Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1826: 1826

Chapter 1826 - Ancestral Warsoul

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All five of the Warlord’s beasts fused into one and unleashed a golden pillar that seemed to be a miniature version of Divine Wrath. The attack was targeted at Lan Huang. It was a fatal combination of five abilities in one called the Fivestar Flameblast! The golden pillar burned with raging flames and exploded nonstop.

Yet Tianming's expression didn't change in the slightest. His prime wonder had two abilities, the first being the Prime Mountain and the other being the Prime Tower Shield. He was using the Prime Tower Shield to defend Lan Huang.

"Prime Mountain!" He immediately changed the prime wonder to a gigantic mountain that appeared in front of the two-headed dragon. The exploding flames smashed past the Prime Mountain, the shockwaves sending Tianming and his beasts and totems hurling back. However, they weren't hurt much at all, thanks to the Prime Tower Shield and Greenspark Tower. All that attack had managed was to buy the Warlord a little bit of time for a breather.

Tianming and his lifebound beasts normally shouldn't be able to fight someone on the level of the Warlord. It wasn't that the Warlord was weak, but rather the fact that Tianming had been fighting with the power of the Omnisentient Threads. In essence, it was like the Warlord was going up against countless numbers of elites at once. Tianming had to admit that the Warlord was indeed powerful; the attack from before couldn't be survived by just anyone, yet it hadn’t managed to turn the tables at all.

Not to mention, the prime wonder could reform by absorbing energy after being shattered. The Warlord didn't even know what it was and thought that it was some kind of weapon, so seeing his attack shatter the prime wonder felt like a win in his book. It considerably boosted his fighting spirit, making him fare much better than when he thought he was up against an undefeatable enemy. Perhaps he knew that he was hard pressed to win, but he still held on to hope, as the true Divine Wrath was still building up in the palace above.

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"Li Tianming, once the defensive formation is crushed, the sun emperor will come take care of you himself. If you run now, you'll still have a chance! Just look above if you don't believe me!" The Warlord could already be commended for not running after having encountered a monstrous youth like Tianming.

"I don't need to! Before the next Divine Wrath blast comes, I'll be able to kill you thrice!" Tianming arrogantly boasted.

The Warlord glared at him, indignant from being underestimated. As the ruler of the wargodeans, not even the sun emperor had belittled him like that. His wrath festered within him. "Very well! Let's see how you'll go about that! Come on! Show me!"

His earrings were deployed and flying around beside him. They took the form of large black and gold rings covered in dense spikes and could be used as floating weapons as well as bangles around his arm. They were his namesakes, called the Wargod Goldrings. Their history stretched as far back as the wargodeans' own, making it something like a regalia that was passed down through a line of rulers. The Goldring Warlord wore four rings on one arm and had four more expand and float around him. Their spikes seemed to extend out even further. What seemed even more impressive was that his lifebound beasts were also fully armed. All in all, they wielded forty-two divine artifacts, mostly blades!

"Ancestral Warsoul, possess me!" An odd soul energy began emanating from the Wargod Rings. They infused into the Warlord and his lifebound beasts' bodies, making them glow even brighter. Eerie faces swam in the scales of the regal dragonape.

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"Ancestral Warsoul?" Tianming could feel the Warlord growing much stronger after using his final trump card. It seemed a little similar to Ye Chen's guardian spirit, which had come from the Unfettered Astralord. When in use, it gave Ye Chen the Unfettered Astralord's combat experience.

The wargodeans were a race whose destiny was to fight in wars. Thanks to their impressive hearing, their reaction speed, agility, and skills were incredibly enhanced. With the boost from the Ancestral Warsoul, the Warlord's aura had changed. He was now a machine built for no purpose other than fighting.

Though it was terrifying, it didn't shock Tianming into stillness. "It's a shame you can only die once!"

