Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1789: Unexpe ted Visitor

With his current position, there was no way Tianming was joking about bringing back eight million heads. To the various alliance leaders’ knowledge, the scouts and spies hidden in the wilderness were the hardest to deal with. They had never heard of anyone ever taking them down in the millennia of Orderia’s internal wars.

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Although the scouts wouldn’t be as strong as regular soldiers, they were experienced, well-trained, familiar with the geography, and good at concealment. These eight million scouts were more valuable to the war effort than ten million soldiers.

The alliance leaders looked at Tianming and the metal cockroaches in their hands with shocked gazes. The metal cockroaches lifted their heads and gazed back at them. Two feelers wiggled, showing how each individual one was so expressive.

The alliance leaders’ experience made them more and more shocked the more they mulled over Yin Chen’s powers.

“No wonder I lost so badly to you in Azurecloud Continent, you knew every move I was making!” The Northdipper Swordsage angrily stood up and his teeth could be heard gnashing even through his mask.

Tianming could only smile humbly.

They heard cheering from outside, which meant Long Wanying had already released the news. Tianming could tell that he had accomplished all of his goals for the gathering. It had all gone very smoothly with the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and Yin Chen. The five alliance leaders had all gained faith in Tianming, as well as the willingness to pass the decision-making power to him. All had gone according to plan.

Yan Lingxian said, “I’ve lived for so long, but this is the first time I’ve heard of such an incredible beast. Tianming, if your totems proved your peerless talent, this lifebound beast proves your qualifications to rule the sun. I have absolute trust in you. From now on, the Group of Celestial Maiden Halls, ranked ninth of the Myriad Solar Sects, will follow all of your commands no matter what, even if it’s to walk into a sea of fire.” Her words showed their judgment of Yin Chen.

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“Thank you, Senior Yan!” Tianming nodded.

Fushen Gongyi inhaled deeply before adding, “This is an emperor among insects.”

“I have nothing else to say. We’ll follow Tianming,” the Frost Empress said. “This insect alone can make my Fushen clan blaze with passion and do our best.”

The Ninesun Martial Lord was even more blunt. “Child of destiny, you have my trust too, along with that of Shenwu’s beastmasters!”

“Thank you seniors, for your trust. This junior will try his best. If any mistakes are made, don’t hesitate to scold me,” Tianming said.

Quickly, the Northdipper Swordsage was the only senior left.

When everyone looked at him, he shrugged. “What’re you looking at me for? What choice do I have when he’s at this level? A wise man submits to his fate, so I’ll be following this kid. But kid, if you screw up, I’ll naturally still trounce you!”

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While it was in an amusing manner, Tianming had successfully gained the trust of all the alliance leaders, which was the equivalent of gaining six first-rate powers. “Senior Northdipper, you should know that my lifebound beast needs ore to increase in numbers and strength. The Empyrean Continent is rich in ore veins, so…” he asked.

“It’s all yours! Did I actually need to say that? The ones who benefit from more insects are us. My Empyrean Sword Sect is more than willing to contribute to the survival of the Myriad Solar Sects,” the Northdipper Swordsage righteously said as he crossed his legs.

The Empyrean Sword Sect was purely composed of sword cultivators and was the originator of the Azuresoul Palace. Their swords needed large quantities of ores. However, the same ores would prove far more useful if given to Yin Chen.

“My Fushen clan may not have many ore veins, but we can also contribute if needed,” Fushen Gongyi offered. This four-eyed man in green robes seemed very stand-offish, but Tianming could tell that he really venerated Yin Chen’s abilities. It was impossible not to for insect-type beastmasters.

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The Shenwu Dynasty, Frost Imperium, and Group of Celestial Maiden Halls made similar declarations.

“Thank you. The ore from six first-rate sects should be enough. Yin Chen’s special ability is still a secret for our council. Not many know yet, but all of you are among those I deeply trust. This is our trump card, so we can’t let it out. So will it be a problem to ask everyone here not to spread it around?”

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“Naturally.” They all nodded.

Yin Chen’s ability couldn’t be announced to the second-, third-, or fourth-rate sects. Tianming had only taken it out to convince the alliance leaders.


After Yin Chen had taken down eight million scouts, everyone else in the Myriad Solar Sects Alliance, the celestial orderians, and even the Ninedragon Army had no idea how it was done. Leaving them to imagine things only amplified Tianming’s mystique. If the enemy prepared for the insects, their effectiveness would greatly fall.

“Let’s leave if there’s nothing left to discuss,” Tianming said.


The six alliance leaders and the Saintdragon Emperor all filed out into the hall at Great Saintdragon Peak. The sect masters there were already expectantly waiting.

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A commotion started as soon as Tianming came out. All the credit for the scouts’ deaths had gone to him. While they didn’t know the how, those scouts had previously made the sects suffer a lot. Not knowing was just good tactics, anyway. Who knew if any of the sect masters were spies?

Knowing the results were good enough.

“Welcome, alliance leader!”

Regardless of whether they were from a first-, second-, third-, or fourth-rate sect, they were all looking at Tianming with passionate and trusting eyes. When he met their gazes, he knew today was a resounding success. He had made many preparations for this. It was especially tiring and dizzying to communicate with Yin Chen for intelligence on eight million scouts. Fortunately, it had been masterfully pulled off.

“Now it doesn’t matter even if the enemy dispatches more scouts, because Yin Chen has already taken over the territory. Cleaning them out will be even easier from now on.” The whole point of being a scout was hiding. Since they couldn’t hide from Yin Chen’s eyes, they would be easy to kill.

“Now our Myriad Solar Sects shall be of one heart as we slay our enemies!”

Tianming entered the crowd to socialize. Honestly, these were all his seniors and they all had things they could teach him. When they saw him acting humble and willing to learn, their impression of him grew greater, allowing him to truly become the king of the Myriad Solar Sects.

However, an unexpected visitor suddenly arrived.

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