Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1788: Pre ise Hunting

Only Yan Lingxian said, “What age are we in, why are we still labeling people? Who said kids can’t see the big picture? In my opinion, we have too much experience. Experience in getting scared shitless by the celestial orderians, that is, so we’ve lost our boldness and ingenuity. Why not just listen to Li Tianming first?” Her and the Saintdragon Emperor’s age were much higher than the other four. They were the Northdipper Swordsage’s seniors, already sect masters while the swordsage was still making a name for himself.

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The situation wasn’t unexpected for Tianming, and he didn’t panic. After the Saintdragon Emperor and Yan Lingxian gave him his chance, he frankly said, “Ladies and gentlemen, as I see it, we have two advantages. They can help us replicate the success at Myriaddragon Mountains and Azurecloud Continent. The opponent can’t even take one more success of ours, but we’re going to be achieving so very, very many more.”

These words frightened the five. The Northdipper Swordsage couldn’t stop himself from sitting down and saying, “Come, come, come! Share with us these two advantages. I’m all ears. If you convince me, I’ll let you boss me around, kid.”

Tianming chuckled. “Well, isn’t the swordsage enthusiastic? I actually do need your help soon. The most important part of the plan requires the Empyrean Sword Sect.”

“Fine, just fart it out already!” Northdipper Swordsage didn’t believe it was possible to replicate the successes at the Myriaddragon Mountains and Azurecloud Continent.

The Myriaddragon Mountains was due to the Ninedragon Emperor and a hundred thousand dragon imperials throwing themselves toward death, and the Azurecloud Continent was due to the fury of the Azurecloud Divine Tree.

Tianming wasn’t afraid of doubts. He evenly said, “Our first advantage is the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. Apart from the space taken up by the saplings, we can squeeze fifty million inside. Even one hundred million, if we really pack them in. While the opponent can’t use the Divine Sun Palace, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb’s speed and defense are unbeatable. We can quickly deploy reinforcements anywhere, overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers. I trust this advantage doesn’t need explaining?”

Northdipper Swordsage and the rest’s faces turned serious.

“It really is an enormous advantage, I agree.” The Ninesun Martial Lord was a straightforward person and clapped his hands, giving Tianming support.

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“I agree,” the Frost Empress said. Her voice was very cold, as if it had been frosted over. White mist came out of her mouth at the same time; it was no wonder she needed to wear a veil.

“I agree, too. The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb is our ultimate weapon, since they can’t use the Divine Sun Palace. It’d be perfect if it could attack like the Divine Sun Palace,” Fushen Gongyi said with a gloomy voice.

The Northdipper Swordsage could only nod after the three of them had spoken up. “Yes, not bad, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb is exactly the biggest reason I was alright with you being the first alliance leader.”

“Oh just shut up.” Yan Lingxian was flabbergasted.

The Northdipper Swordsage shrugged. “The second advantage? I already thought of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, so I didn’t get a happy shock.”

Tianming found the Northdipper Swordsage interesting. He may have been bickering the entire time, but it had only aided him. In the first place, the bickering was born from a desire for the Myriad Solar Sects’ survival.

While the Northdipper Swordsage wanted power, he had never forgotten his roots.

The alliance leaders were quite curious about the second advantage, as the later entries in a list would always be more impressive.

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Tianming grinned. “Look at this.”

Small silver eggs flew out from his lifebound space and began morphing. One moment, they were metallic locusts. Next, they were metal butterflies. The next, they vanished as they had become invisible cockroaches.

“Eh? I’ve seen these bugs!” Yan Lingxian pinched the air, seizing something. But when she opened her palm, it was empty. However, she could feel an insect crawling on her palm.

“I’ve seen, and even researched it,” Fushen Gongyi said.

Tianming had used Yin Chen to fight before, but this was the first time they had seen the invisible cockroach form.

“What use does it have? Isn’t it your lifebound beast?” the Northdipper Swordsage doubtfully asked.

“It is indeed. But it’s even more amazing than you imagine, because it has five or six billion clones hidden throughout Orderia. Every body communicates with me in real time and tells me what they see. All of the Myriad Solar Sects’ battlefields hold no secret for me anymore, including the convoy routes for the celestial orderian armies. They’ll act as my eyes in the coming war, spying everywhere,” Tianming said.

“Impossible!” the Northdipper Swordsage laughed. “Do we look like toddlers to you? How could such a ridiculous lifebound beast exist? That exceeds the realm of possibility. I can only say that your imagination is good!”

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He turned to Fushen Gongyi. “You’re the expert on insect lifebound beasts. Tell me, what’s the characteristic of a broodmother lifebound beast?”

“It’s just an ordinary insect. All of the intelligence is in the broodmother. Thus, such a lifebound beast is impossible, according to the wisdom gathered by my Fushen clan over millennia,” Fushen Gongyi seriously said.

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“It’s too unbelievable.” Even Yan Lingxian shook her head.

Yin Chen wouldn’t have been the Myriadworld Immortabeast if it didn’t surpass their worldviews; their reactions were normal.

Tianming smiled and continued, “Before the battle of the Myriaddragon Mountains, Senior Northdipper Swordsage, you said to a subordinate, ‘That fellow Li Tianming is too incredible. I don’t believe it, so I’ll definitely examine him when I go to the Myriaddragon Mountains.’ I remember he had a birthmark here.” Tianming pointed at the side of his face.

The Northdipper Swordsage froze.

Tianming turned to Fushen Gongyi. “Senior Fushen, you went to Nowhere Valley three days before setting off. An illegitimate son of yours is there. He’s very talented, so you planned to nurture him in private—”

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“Stop right there.” Fushen Gongyi was awkward.

The Frost Empress frowned. “You used some method to spy on us? Definitely not the insects.”

“How else if not these invisible insects? Even a cultivator of your level would’ve been noticed by you all.” Tianming casually continued, “I know you all won’t believe me, so I planned a show today to show off my lifebound beast and let you understand its importance in the war.”

“Good! I’m looking forward to it.” The Northdipper Swordsage smiled. Actually, his heart was pounding. He wasn’t worried because Tianming was so amazing; he was worried this was a fantasy that would let him down. This ability of his beast would be too scary if it existed!

It definitely gave the Myriad Solar Sects hope for survival and was even more important than the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb. The results would be fabulous if they worked together.

“Actually, this show started when the gathering was convened. I got Yin Chen to spread through the sects over the past month, and it rooted out all the scouts of the celestial orderians hidden in the wilderness. Racial characteristics are too eye-catching, so I’m tracking all of them. There were eight million of them, some strong, some weak. The weakest weren’t even gods! My Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has sent out over ten million beastmasters in a precise hunt. It’s been two weeks, and all of them have been wiped out!

“The celestial orderian armies will all lose their eyes, while we can watch all of them. They’ll still have non-totemancer scouts and inside spies, but I’ll root those out next. The extermination of eight million scouts is already a fact. The proof is the eight million heads that the Ninedragon Army are bringing back to the Myriaddragon Mountains. But I think you should all be smart enough to know the answer. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the confidence and was faking it!” Tianming didn’t need to emphasize so much, as they could no longer be shocked further.

The Northdipper Swordsage finally realized why Tianming had wanted divine ore mines at the Azurecloud Continent during the battle for the saplings—this lifebound beast could eat ore to clone itself. Monster, monster, monster!


Outside, Long Wanying announced the extermination of eight million scouts, causing the atmosphere to fill with energy.

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