Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1781: 1781

Chapter 1781 - Spy Bugs Activate!

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Tianming could be described in three ridiculous ways: decabane miracle, slayer of seven million, and First Dragon imperial. The overwhelming news spread through the Myriad Solar Sects, finally allowing the cultivators some relief. They finally had a ray of hope. With the appointment of the First Dragon Imperial complete, all two billion plus of them wildly cheered. All they had to do was wait and let their new situation settle in. It was expected that the Myriaddragon Mountains would host even more refugees from weaker sects, most of whom had already lost their homes.

It was the only place they could run to, and the only place with any hope. This was a fight that the beastmasters couldn't afford to give up on, for if they did, all of them and their future progeny would be enslaved forever. They would lose their long legacy on the sun. As such, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect didn't have to worry about taking in any spies. It would be clear who friend or foe was. Before the battle of the Myriaddragon Mountains, there had been some sects that bowed down to the celestial orderians without daring to oppose them in the slightest. Some even served them, like the Supracloud Sanctuary had. It was only after the celestial orderians had finally barged into their homes to kill their friends and family that they realized their efforts were repaid with nothing but shameless cruelty.

"The doors of the Myriaddragon Mountains are open to all factions. We still don't know how many cultivators in total will gather here, but this place is sure to become the most dangerous in all of the sun. Even our Xuanyuan Dragon Sect risks being annihilated. However, it's also the safest place at the same time. The more people that come, the better we'll be able to protect ourselves."

Only the truly brave and resolute would dare to go there now.


Tianming and the others went to a hall at Great Saintdragon Peak that was filled with dragon pillars. The other Dragon Imperials were there with the sect masters of the refugee factions. Gujian Qingshuang and Yun Tianque were there as well. Most of the other factions had a standardized tier system. People with Tianming or the Saintdragon Emperors’ statuses were considered tier six, while Gujian Qingshuang and Jiang Qingliu were tier five. Sect masters of third-rate sects were tier four, while those of fourth-rate sects were tier three. Normal sect masters were usually fourth- to sixth-level solarians, but they numbered quite a lot. Most of them were currently scattered across the sun.

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As for third-rate sect masters, they were about seventh- to ninth-level solarians in strength, making them among the strongest people on the sun. Without including the Omnisentient Threads, Tianming's power would be at that level. Now, the top elites had gathered following the assembly of two billion people from before.

The Saintdragon Emperor organized the meeting from Tianming's side. "Frankly speaking, the Myriad Solar Sects are quite some ways away from matching up to the celestial orderians. With the Sky Palace sealing themselves off like tortoises in their shells, nothing can stop us from being annihilated if we don't step up to save ourselves, not even the Aeonic Infinidragon Formation. The enemy started using underhanded tactics like going after the weaker sects and uprooting them one by one. It’ll be too late to band together and fight back only when the top ten sects remain."

Everyone there understood the logic, yet there was nothing they could do to counter the insidious plans of the enemy.

"Back then, we only cared about ourselves without answering any calls for help. That allowed the celestial orderians to get ahead of us every step of the way. But now we have someone we can rally around. This will be the formation of a true alliance that binds the Myriad Solar Sects together." He turned to Tianming when he was done speaking.

"I agree."

"Let's appoint Li Tianming as the first leader of the alliance."

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"At the very least, he’s able to hold people together. It’ll be better for people to gather around him than hide in fear after losing their homes."

"He's a decabane and has more potential than the sun emperor! The celestial orderians must be seething."

"I believe he has good rallying power as well."

While many of them hadn't witnessed the events at the Azurecloud Continent, they did hear about it from many of their allies. Everyone was filled with trust in Tianming.

"If there’s no dissenting opinion, I'll inform the other sect masters about the formation of the alliance," the Saintdragon Emperor said.


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Unsurprisingly, many figures of authority, including masters from the top hundred factions, would be involved in this grand event. It wouldn't be that big an issue for the elites to leave alone in a time of war. Many of them wanted to see Tianming for themselves.

"With the pressure from the celestial orderians mounting, I'll have more authority after the formation of the alliance. That’ll let me coordinate our forces to fight them." Tianming was looking forward to the future. He had a huge advantage, thanks to Yin Chen, especially in planning their battle strategies. He had twenty-five million silver eggs, all of which could turn into invisible cockroaches.

The eggs had increased in size, but the size of the cockroaches and bonegnaw ants remained the same. In other words, each egg could turn into more insects than before. In total, he could muster some six hundred million cockroaches. While that number couldn't match the number of cultivators in the Myriad Solar Sects, they would be used for surveillance, rather than combat. Only one cockroach needed to be present to surveil a wide area, and they were far more useful than spreading the cultivators thin to serve as scouts. They were invisible, after all, while normal scouts could simply be killed. Not to mention, information transfer between the metal insects was nearly instant. Anything an individual cockroach saw would be seen by all the rest, whereas normal scouts had to spend time sending information back.

Currently, the celestial orderians had tens of thousands of informants among the ranks of the Myriad Solar Sects, having information superiority despite being invaders. Information was vital in war, after all, as many conflicts throughout the sects' long history had shown. But now, it was completely different.

With Yin Chen deployed, it was only a matter of time until Tianming had eyes all over the place. He could pinpoint the enemy troop movements, and even sniff out the spies of the celestial orderians. Yin Chen was a monstrously efficient information network. Those in the know were aware that the Myriadworld Immortabeast was far more vital than the decapath era godswords, despite the totems getting far more fanfare and attention.

It would take some time for Yin Chen to spread its net, as well as for the sect masters to assemble to discuss matters of the alliance, so all that remained was to wait.

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