Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1829: 1829

Chapter 1829 - Nonacrypt Falls

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Tianming was most anxious. “The Divine Palace Troops have taken heavy casualties. Some have died, some have fled, and the remainder are being slaughtered. The Divine Sun Palace probably only has two or three Divine Wraths left in it.…”

The battle had reached the most tragic and tense climax. So far, the Fushen Clan had enjoyed an overwhelming advantage and the celestial orderians were suffering a crushing failure on par with the Myriaddragon Mountains.

The Ninedragon Army’s momentum could no longer be stopped. The Divine Palace Army had already started pathetically fleeing in panic.

However, the final conclusion would still depend on the sun emperor.

Due to the incoming Divine Wrath, Tianming had no choice but to order most of the troops to cease their pursuit and join the formation’s defense. As long as the formation stood, so did the Fushen Clan.

“Hold on!”

“Two or three more times, and we win!”

“Hold on, Fushen Clan brothers!”

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The Divine Sun Palace was still madly gathering power, which meant the sun emperor hadn’t given up yet. In truth, his stubbornness had locked the sun emperor in place, leaving no one on the battlefield to stop Tianming. However, it was unavoidable. No one else could control the Divine Sun Palace.

The Nonacrypt Fushen Formation was heavily damaged, its foundations shaken. It was like a house that had lost its structural pillar and was now relying on people to support it. And now those people were all extremely exhausted.

Another Divine Wrath fell like a meteor crashing down on an old wooden house. A wooden house was a wooden house in the end, after all. No matter how many people supported it and no matter how strong their conviction was, the wooden house’s collapse couldn’t be stopped.

Tianming was also trying his best to help the formation hold on longer, but unfortunately, his best wasn’t enough. Everyone watched as the formation that had endured so many hits finally shattered. It vanished, becoming lost to the sands of time. The poisonous fog and rain dispersed.

Darkness was unnatural on the sun. When the formation vanished, the world quickly regained its brightness; no one had the chance to escape. Furthermore, the Divine Palace Army still had twenty million people, as the cultivators of Blueblood Starocean were still mostly intact with most of their fighting power.

Everyone knew that no matter how great a victory was won, once the formation was broken, the only choice left was to run.

The golden head in the sky became more clear when the fog lifted. It was also clearly much angrier than before. Nearly exhausting all of the Divine Sun Palace’s energy must have used up the sun emperor’s patience.

Under its ominous shadow, no one could breathe.

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The Fushen Clan’s flute melody became bleak and mournful, spreading through Fushen Valley. It was Fushen Gongyi transmitting a message: run!

Thus, the troops and three hundred million gods all began moving. Splitting up was the only choice before the Divine Sun Palace. If they gathered, they would just be offering a present to the emperor. One Divine Wrath could exterminate over a hundred million gods.

“Separate! Separate!”

“We already profited, it’s time to go!”

“We’ll come back one day. We definitely will….”

No matter how pained they were, they knew living was the most important thing.

Why had Tianming been so anxious to win on the battlefield and deal a heavy blow? Its use appeared in this critical moment. If the Divine Palace Troops still remained at sixty million strong, they would be able to stop the Imperial Tomb Army and all of the gods from leaving by tying them down. If they couldn’t run, death would be the end.

But now, the Divine Palace Troops just had twenty million frightened troops instead. They had lost the ability to chase and harass. Whether the Fushen Clan survived or not had been decided by that.

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Tianming was clear that even though they had been forced to flee, this battle would still be passed on through history. Timely action to reduce damage was important. He had already communicated with Fushen Gongyi about what to do.

The three hundred million gods of the Fushen Clan raced in the direction opposite of the Divine Palace Troops. They all collected their lifebound beasts and ran away. The further they ran, the more dispersed they were.

As for the Imperial Tomb Troops, they formed a barricade that the remaining Divine Palace Troops were unable to break through. Those few that did weren’t able to stop too many people from leaving, either.

“Tianming, we’re enough for this. Go!” Fushen Gongyi anxiously shouted. “You’re the most important of us all! You’re the benefactor of our Fushen Clan, someone with great merit!”

“Great merit? I killed quite a few today. I should be a sinner,” Tianming bitterly chuckled.

“That isn’t the same. They massacred and invaded with the intention of genocide. We were just struggling for survival.”

“Thank you.” Tianming’s heart relaxed. There were times that such doubts crept up on him as well.

The Fushen Clan was fleeing. The Divine Sun Palace still seemed to have one or two Divine Wraths left, but it would take a hundred breaths for it to charge up. Thus, what the sun emperor chose next was the most important thing.

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Tianming looked up. As expected, the emperor had made the same choice as at the Windheed Pavilion. He didn’t charge for the full hundred breaths. After just ten breaths, a weakened, but still lethal, Divine Wrath shot out in the direction of the Ninedragon Army.

While the Fushen Clan was safe for now, Tianming’s troops—including himself—had been thrust into grave danger.

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