Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1809: 1809

Chapter 1809 - Universe-Class Genius

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All the decisions Tianming had made were rational, effective, and fast. They all seized every moment!

"Alright.…" Long Wanying looked at this determined young man. He was getting more and more immersed in his role and forgetting everything else. It was easy to imagine that the battle between the Divine Sun Palace and the first-rate sects would be more tragic than any battle before.

“Come back alive, kid,” Long Wanying said with tears in her eyes. The people she loved had all left the world of the living one by one because of the sun emperor. She didn't wish for Tianming to be next.

"Don't worry." Tianming grinned and confidently patted his chest. He turned and left.


The Fushen Clan was unfortunate to suffer the coming invasion of sixty million troops brought by the Divine Sun Palace. However, before that could happen, Tianming brought sixty million troops there with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. There was hope for this battle, thanks to the Fushen Clan’s powerful formation.

The Frostsoul Imperium was protected by the Frostsoul Sea, so it was reasonably safe. The Group of Celestial Maidens Halls was trapped between a rock and a hard place, so nothing could be done for now.

The Myriaddragon Mountains, Empyrean Sword Sect, and the Shenwu Dynasty were the three strongest, and would soon absorb the second-, third-, and fourth-rate sects to complete their preparation for the final battle.

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Ignoring the sixty million ‘Imperial Tomb Army’ that Tianming had brought away, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect would have a hundred million soldiers once the retreat was finished.

The Empyrean Sword Sect and Shenwu Dynasty had about fifty million each. With their top-tier formations, if they were willing to stake their lives on it, they would have a hope of holding on even if three hundred million troops attacked.

Tianming used Yin Chen to make preparations as fast as possible after hearing about the Windheed Pavilion. Once he was finished, he activated the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and rushed to the Fushen Clan with sixty million troops.

Why was the sun emperor targeting the Fushen Clan? First, perhaps because he thought it was an easier target than the Frostsoul Sea. And second, he must have wanted to fully gain the wargodeans’ full loyalty. The wargodeans were extremely fierce, and they were much stronger than totemancers of the same level. And the best way to win their hearts would be defeating the ninth-rank Fushen Clan, which would be even more effective than conquering all the second-rate sects that had abandoned their lands.

Furthermore, it would demoralize the hearts of the Myriad Solar Sects.


Below the fiery clouds, a massive golden head flew past. Ahead of it was a mountain range that seemed like an immortal wonderland; however, it was currently on fire.

Many people in the Divine Sun Palace coldly looked at the scene.

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"Thus, the Redsky Sword Sect, ranked twenty-fourth of the sects, has fallen,” the emperor said, his tone flat. "Each of these second-rate sects are more stubborn than the last. They don't surrender, they burn down their sects, and even destroy the formation core of their protective formations."

"We didn't even need to do anything before they burned up the inheritance of their ancestors.” Li Tianyi didn’t quite get it. He felt it was wrong, disrespecting the seniors and an act of the weak!

It incited laughter from the celestial orderians.

“The place may be gone, but the people still live,” the emperor mildly said, which ended the laughter.

They could all feel his displeasure. Clearly, these repeated lack of gains, with nothing to show but ruins, were worse to the emperor than the Windheed Pavilion, where he had destroyed a protective formation and killed everyone inside!

Why did they destroy the formations? Clearly, it was so that the celestial orderians wouldn’t be able to take over their sects for use as bases in the war. If the celestial orderians lost later on, they would have nowhere to rest and recuperate. For the races of nova source worlds, protective formations were the true city walls! The destruction of the protective formations meant the enemy was taking over nothing of value.

Tianming didn’t even need to instruct them. The sect masters decisively personally destroyed the ‘city walls’ that their ancestors had bled and sweated to build for their later generations.

Now, the emperor’s fist had only struck empty air.

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While the celestial orderians were celebrating taking over two-thirds of the Myriad Solar Sects’ territory without any effort, the emperor’s expression was turning chillier. There was no way he could be at peace without having wiped out such decisive enemies.

“On the bright side, while congregating at a few core locations makes those places hard to take, it creates a huge problem of resource insufficiency. The Myriaddragon Mountains can’t handle ten billion people. As long as we don’t care about time, we can starve them out.” The Warlord was very clear on the Myriad Solar Sects’ resource situation.

The sun emperor turned to him. “How many years do you think that’ll take?”

The Warlord didn’t dare to look him straight in the eyes, so he kept his head down. “Ten years, and the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, the Empyrean Sword Sect, will all collapse from internal conflict if they’ve lost all their territory.”

The sun emperor laughed, “Makes sense. But what if you gave a universe-class genius who could become the first alliance leader in his twenties another ten years? Wouldn’t he come for my head once he grows?”

Everyone present was stunned.

“I missed that, my apologies. That Li Tianming is a troublesome matter.” The Warlord lowered his head. He had noticed the sun emperor’s words.

A universe-class genius! Many people finally called the variable that was a decabane on the enemy side. Even the plot of the Divine Sun Palace hadn’t beaten him!

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“Yes, so we must be quick.” The sun emperor flew up and patted the Warlord on the shoulder. He smiled and continued, “Brother, your strength is greater than anyone in the celestial orderians other than me. You’re our second-strongest expert, and one of my right-hand men. Now I’m going to give your Wargod Hall a huge present!”

The Warlord hurriedly thanked him on his knees. He didn’t need to look to know they were about to enter Fushen Clan territory. The wargodeans had coveted it for too long. This would be his huge present.

“Li Tianming has such good information sources, so he’ll surely come. I’m sure this place will be easier to take than the Myriaddragon Mountains, right?”

That made everyone’s eyes shine.

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