Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1821: 1821

Chapter 1821 - Heaven Is Dead

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The sun emperor had to continuously attack to overwhelm the Nonacrypt Fushen Formation. If the Divine Wrath were to be spaced out over time, the formation would immediately begin repairing itself, and all three hundred million gods would have time to rest. Then all of his previous efforts would be for nothing; there was no way the sun emperor would stop. However, that also gave Tianming an opportunity to demonstrate his power within the formation. Otherwise, he would have to hide. But even now, he wasn’t sure of victory. They were still on the edge between life and death.

If we want an advantage over the celestial orderians, we must create an opportunity to hit their armies hard. At the moment, it still wasn’t enough. The Fushen Clan and Imperial Tomb Army are doing their best. I must slay their generals. Apart from boosting our morale, it’ll also disturb their chain of command and increase my Omnisentient Threads!

"Yin Chen!"

They were running out of time. The Divine Sun Palace is extremely powerful. The formation and three hundred million gods are on the verge of collapse. Every blow from the astralship could completely destroy Fushen Valley, which is home to more than a hundred million ordinary folk. The tragedy that had befallen the Windheed Pavilion was a nightmare for Tianming. He didn't want to go through that again.

"Found them!" Yin Chen replied. Tianming had asked Yin Chen to look for the Tumulus Pill God, Deluge Emperor, and Warlord. With the information provided by Yin Chen, Tianming now knew their exact positions. At present, the wargodeans and Blueblood Starocean combined are harder to deal with than the celestial orderian armies. Not only are they more familiar with the Fushen Clan, the Deluge Emperor and Warlord’s presence is also a key factor. It’ll be hard for us to gain an advantage over our enemies on the ground if I can’t take these two down!

The Deluge Emperor was cautious. After hearing about what happened to Li Tianyi, he refused to fight someone as favored by the heavens as Tianming. Because the Fushen Clan’s persistence and resilience was rather unexpected, he chose to play it safe. Instead of glory, he sought to protect himself. It would be difficult to deal with the Deluge Emperor, who had surrounded himself with more than a hundred thousand elites like an impenetrable fortress. His methods showed how cautious he was. Many were still skeptical after hearing about Li Tianyi’s death.

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"I can’t do anything if he protects himself like this.” Tianming could only turn his attention to the more powerful Warlord. In the battle against the Fushen Clan, the wargodeans, who were beastmasters, had to work harder than the bluebloods. However, with their understanding of the Fushen Clan, advance preparations, and ways to resist poison, the wargodeans hadn’t suffered heavy casualties. After the first wave of deadly poison attacks, they had managed to stabilize themselves under the leadership of the Warlord. Instead of retreating and relying heavily on defense, like the bluebloods, they adopted an offensive strategy, fighting in the front lines. The goal was obvious—break into the formation and face the three hundred million gods. If they were successful, they would have made great contributions in this battle. Combined with the Divine Wrath from the sky, the Fushen Clan would collapse.

The wargodeans never lacked bravery.

"The Deluge Emperor refuses to fight me. The Warlord is also surrounded by many elites, but I have a way to make him face me. Bring me to the Tumulus Pill God!" Tianming said to Yin Chen and the elders.

"He's moving… toward the… Warlord Warlord!"

"Hurry up!" If the Tumulus Pill God were to join the Warlord, Tianming wouldn’t be able to seize the upper hand. He flew across the bloody battlefield, leaving the nine elders behind. "Meow Meow!" As soon as the gigantic beast appeared beside him, Tianming climbed onto its back and Meow Meow burst into lightning speed with the boost from the Omnisentient Threads. The crackle of lightning resounded as black and white bolts struck the wargodeans, splitting apart their bodies. The power of Tianming’s believers had transformed his lifebound beasts into the ultimate titans on the battlefield. Although Xian Xian was close to the formation nucleus, its roots and branches had extended across a large area of the battlefield. With just the Evernight Curse, many of their opponents were fighting among themselves.

"Over there!" Tianming and Meow Meow quickly locked onto the Tumulus Pill God. He was familiar with this elder, who had caused so much trouble in Azurecloud. Extremely powerful in his younger days, he was the Warlord’s respected master. Despite the passage of time, the old man could still kill, thanks to the pills he made. If it weren't for the significance of this battle, he wouldn’t have entered the battlefield; after all, he was their spiritual pillar. News of Tianming's feats had spread everywhere. The Tumulus Pill God, who had just been fighting side by side with Situ Yin, felt his heart tremble as he rushed toward the Warlord.

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Lightning flashed behind him. "Be careful, Mu Shen!!" the wargodean elites shouted.

He turned around in shock, only to come face to face with a scene that made him tremble. An enormous lightning beast was emerging from the thick fog. On its head stood a young man with long white hair with a gold and black sword in his hand. His beastlike left arm heightened the visual impact. In the blink of an eye, the young man appeared right in front of him. Man and beast tore apart dozens of wargodeans and any lifebound beasts who stood in their way. They were unstoppable. Gone was his memory of the young man from a few years ago.

How can a young man change so much in a few years? Could this be the will of the heavens? Perhaps the celestial orderians have run out of luck and a new force will dominate the sun.… The thought made the Tumulus Pill God tremble. Face pale, his hands shook so hard he couldn’t even lift his weapon.

"Don’t resist. You’ll only die tired." Following the young man’s cold words, another sword appeared in his hand. It was a divine artifact that was as thin as a cicada's wings. As far as the Tumulus Pill God was concerned, that grade-nine divine artifact, which couldn’t be found on the sun, was more terrifying than the Grand-Orient Sword. Just as Tianming spoke, the Godsin transformed into a bladed chain that stretched several hundred meters, wrapping itself around the Tumulus Pill God from head to toe. With the sharpness of the blades and the lethality of the Galactic Godsin, his life was now in Tianming’s hands. As long as Tianming wanted to, he could pulverize Mu Shen.

"You aren’t going to kill me? What are you planning?" Mu Shen was shocked. He was ready to die and had never expected he would be used. What made him powerless was the fact that Tianming entirely ignored him. Climbing onto Meow Meow’s back, he dragged Mu Shen up with one hand and cleared a path with the Grand-Orient Sword with his other. More than a thousand wargodean warriors tried blocking him with their lifebound beasts, but it didn’t matter. The ferocious golden lions and apes were ripped apart, their blood dyeing the battlefield red. Wherever the black and white lightning struck, a large area would be burnt to a crisp.

“Find the Warlord!" Not only did Tianming possess countless eyes on the battlefield, he also had the support of more than forty million believers; he was invincible. Deep in the enemy’s camp, there were countless opponents staring at him. On his way to the Warlord, he was faced with more than a hundred thousand opponents. They roared with anger, their eyes red as they watched Tianming dragging the Tumulus Pill God across the battlefield. It was something they couldn’t tolerate.

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"Kill him!"

"Slaughter him!"

"Whoever kills Li Tianming will become tonight’s biggest hero!" What they’d originally assumed would be an easy, casualty-free battle had turned out to be something else entirely due to the Fushen Clan’s fighting spirit and the unbeatable Tianming.

"Stop him!"

As more people tried stopping the white-haired youth, more of them perished. With so many intercepting them, Meow Meow found it impossible to move fast. Thus, Tianming switched to Lan Huang instead. Ying Huo and Meow Meow each occupied one of its dragon heads. Shrinking themselves, the two unleashed their abilities like cannons on top of the two-headed dragon. If it were an astralship, its firepower would be just as destructive.

"Anyone that comes will die! Charge!"

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