Tianming needed to get rid of him as quickly as possible. He charged in with his beasts, drawing on the Omnisentient Will of sixty million people, essentially all the troops that had come with him in the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. Without his sacrosuns to distribute and manage the energy, it would be difficult for him to handle it. Ying Huo, Lan Huang, Meow Meow, and his totems absorbed the killing intent of the people connected by those threads; all of them were telling Tianming to kill the Warlord! Even the prime wonder managed to reform and turn back into the Prime Mountain, pressing down on the head of the Warlord from above.

"Die!" Tianming roared, but it sounded like sixty million people were yelling together. The voice reached the Warlord's sensitive ears, shaking him to his soul. "Ancestral Warsoul? If your ancestors see how you're groveling at the feet of the celestial orderians, they'd all feel ashamed for you!"

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Tianming and his sea of totem swords launched an attack at the same time as Ying Huo, who had been charging up its power. With enough time, it could unleash an attack that was on par with the Fivestar Fireblast! Ying Huo shot a pillar of Infernal Blaze toward the enemy. Meow Meow also gathered lightning as it charged forward and used its Triworld Afterlife Halls to open up a path to an alternate dimension, drawing in the lightning from three worlds. Three halls formed and blasted toward the weapon-wielding eight-armed regal apes. Lan Huang, on the other hand, merely wildly charged as it always had.

Tianming, surrounded by his totems, shone the brightest. He was the core of his own sword formation. He wielded the Grand-Orient Sword with both hands; only it could sustain the combined power of the Omnisentient Threads that supercharged the Grand-Orient Vortex within it, enhancing Tianming's regal might.

Sword ki poured out of his body. Even though they weren’t the Galactic Godsin, they were just as terrifying. All seven draconic sword strikes were mirrored by his totems and fused by Tianming to form the vital point of a break through. He didn't give the Warlord any chances and unleashed his strongest attack, the Sevendragon Tribulation, a strike that was imbued with the essence of Saintdragon Annihilation. He shone on the battlefield like the gods of antiquity, far surpassing the imagination of everyone there and becoming a myth in his own right. The Warlord began crumbling when he heard Tianming's words. The Ancestral Warsoul that he had been counting on was suddenly extinguished, no longer granting him invulnerability.

"How could this be?!" It was the first time he had truly been shaken. Before that, he had the confidence that he could hold on until the sun emperor arrived no matter how powerful Tianming seemed. But when Tianming reached a quasi-sovereign level of power, the Warlord had suddenly faltered. Even though he wasn't completely out for the count, his mind seemed to crumble for an instant.

"No, no, no!" He didn't die thrice, but he cried out thrice. Even at the final moment as he executed the signature eighth-realm divine art of the wargodeans, Nine Revolutions, with his Wargod Goldrings, they were helpless against the youth who was resonating with countless millions. The sea of totem swords swallowed him whole in an instant as the prime wonder's pressure forced the Warlord and his lifebound beasts to evade it, keeping them apart. Then Ying Huo and Meow Meow's abilities covered them in a sea of lightning and flames, flaking away at their flesh. As they shrieked in pain, Lan Huang charged at the regal dragonape like a wrecking ball, biting its neck with both heads and extending its Primordial Swords, piercing the ape countless times and spilling copious amounts of blood. The regal dragonape yowled and struggled before slowly slumping powerlessly to the ground. Lan Huang bit off its dragon head and tossed it into the sky as the entire battlefield seemed to explode. Everyone saw Tianming chase down the fleeing Warlord after breaking through the Nine Revolutions. Now, he was armed with the Godsin.

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"Die!" Tianming used the Saintdragon Annihilation, infusing the Godsin with all of his sword ki strands and piercing the Warlord's bloodied body. The Warlord suddenly stopped and looked down at the sword that had pierced through his chest. It retracted back into his body and repeatedly came bursting out again, making countless holes in him and shattering all his organs. His nerves shrieked at him nonstop, delivering no sensory input other than the pain he felt, which festered into utter despair.

"Someone like you who’s been given up on by your ancestors only needs to be killed once, not thrice," said the devilish voice beside him. The Warlord knelt on the ground as tears of blood flowed from his eyes.

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