Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1819: Kill

"Die!" The previous Divine Wrath had given the celestial orderians great confidence, and Li Tianyi had become extremely impatient. Like the Warlord and Deluge Emperor, he wanted to make contributions.

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"I didn't think the Fushen Clan would be so difficult to deal with!"

"General Yi, I think Li Tianming is key to breaking them. As long as we capture or kill him, our opponents will collapse."

"That way we’ll be the ones with the greatest contribution in this battle."

"Commander Yi, Li Tianming's voice came from that direction!" The generals around him cleared the way.

"Isn’t it obvious?!" Li Tianyi retorted, still agonizing over the sun emperor’s words.

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"Li Tianming!" Their names were only a character apart. As the eldest son of the sun emperor, the only advantage that he had over Tianming was his age, which was more than ten times Tianming’s. "I could kill him even in my dreams. I’ll avenge my brother," Li Tianyi said.

The generals who were familiar with him only believed the first half of his words. However, they were soon stunned, rubbing their eyes for fear they had made a mistake. In the midst of battle, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of them. Everyone on the sun would recognize the white-haired young man in the center; he was extremely conspicuous.

"It's him!"

"What a coincidence. He’s delivered himself!"

"Hurry up, Commander Yi! Don't let him slip away!"

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Overjoyed, the general reacted faster than Li Tianyi, immediately making his way over.

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"Deal with the Nonacrypt Elders. I'll take him down." Li Tianyi’s heart was wildly pounding. He tried to calm himself down, but couldn't, because of the sun emperor’s words. "Father, I hope you’ll change what you think of me when I return with his head...." With a low roar, Li Tianyi flew past the others, chasing after Tianming like a madman.

Tianming was no fool. Instead of fighting the man, he acted as if he had no such intention so that Li Tianyi wouldn’t escape. Upon crossing paths with Li Tianyi, Tianming turned around and left, giving the illusion of weakness.

"Die!!" The generals around Li Tianyi forced the Nonacrypt Elders aside, allowing the grand prince to charge right in with his sword and aim for Tianming's head.

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"Protect the Imperialdragon Princeps!" Seeing Tianming in danger, the elders immediately rushed to protect him. Li Tianyi’s party chased while Tianming pretended to escape. Almost instantly, Li Tianyi caught up to his prey.

"Die, you universe-class monster!" Eight totems erupted from his body, similar to zhurong firegods and Li Haochen's totems. The power of a tenth-level solarian exploded, shaking the sky and earth, creating a sea of fire that seemed to engulf Tianming. Just as the Imperial Tomb Army began despairing, Tianming turned around, gold and black light bursting from his eyes. The Godsin had absorbed seven different types of grade-eight divine hazards and the power of thirty million believers flooded his body, spreading to his bane-rings. The decapath era godswords surged with terrifying power several times as great as before. At that moment, Tianming transformed from an ordinary powerhouse to a top elite of the sun with the bearing of an emperor. As the power of Tianming’s believers rose, Li Tianyi seemed to see thirty million souls behind him. He was dumbfounded.

"You and your siblings were born to be slaughtered by me. Got that?" Tianming smiled grimly, unleashing the Sevendragon Tribulation with the Godsin and his totems. The most complex fusion strike, combined with the power of the totems and Omnisentient Threads, shot toward Li Tianyi. Never in his wildest dreams could Li Tianyi have imagined such a turn of events. He didn't have the time to react, all he could do was match Tianming move for move. His fiery totems roared, spewing red-hot flames, their attack similar to the Divine Wrath. But to Li Tianyi’s utter surprise, an enormous white tower appeared in front of him. Colliding with Tianming’s prime wonder, the sun emperor’s son’s totemic calamity sent it flying away.

But in an instant, Tianming's totems swept toward Li Tianyi like a stormy sea of swords. The decapath era godswords pierced his totems, which immediately collapsed due to the terrifying power. At the exact moment the totems and Godsin struck, Li Tianyi's entire body below the neck turned into ashes, engulfed by the shadow of the swords. The generals behind him died tragically.

"You…." Li Tianyi's head didn’t fall to the ground. At the exact moment his body turned to dust, Tianming grabbed his head by its long hair and lifted it. Eyes wide, Li Tianyi stared at his non-existent body in fear, then looked at Tianming with despair.

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"What about me?" Tianming asked calmly. Li Tianyi's face became completely stiff. Amidst his struggle, he lost consciousness and died in despair. Chuckling, Tianming swept his gaze across the battlefield. Many had witnessed his feat and were shaken. Tossing Li Tianyi’s severed head into the sky, Tianming waved his sword and stabbed it. "Li Tianyi is dead. Keep going!”

There was a familiar feeling; the Imperial Tomb Army could feel Tianming’s Imperial Will at this historical moment. When they truly regarded Tianming as their unique mental support, the Omnisentient Threads linked to them were completely connected to his Imperial Will. Although he shared a special bond with the Imperial Tomb Army, they needed to witness his triumph with their own eyes. And here he was! He would never disappoint them. 

Tianming kept going as they watched him with fiery gazes. "Yin Chen, let’s move on to the next one!"


The sun emperor was occupied with breaking the formation, while the Divine Palace Army fought to make meritorious contributions. Tianming could easily repeat the same trick. On this chaotic battlefield, transmission stones would be destroyed, leaving Yin Chen as the only reliable form of communication.

"Li Mumu of the Tribulator Army!" Locking onto his position, Tianming played the same trick, pretending to escape. Although he was eager for an achievement, Li Mumu was more careful than Li Tianyi. 

But he couldn’t hide from Tianming’s pursuit even if he tried.

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