Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1802: 1802

Chapter 1802 - Windheed Pavilion

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"Wargodeans!" The sun emperor smiled, with the Goldring Warlord joining him. "From now on, you’ll take your place among us as the Wargod Hall. Your territories shall be expanded to include those of the Fushen Clan. Everyone here will become part of my Wargod Army."

The sun emperor had made the promises in public, so it was set in stone. The Divine Sun Palace's reactivation had caused quite a few wargodeans to resent the sun emperor for attempting to use them as cannon fodder; thus, they didn't expect they would be given the very status they had craved, not just replacing the Veildragon Palace but also being formally recognized as the Wargod Army. It was a mark of glory that they had never attained before. They were basically being recognized as equals of the celestial orderians and receiving the proper respect.

The Veildragon Palace had once enjoyed such a status, as well as access to resources, something the wargodeans were envious of. The celestial orderian territories also produced manna, after all, and if the beastmasters from the Myriad Solar Sects were wiped out, the wargodeans would be the sole remaining people who could enjoy those benefits. That was the main reason the Goldring Warlord had chosen to side with the sun emperor.

"Enter the Divine Palace!"


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The army of sixty million, comprising the Tianyi, Tribulator, Godblade, Stargod, and Wargod Armies was complete, having all kinds of people for all kinds of roles. There were those that excelled at intercepting and those that were expert ranged attackers. The beastmasters also made up for the lack of cavalry.

It was clear to all what the sun emperor wanted to use the Divine Sun Palace for. As fast as the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was, the Divine Sun Palace was even faster. Carrying so many troops at once, it could easily obliterate any sect in one go. Not to mention, the strongest cultivator on the sun, the sun emperor, was with them. The Divine Sun Palace was nothing short of an absolute disaster for any faction in its way.

"I had wanted to use the Veildragon Palace to peacefully take over the Myriad Solar Sects, but they didn't allow me that chance. Since that's the case, there's no longer any need for pretense. Even if we have to sacrifice some of our own, unifying the sun will be to the benefit of everyone that remains. Let's see how that child on the other side reacts! No more schemes, just a straightforward fight all the way!"

The sun emperor had wanted to do it the easy way with a scheme, but he was sick of all the resistance he’d been met with. Reasons and morals no longer mattered. They were just for appearance's sake anyways.

The Divine Sun Palace rose into the clouds with sixty million troops within. At the same time, three hundred million other soldiers began marching south from the orderians’ territory. The celestial orderians had fully bared their fangs and charged toward the sheep, revealing their true savage colors.

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Within the Divine Sun Palace, the sun emperor stood in front of all the other 'pilgrims'.

"Esteemed Father, where will we be heading next?" Li Tianyi asked excitedly.

"We’ll be going to a land that reminds me of my pain, the place where we lost your aunt," the sun emperor said with both eyes closed.

"The Xuanyu Continent?" Li Tianyi recalled a place called Dragonbound Valley. It used to be where the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect intended to preserve their younger generation, and it also happened to be where Li Wushuang had been killed.

"That's right." Two streams of golden tears streamed down his face. "I made an oath to complete her funeral rites by burning down the Myriad Solar Sects as a sacrifice. These past two years, her spirit seems to be haunting and pushing me to do it like a child throwing a tantrum. I have no choice. The day has finally arrived after much waiting. I’ll bring her along as I trample the Myriad Solar Sects. We'll head all the way to the Myriaddragon Mountains and avenge her along with the tens of millions of our own that perished two years ago!"

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Everything would end where it had started. Li Tianyi could hear the pain in the sun emperor’s voice. He recalled his aunt, Li Wushuang, and didn't understand what kind of relationship she had with her elder brother. As the eldest son of the sun emperor, Li Tianyi had loathed Li Wushuang, who had monopolized the care and attention of the sun emperor since his childhood while he was left neglected all the time. Though he had pondered for his whole life why that was the case, he’d never figured it out. Even now, he didn't know why the sun emperor thought of Li Wushuang's death as far more important than the tens of millions of perished troops.

It no longer matters. With him being so mad, the Myriad Solar Sects is done for. I really have to thank Li Tianming for coming back, otherwise father will never be able to let this go. It would haunt him for the rest of his life.... Li Tianyi was honestly grateful for how things had turned out. He didn't understand the pain the sun emperor was going through as he reminisced about his sister's death.


Three days later, the Divine Sun Palace arrived at the Xuanyu Continent, a beautiful place with a thriving population. Li Tianyi felt a little moved, seeing the prosperous lands of the Myriad Solar Sects. After passing through Dragonbound Valley and crossing thousands of mountains, they would reach the strongest faction on the continent. Of the countless factions that used to be there, only eight second-rate factions still remained. The Divine Sun Palace was heading for the Windheed Pavilion, ranked sixteenth out of all the sects. It was also the largest on the Xuanyu Continent.

They had an elegant and poetic name, and led the cultural trends of the entire continent. Countless cultivators dreamed of going there. It was said that the sect was the most beautiful out of all of the Myriad Solar Sects, with the most beautiful and intricate divine celestial patterns inscribed on their buildings over countless generations. It sounded like a paradise, and all the cultivators there were elegant, cultured, and refined. They seemed to prize education even more than cultivation, and the height of their culture knew no comparison.

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They were considered a magnificent cultural heritage of the Myriad Solar Sects; no other faction could rival them in cultural achievements. The Windheed Pavilion's leadership made the Xuanyu Continent as a whole adopt a higher standard of refinement, making the people there strive for beauty and sentimentality. Yet the gigantic flaming golden head simply flew past with sixty million troops, descending upon the grade-seven defensive formation of the sect. The celestial orderians proceeded to crush the precious cultural constructs that had taken countless years to build.

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