Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1820: 1820

Chapter 1820 - The Gigantic Beast in Battle

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Under everyone’s terrified gazes, Tianming rushed into the crowd with Lan Huang clearing the way. As soon as he caught up to Li Mumu, he began hacking away with his sword. Yin Chen’s ability was terrifying on the battlefield. So far, the enemy had yet to figure out its true essence. After all, Yin Chen was a Primordial Chaos Beast that no one had ever come into contact with. Otherwise it would be difficult for Tianming to lock on to a target in this chaotic battlefield. He would also be at risk of being surrounded and killed. While everyone was fighting in this hell on earth, not even the sun emperor could know that he had lost two generals.

"I can sense that I’ve gained more than a million new believers after killing Li Tianyi. Killing Li Mumu will be easier." Most of the Imperial Tomb Army were at least fourth-level constelliers and above. If he could gain their faith, the strength of forty million of them could rival four hundred million from Violetglory. Tianming was even more determined to strike his target.

"On to the next one!" Tianming hid in the darkness with the Nonacrypt Elders, slipping through the thick fog, across the mountain of corpses, and through the sea of blood to find his next prey. "Situ Yin!" It seemed that Tianming was having some good luck. Just a while ago, Situ Yin had been fighting alongside the Tumulus Pill God. It would have been difficult for Tianming to deal with both of them, but the two had just separated and headed in different directions. Tianming waited for the Tumulus Pill God to move further away for fear he would alert him. After all, the man was his next target.

Situ Yin had formed a squad that was responsible for clearing the way for him. With his powerful totems, he broke through the Fushen Clan’s defense. Wherever he went, corpses fell to the ground.

"General Situ, General Yi was killed by Li Tianming!"

"What?" Situ Yin was taken aback, his expression drastically changing. "How’s that possible? He isn’t weak."

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At that moment, Tianming appeared in front of him with nine elders.

"So he planned to kill Li Tianyi, and now he’s here. It seems he was looking for me!" Situ Yin reacted at once. With tens of thousands of warriors from the Godblade Army by his side, his group was by no means weak. "His Solar Majesty said that he has eyes everywhere!" With that in mind, Situ Yin gave his command: "Come with me. We’ll kill Li Tianming!" He didn’t try to escape, like Li Mumu, but gathered those around him and charged for Tianming.

But although he had help, so did Tianming. "Come on then!" Even without his command, tens of thousands of warriors quickly gathered behind him.

The largest lifebound beast on the sun, the Primordial Terraqua Dragon, appeared in front of them with its Primordial Swords extended. On Tianming’s left was a fiery phoenix, on his right was the Regal Chaosfiend, and atop his head were his totems and the prime wonder. Not to mention, tens of thousands of dragon beastmasters stood behind him.

His cards were amazing.

"Imperialdragon Princeps!"

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Tianming, the object of their faith, faced a shaken Situ Yan. Although they both had support, Tianming’s sovereign beasts were terrifying, as the power of his believers was linked to the pandemonium sacrosun. Lan Huang was already an unstoppable killing machine on the battlefield. As soon as it charged for the kill, thousands of corpses would drop from its body.

In Tianming’s hand was the Grand-Orient Sword. "Crush them!" Led by Lan Huang, the beastmasters came face to face with the enemy. Although they were equal in numbers, Lan Huang’s movements shook the earth. A most terrifying scene occurred right before their eyes as the dragon swept across the battlefield, followed by thousands of others.

Ying Huo attacked with an explosion of nova source, the fiery power it had built up blasting the enemy as Meow Meow crushed them with its Triworld Afterlife Halls. In an instant, there was chaos. With a loud roar, Lan Huang bulldozed its way through the battlefield, countless mutilated corpses stuck on its claws. What a violent picture indeed. And what about the Godblade Army? In front of Lan Huang, they were all minced flesh. Its transformation was terrifying. Boosted by Tianming’s Omnisentient Threads, Lan Huang was a veritable monster on the battlefield.

"Can you run?" Quickly catching up to Situ Yin, Tianming beheaded him and hung the severed head on Lan Huang’s Primordial Sword. "Celestial orderian? Godblader? What about it? Dead in a single blow!" As soon as he shouted that, the Imperial Tomb Army roared and the number of his Omnisentient Threads soared. The deaths of Li Tianyi, Li Mumu, and Situ Yin quickly spread by word of mouth.

"Tumulus has… escaped. Will… you go… after him?" Yin Chen asked.

Tianming’s sensational deeds had shaken the entire battlefield, frightening many people. "It’s time for the next countdown!" Tianming took a deep breath. This would be the eighth Divine Wrath since the Divine Palace Army entered the valley. Just by observing, Tianming estimated that Divine Sun Palace had about ten attacks remaining. The battle was at a critical point and the news had finally reached all three hundred million gods. Everyone was talking about it, so it couldn’t be a rumor.

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With Lan Huang's help, he began the countdown, leading the Fushen Clan in their fight against the eighth Divine Wrath. Heaven and Earth shook as flames spread through the valley.

"We did it!" Tianming broke into laughter, as did Lan Huang. Their joy was motivation for all. There were now ten million more Omnisentient Threads from the Imperial Tomb Army and power surged within him. At that moment, he calmed down instead.

We’ll have to face the Divine Wrath ten more times. Defeating the army on the ground will decide whether or not we can hold on. The news that I’ve slaughtered three of their generals has spread all across the battlefield. Perhaps it’s even reached the sun emperor’s ears. How will he react? Whatever his reaction is, there’s something else I must do. Now that all three generals are dead, their armies are close to collapsing, supported only by Blueblood Starocean and the wargodeans. If I send the Deluge Emperor and Warlord to hell before the sun emperor reacts, their deaths will cripple the armies’ morale and speed up our victory on the ground. They’ll die by the millions. All we have to do is slaughter the entire Divine Palace Army. Even if the formation falls, what can a mere sun emperor do? The Divine Sun Palace’s miniaturized nova source is almost completely depleted. Tianming already knew exactly what he must do. An hour ago, he didn’t dare fight the Warlord or Deluge Emperor, but now, with the power of millions of believers on site and nearly thirty million more in the Myriaddragon Mountains, he had no fear of those two opponents.

"The Deluge Emperor was the one that ruined Jiang Qingliu's bright future, while the Warlord is a beastmaster who kneels and flatters the sun emperor...." Red-hot fury smoldered in his gold and black eyes. He looked up at the golden head in the sky and sneered, "Sun emperor, have you grown conceited and gotten used to crushing others with your overwhelming strength? Do you finally see the Fushen Clan for what they are?"

The sun emperor had thought he could destroy the formation while the well-trained Divine Palace Army restrained the Imperial Tomb Army. He hadn’t even stopped to consider that his army of sixty million could be defeated in the Fushen Clan's territory. Merit, glory, and wealth kept the warriors of the Divine Palace Army going, but what fueled the Fushen Clan and the Imperial Tomb Army was survival, dignity, and the threat of extermination.

"Those who treat human life like ants will eventually become an insignificant ant in the long river of time." Taking a deep breath, Tianming began his path of slaughter in a race against time. From that moment on, no one could escape his sword. Unless the sun emperor could come up with something to threaten him, Tianming believed they had an eighty percent chance of victory.

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