Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1782: 1782

Chapter 1782 - Manna Imperius Dragonpit Godsword

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After the secret assembly concluded, the ones who weren’t from the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect took their leave. Only the Saintdragin Emperor, Long Wanying, and a few others remained.

"Tianming, let's go to the Primodragon Cave," Long Wanying said.

"What’s to see there?" Tianming asked.

"You'll know when you get there," she said. The Primodragon Cave was as mystical as the Kunlan Realm; Tianming looked forward to the visit. Holding a dragonspring himself, he entered with far less difficulty than before. Passing through a storm, he found himself in a mysterious world. Primodragon Mountain looked the same as it did before, ancient and stable. One difference, however, was that the bodies of the dragon imperials of old were now gone, including Long Wanying’s husband, Long Junxuan.

"Look there," Long Wanying said, pointing at the peak of the mountain.

"Hmm?" Tianming could vaguely see a gigantic sword. However, it was clear that it was neither a divine artifact nor a divine hazard. "Is it a universal manna?" Universal manna in the shape of a sword was quite rare.

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He flew toward it with the two others following behind, their expressions pensive. It was indeed a universal manna that was shaped a little similarly to the Grand-Orient Sword. It was deep gold on the left side and dark blue on the right, giving it a rather weighty impression. The sword had eight stars that seemed to be formed from dragons. Based on the energy it seemed to be giving out, it was an eight-star universal manna, or in other words, a manna imperius.

"This is something that manifested in the Primodragon Cave half a year ago and reached eight stars. Based on historical records, this particular configuration is called the Dragonpit Godsword. It’s a manna imperius with high damage potential," Long Wanying said with awe.

"The Primodragon Cave has been giving rise to manna imperius since times long past, but an eight-star manna imperius is a first. We knew you would be coming back, so we didn't move it. Leaving it here was the safest choice." The Saintdragon Emperor stroked his beard and continued, "Tianming, even though you aren’t a Xuanyuan, you happen to have a dragon lifebound beast. Since your other two beasts have already become sovereign beasts, your dragon lifebound beast shouldn't lag behind. You're the First Dragon Imperial now. In fact, that dragon of yours needs to become a symbol. Take it. Perhaps it’s what the founder has prepared for you from the afterlife. You now represent the dragonfolk, after all."

Tianming felt a little taken aback. Of the many treasures he wanted, getting something to evolve his lifebound beasts was what he wanted the most. His strongest assets were his Primordial Chaos Beasts, and Ying Huo and Meow Meow had both undergone staggering transformations after becoming sovereign beasts. In fact, top geniuses from the Mysterium Cluster had a full arsenal of sovereign beasts. But that was almost impossible on Violetglory and the sun, as they barely had any manna imperius to give away, yet the Primodragon Cave had given rise to a new one half a year ago. The Saintdragon Emperor's words were right; Lan Huang couldn't afford to lose out to the other two, even if it was a little slow. It was the only dragon he had, after all.

Tianming nodded at the two elders and had Lan Huang come out. The ground shook heavily. With how loose the dirt of the mountain was, it took quite a while for the gigantic two-headed dragon to stabilize itself. It looked around and said, "Boss, why’d you bring me here? What’re you trying to pull?!"

"Stop messing around. We're changing your clothes," Tianming said.

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"No, doooon't!" it squealed, as if it desperately wanted to hold onto its draconic dignity. "Are you saying you're going to rip my clothes off?" It then stood up on its hind legs and protected its vitals with its forelegs. "Chicken Bro said it would come to this!"

Tianming's head started to hurt. Even after all these years, Lan Huang's intelligence still seemed like that of a toddler, though it did seem to be growing more shameless. "Stop wasting time and get it done with."

"Wait, let me warm up first."

Tianming decided to leave it there. The evolution of a sovereign beast would cause quite a bit of commotion, so the Primodragon Cave was a relatively safe choice. As Lan Huang's Greenspark Tower worked the best, it usually had the fewest issues during its evolution. As there was still time, the three of them waited after Lan Huang swallowed the sword and fell into a deep sleep.

"A sword-shaped manna is the hardest to digest.... It no doubt has the strongest blowback. Will it really be fine?" Long Wanying asked, casting a worried glance at the fool."It'll be fine. Its skin is the thickest of them all, so it can take the pain," Tianming confidently said. Right as he finished, dark gold and blue appeared on Lan Huang as boundless sword ki began surging out from its body, making it look like a porcupine. It yelled from the immense pain, jumping around nonstop and almost overturning the entire mountain. It shouted and exaggeratedly flailed about even though its body seemed fine. Tianming felt incredibly awkward from it all.

"Is it really fine?" Long Wanying anxiously asked.

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"Just... get used to it."

The two-headed dragon was definitely no normal dragon. After two hours, Long Wanying and the Saintdragon Emperor could no longer take the screaming, so they left. Tianming remained and waited. Despite his harsh words, he was quite worried about Lan Huang. It was like an eternal child that always charged headfirst into enemy lines. Every time, it was the one that was hurt the most, bearing all kinds of wounds.


Three days later, Tianming blankly continued watching the creature. He was almost certain that it was the largest lifebound beast on the sun. If it remained still, it would be a mountain range upon which countless creatures lived. Lan Huang's size had increased so much that it was beginning to resemble the humongous form Tianming had seen in that dream.

Having become a sovereign beast, it hadn’t just changed in size, but had considerably powered up and changed in color quite a bit. The earth-like brown of its scales now adopted a sheen of dark gold. Like Tianming, it had a regal flair. As for its ocean-blue scales, they turned dark blue, looking like a deep abyss. Nothing but a harsh chill could be felt from within. Every one of its scales were changing into conical spikes, out of which swords seemed to sprout. The scales looked incredibly sharp and the swords seemed able to retract into the scales. While they were out, they could stretch tens of meters long, much like gigantic blades. Lan Huang resembled a porcupine dragon.

It looked at the swords in its scales with joyous frenzy. One could only imagine the devastation it could wreak in a huge crowd. Those retractable spikes were called Primordial Swords.

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