Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1827: 1827

Chapter 1827 - Final Advance

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The situation was even messier than the one at the Myriaddragon Mountains. In the dense fog filled with green blood, mountains of corpses littered the battlefield. The Ninedragon Army was engaged in full-on combat with the wargodeans while their leaders were fighting a life-and-death duel! One of them was the domineering ruler of the wargodeans, while the other was the new and rising king of the alliance. At the very climax of their clash, flames, lightning, sword ki, and totems could be seen everywhere as the earth beneath shook. The clashing of swords shook everyone's heart.

The sovereign beasts displayed absolute barbarity on the battlefield, making quite a blood-pumping sight. Countless people felt a shaking in the depths of their souls as they followed the battle. Eventually, the regal dragonape had been slain by Lan Huang and the four eight-armed regal apes were killed by Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Tianming's totems. The Goldring Warlord himself was fleeing for his life, but Tianming soon caught up. The totem swords around him swarmed at the Warlord like hornets, pincushioning him before the Godsin delivered the final thrust. No matter how tough someone's body was, a puncture from that sword meant certain death.

The Warlord knelt and howled in despair. He had desired to lead the Wargod Hall among the celestial orderians, bringing his kind to new heights, yet that ambition had been rendered useless with that very strike. He died in agony and unwillingness. Before his mind fizzled out, the last thing he was thinking was why the sun emperor still hadn't been able to destroy the Nonacrypt Fushen Formation. What was the problem? That was something he wouldn’t have an answer for even at the very end.

When the Warlord collapsed, Tianming used the Godsin in its sword-chain form to bind the body and raise it up into the sky. "The Warlord is dead! Wargodean traitors, be mired in a sea of hateful regret! You will ultimately be judged!"

The body of the Warlord was cold, hard proof of his loss. Nobody doubted it in the slightest. After all, Tianming had already killed three of the celestial orderian army leaders before the Warlord. The wargodeans were utterly shocked—their Warlord was the only reason they had been fighting here! With him gone, their morale quickly crumbled and they soon lost the will to fight. Tianming decided to add fuel to the fire and raise the heavily injured Tumulus Pill God up into the sky to reunite him with the Warlord.

"What else do you want to say?" Tianming's black and gold eyes burned with flames as he stared at the despairing old man.

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"We regret it! But we wargodeans never had the choice between being oppressed or not. We only chose the side that would oppress us less. Li Tianming, let my people live!" the Tumulus Pill God said.

"Then we'll see if the wargodeans intend to let the Myriad Solar Sects live!" He immediately slew the Tumulus Pill God right after saying that.

The wargodeans wailed in utter agony when they saw two of their leaders slaughtered. But since when did invaders deserve to mourn? Every wargodean there had their hands stained with the blood of the Fushens and the alliance's troops. Those were debts incurred in blood, and there was only one currency that could be used to pay it back.

"Why hasn't Divine Wrath destroyed the formation yet?"

"Is the sun emperor intentionally holding back to let us die?"

"That can't be it! The celestial orderians are here with us too!"

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The only sensible estimation was that they’d underestimated the potency of the defenders, whose spirits had been reinforced by Tianming's presence. The wargodeans, on the other hand, fell into utter despair, leaderless and lost. They were immediately consumed by doubt and despair. "Without the Warlord and the Tumulus Pill God, does the Wargod Hall even still exist?"

Tianming's strategy of taking out the leaders worked like a charm. The celestial orderian troops were still quite capable after losing their leaders, but the turncoat wargodeans who were there fell into a panic. It was only at that moment that the next Divine Wrath blast was about to come.

"Fushen Clan, listen to me countdown!" Tianming instructed Lan Huang to speak, spreading his message across the valley. From the count of ten, he gathered Omnisentient Will once more. He had brought even more hope to the Fushen Clan after killing the wargodean leaders, generating a surge of faith and power.

"Three, two, one, now!"

Many celestial orderians thought that this would be the blast that shattered the formation. It looked even brighter and more powerful than before, and its light pierced through the fog within the formation. All sound seemed to vanish from within the darkness.

"The Fushen Clan shall never surrender!" The three hundred million cultivators yelled with passion, their eyes bloodshot. The faith Tianming had brought them caused even those that were about to faint to hold on as they fueled the formation. This was the blast that the Warlord had been counting on. Had he still been alive, he would no doubt desperately look at the Divine Sun Palace. As the wargodeans had a similar disposition to the Divine Sun Palace, the Warlord would worship the sun emperor even if the orderians hadn't promised them benefits.

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The mountains began shaking as the blast came crashing down. Everything seemed to crumble before the wrath of the solar deity, apart from the black formation that was held up by three hundred million desperate people. Even now, they still glowed with the vigor of hope.

"Hold on! We have to hold on!"

Countless people were tearing up at having survived the blast. They had another hundred breaths' of reprise, during which they could do much.

"Amazing! We survived!" Tears of gratitude endlessly flowed. The threads of faith of the Fushens grew even more in number, linking up with Tianming's Imperial Will and resonating with his soul. He was already tightly bound with all of them. Never had the morale of the alliance's troops been so high—the three celestial orderian commanders and the Warlord were dead, and they had weathered yet another blast of Divine Wrath!

Tianming knew better than anyone that this reprieve was a crucial time for them to carve out an even more advantageous position for themselves. "Soldiers, Fushens! The time to turn the tide against the enemy has come! Let’s show them another glorious display like the battle of the Myriaddragon Mountains! Follow me and make sure these invaders are buried deep beneath the valley!"

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