Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1791: Three Armies Head South

The core group still continued excluding the dreamless celestial emperor. The Dreamless Celestial Nation still had to be kept at arm’s length and monitored as well. At the very least, the dreamless celestial emperor and Tianming had a death grudge.

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The dreamless celestial emperor’s addition to the alliance had brought great excitement to the myriad sects. Everyone was happily discussing their grand plans without avoiding the dreamless celestial emperor.

Of course, the core path had already been discussed by Tianming and the other leaders.

The sect masters couldn’t stay away from their sects for too long, so they would be returning alone after the meeting concluded. But thanks to Yin Chen, at least they wouldn’t have to worry about being assassinated on the way back.

For sects that still had their home base, they would stay there to protect the Myriaddragon Mountains if there were reinforcements near them. For sects without home bases, they would move their whole army to the mountains.

There would be many moving to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, as many third and fourth-rate sects had lost their homes and territory. Tianming would be heavily reliant on Yin Chen to safely bring them here to join up with the Ninedragon Army.

“When all those cultivators are absorbed, the Myriaddragon Mountains will have ten billion people. If it can be joined together into a unified whole that can be mobilized like a sect, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect alone will then reach half of the celestial orderians’ power.”

A super sect that even the Dreamless Celestial Nation paled in comparison to was being born.

As for the first- and second-rate sects, their bases were still around, apart from the Azuresoul Palace and Supracloud Sanctuary. Tianming’s suggestion to them for now was to protect their sects and defend. There was no need to give up territory and resources. If the celestial orderians wanted to continue swallowing up sects, their next targets would be the second-rate sects. Tianming could rely on Yin Chen and the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb to use sheer numbers to defend them. Then they would repeat the battle of the Azurecloud Continent and grind away at the celestial orderians’ numbers.

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The celestial orderians couldn’t solve the problem of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb providing reinforcements, nor could they solve the problem of Yin Chen seeing and hearing everything.

“I’ll wait for my army of ten billion to form, then use the enemy’s routes and targets to set up some traps!” Tianming’s goals were very clear, and the alliance leaders greatly supported them. Once they returned, they would open up the ore veins for Yin Chen, whose eggs had stabilized at twenty-five million in number but could still increase in size!

After growing, the silver eggs would still transform into only one egg or locust, but it could transform into many more invisible cockroaches and bonegnaw ants. That meant the invisible cockroaches and bonegnaw ants had no upper limit, as long as there was enough to eat. One, or even ten billion was a possible number.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

“A storm is coming,” Tianming sighed as he sent off the sect masters. The dreamless celestial emperor was the last to go. “Try your best to monitor him. Send fifty million invisible cockroaches to the Dreamless Celestial Nation,” he instructed Yin Chen.

“Yes yes! Much water… for bathing… over there!” Yin Chen gladly accepted the task.

“You aren’t going there for bathing, but for work!”

Yin Chen snorted.

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“Help me find out what he does after leaving the Myriaddragon Mountains.” Weisheng Moran was still in his hands. The dreamless celestial emperor knew that Tianming’s Azurespirit was gone and had become the carefree wonder.

“He’ll definitely be furious. He’s going to find a way to seek revenge, which won’t give me peace and may even drag in the myriad sects.” Tianming grit his teeth.

“So serious?” Long Wanying was startled.

“Yes. The warmer he acted today, the more utterly furious he had to be inside and the more he wanted to rip me apart limb from limb,” Tianming said.

“Could you feel it?”

“Yes, no one can hide their killing intent from me.”

“Then let’s make preparations for the Dreamless Celestial Nation to be the myriad sects’ enemy.”

“Sorry... this is my personal grudge, but it’s giving the sects trouble.” Tianming was gloomy.

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“Don’t say that, silly kid. In the end, the dreamless celestial emperor walks a different road from us.”

Tianming thought about it. If the Azurespirit was a locator, did it mean the dreamless celestial emperor wanted to bring the divine wonderians over? If so, that wouldn’t be good for the sun, and it meant he had always been an enemy anyway.


The Azurecloud Continent was the front line of the battlefield and the most desolate place in the world right now. The divine tree used to shield the continent from the rain of fire, but now it fell unimpeded onto the continent. Since the Azurecloud Divine Tree’s fall, this once lush and green land had been consumed by fire. Only a sea of flowers continued beautifully growing. That was because every flower had a corpse below it. While the corpses were rotting more and more every day, they still provided ample nutrients.

Three celestial orderian armies approached from the continent's north, numbering thirty million in total. Furthermore, each soldier’s strength was at least a fifth-level constellier with an average age of three hundred.

Theirs was a true elite army.

The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s Ninedragon Army, which was of a similar tier in quality, had thirty million people.

Each of the three orderian armies were unique in their own way.

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The leftmost army with ten million people were all beautiful, with appearances similar to Li Yunxi. They were the forces belonging to the celestial orderians’ soul tribulators.

The rightmost army was filled with well-built people regardless of gender, similar to the wargodeans. They looked much fiercer than the soul tribulators. They were from the celestial orderian godblader clan. They had godblade totems and had always been the sharpest weapon of the celestial orderians on the battlefield.

The center army was composed of pure celestial orderians. Every person had golden hair that burned like fire. Their advance was like a sea of fire moving forward. It was an army that could compare to the celestial orderians’ Flamefiend Army that had fought at the battle of Myriaddragon Mountains. 

The three armies were the Tribulator Army, Godblade Army, and Tianyi Army. They were elite troops that could sweep away hundreds of millions of riff-raff from the myriad sects, as the myriad sects had a lower quality of troops.

The three armies passed by the Azurecloud Continent they had already conquered. They split into three directions, heading to the three continents south of Azurecloud. Each of the three continents had defending second-rate powers; there were five of them in all, each ranked sixtieth or lower in the sect rankings.

As the armies advanced, a small group stayed behind and arrived at the sea of flowers in the Azurecloud Continent.

A middle-aged man with pure gold hair pointed at a corpse and mildly asked, “Say, do you think this red lump here is my fifth brother?” He looked slightly older than Li Wushuang. The space between his brows seemed marked by traces of the time, as well as the steadiness and wisdom that came with it.

“Yes, grand prince,” someone at the side said.

“He died quite beautifully. It’s better to be low-key if you want to live a longer life,” the grand prince said. He plucked a flower and placed it on his ear before looking south. “Fifth brother, your path in life stopped here. Big brother will bring you farther south.” The south was filled with endless smoke and clouds.

Before leaving, the grand prince gave one last instruction: “Burn the fallen Azurecloud Divine Tree.”

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