Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1810: 1810

Chapter 1810 - A Feint

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When the Divine Sun Palace flew off from the ruined Windheed Pavilion, heading south towards Fushen Valley, the sixty million troops who were already familiar with entering the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb had also set off from Myriaddragon Mountains.

The two astralships flew off in a race for time.

Fushen Valley was much closer to the Myriaddragon Mountains and the Divine Sun Palace would have to travel ten times as far as the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb

Orderia had two massive valleys, the Wargod and Fushen Valleys. Through the conflicts that had spanned eras, the Fushen Clan had usually been stronger. It was only in recent years that the wargodeans had outranked them.

Now, three hundred million celestial orderians were headed south. The military force of the Myriad Solar Sects was also gathering at the first-rate sects. It would be a while before the two forces collided.

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Before that, the face-off between the two astralship armies would decide the course of the war. Hence, the sixty million people inside the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb were very agitated now. Their core force was twenty million troops from the Ninedragon Army. The remaining forty million were mostly those who had willingly followed Tianming to the Land of Three Skies. They included cultivators from the Azuresoul Palace and Supracloud Sanctuary. Those willing to cast aside safety and do battle were true heroes.

Even so, they couldn’t remain calm when battle with the emperor, Divine Sun Palace, and sixty million troops were just around the corner.

Many were passionately looking at Tianming. War was far different from one-on-one battles; morale was half the deciding factor. Confident troops could tear through anything, while disconsolate troops would break apart at the slightest breeze. Hence, Tianming had taken on the role of a monarch, standing in front of the troops and looking at them with his calm, passion, and willpower. Some of the people there even had his Omnisentient Threads, so they understood him the best.

“Everyone, we retreated from the Azurecloud Continent, then from the Land of Three Skies. Now, all the second-rate sects have also kept themselves safe. All of that was for the opportunity to give them a nasty counterattack! We’re en route to Fushen Valley now. They have an apex protective formation there and over ten million brethren from the Fushen Clan. We also have over three hundred million gods to support the formation. Numbers and terrain are on our side, so if the enemy insists on seeking their deaths, we’ll oblige them for our five million seniors who died at the Windheed Pavilion!” The strategic policy for the Myriad Solar Sects was that second-rate sects and below couldn’t stop the Divine Sun Palace, but they would fight to the death if the celestial orderians attacked the first-rate sects!

“I’ve personally experienced two battles in this war. Whether at the Myriaddragon Mountains or Azuresoul Sword Mountain, what I learned was that neither the emperor nor the celestial orderians are undefeatable! That includes the Divine Sun Palace as well. In fact, when they lose, they lose more pathetically than anyone else!” Tianming’s inspiring words brought the fighting spirit inside the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to a boiling point. It wasn’t brainwashing; instead, if everyone was braver, there would be less casualties when the battle came.

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“Everyone here is my senior. I know that if I survive, I’ll be a headache for the emperor and the hope of the Myriad Solar Sects. However, I’ll still lead from the front today. I want to tell everyone that if we experts are scared and hide in a corner to watch as the celestial orderians kill our friends and families, invade our lands, and enslave our children, it wouldn’t be a generation’s tragedy, but an eternal tragedy!”

Everyone knew what the celestial orderians wanted. And that was enough. Everyone there was at least a constellier, and Tianming knew they were willing to bear their responsibility as an expert. Each and every person was responsible for the rise or fall of the Myriad Solar Sects.


Tianming was still communicating with the other alliance leaders through Yin Chen. “The most troublesome thing now is that it is possible the Divine Sun Palace may change course from the Fushen Clan and attack the Empyrean Sword Sect, Frostsoul Imperium, or even the Group of Celestial Maiden Halls.”

The sun emperor might be making a feint, and the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb’s inability to clash head-on with the Divine Sun Palace was a huge restriction.

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“The Empyrean Sword Sect and Shenwu Dynasty have stronger formations. We have over five hundred million gods supporting them now. Even though many second-rate sects haven’t completed their migration, we can still endure for a while if the Divine Sun Palace attacks. It shouldn’t be a problem not getting reinforcements for a while,” the Northdipper Swordsage said.

“Yes, we can,” Ninesun Martial Lord agreed. Their main support was the sheer number of ordinary gods. After seeing how the Windheed Pavilion’s formation had held up, they had a better gauge now. The second-rate sects continued boosting them as well, so they were getting stronger and stronger.

So the ones who need reinforcement are the Fushen Clan, Frostsoul Imperium, and the Group of Celestial Maiden Halls, Tianming thought. However, he could only bring sixty million reinforcements. If he gave each sect twenty million, each sect would have about thirty million defenders after adding in their own elites. However, they would still be at a disadvantage if the sun emperor attacked any of them. The Myriaddragon Mountains could also suffer an attack, so Tianming couldn’t move the reinforcements there.

In this competition of astralships, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was worse at seizing time and would also be in danger if it met the Divine Sun Palace.

“The emperor is sly. He may really be making a feint. If you bring all sixty million to the Fushen Clan, he won’t go there,” Long Wanying warned.

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Yin Chen’s latest report was that the Divine Sun Palace was still headed to Fushen Valley. It was still far away, but time was tight for Tianming to make contingencies.

“Then, let’s do this!” Yan Lingxian sighed.

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