sentence was filled with a vicious will.

It was right to call him a madman. But Tianming refused to believe he was a clone. ‘Li Wudi’ had become inert like a puppet when the golden-haired sovereign had arrived. It was clear which was the true body and which was the clone.

The Divine Sun Palace’s flames ignited with a roar as it headed north. It was clearly headed back to replenish its nova source.

If he wanted to hoodwink me, he shouldn’t have contradicted himself. Why would he use the Solar Wheel to trick me away? If that were still around, he’d have an easier time attacking the myriad sects’ formations. He wouldn’t need so much effort. From that point alone, the red-haired sovereign’s words were all bullshit from the start. Even so, the entire conversation had given Tianming a headache. He didn’t know where the truth began and ended, or where the lies were.

If Red-hair really was so compassionate, why’d he speak so vaguely? Why didn’t he just tell me the entire truth, including the secrets of the Sky Palace? Wouldn’t things have been easier to resolve? Regardless, there’s something off about them. However, will I fall into the sun emperor’s plot if I just rashly go in and cause the extermination of the myriad sects? The sovereign had posed a question and told Tianming to go in and see. What if he couldn’t come out afterward?

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He asked Ying Huo and the rest for their thoughts. In the end, each was more stunned than the last as they stared at Tianming with wide eyes.

“We’ll discuss this with Aunt Ying when we get back, and see if we can find something through discussion.” The matter was too critical. In the short term, Tianming wasn’t able to discuss it with people outside of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.

The Divine Sun Palace went back to replenish its nova source and there’s three hundred million celestial orderians moving south. When they reach the south pole, the decisive battle will still happen based on the sun emperor’s current will. His target is to remove all the protective formations, so he doesn’t care about the resultant loss in life. Regardless, the Myriad Solar Sects wouldn’t be willing to give up their protective formations.

The Fushen Clan had given up, but they could lay low for now and wait for the chance to rebuild their home after the celestial orderians were toppled. But if the final Xuanyuan Dragon Sect lost their formation, the world would be defeated. The beastmasters who had lost their homes would have nowhere to go and could only wait for death.

“Everything he said today could be a trap. I can’t follow his thinking. However, the information about Skywolf is definitely true!” Tianming had found new worries. “I… fuck!” When it rained, it poured.

“The Voidword Shrine summoned Skywolf and the Sky Palace protected the Voidword Shrine. The sovereign said the Sky Palace isn’t simple and holds the lifeline of the myriad sects. Do the Saintdragon Emperor and the rest know they hold it?”

The area outside Fushen Valley was filled with fleeing people. As for the ten million or so that were left of the Divine Palace Army, they had been abandoned at Fushen Valley. They no longer had the strength to pursue and they hadn’t received the next instructions from the sun emperor, so the Deluge Emperor could only have everyone stay there.

The Divine Sun Palace had left and Yin Chen could track its location. Hence, Tianming landed the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and got the Imperial Tomb Army to come over.

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The massive Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was a clear signal. After two hours, he’d made the rounds and had collected about thirty million of the Imperial Tomb Army, along with several tens of millions of the Fushen Clan.

“Let’s return to the Myriaddragon Mountains first.” The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb flew off.

Tianming should have been able to relax. Although the formation had been broken, they’d been able to give the Divine Palace Army heavy casualties and also preserve many lives. However, the three hundred million celestial orderians were still approaching and the sovereign’s last words kept echoing in Tianming’s mind.

He predicted that the final, decisive battle would happen within the month. It would definitely be very tragic. However, the problem was… the Voidword Shrine, Dreamless Celestial Nation, Sky Palace, the sovereign.… How many more secrets did he not know? And most importantly, could his godfather ‘Li Wudi’ still return?


Tianming was almost back at the Myriaddragon Mountains, but he didn’t know what to tell Qingyu. He actually still had some hopes for Li Wudi, that red-haired sovereign. However, for the golden-haired sovereign, he only had absolute hate!

That madman walked a path of destruction that cost the world. He didn’t just not care about the lives of the Myriad Solar Sects, he also didn’t even so much as frown over the heavy losses of the Divine Palace Army.

“When so many of the celestial orderians die, who’ll be left to fight Skywolf when it comes? The ones who truly harmed the sun will be you!”

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Those who couldn’t be understood by others were known as madmen.

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