Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1773: 1773

Chapter 1773 - Azurecloud Knight

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Tianming was powerful enough to command the entire battlefield. Not even Li Yunxi could take him down now that he had twenty million Omnisentient Threads! His fearless charge into enemy lines motivated the others behind him to do the same. The true counterattack had begun! Everyone stood united and fought without the fear of death, having no other option but to fight or die. Their explosive roars represented all of those on the side of the weak, shaking the heavens and the earth. During the battle of the Myriaddragon Mountains, Tianming had been far from the main character. The ones that fought for real were the Nine Dragon Imperials and the hundred thousand ancestors of the sect from the Primodragon Cave.

But this time, Tianming led them for real.

"Die!" The two Grand-Orient Swords and seven strands of grade-eight divine hazard sword ki wreaked havoc and devastation all across the battlefield regardless of the level of solarians they struck, raining down blood. The hundred thousand totem swords, while incomparable to the million they had been on Violetglory, were still terrifying to deal with. The sea of swords slaughtered countless enemies. Even if one person took tens of swords to take down, it didn't matter as Tianming had more than enough. The swords pierced through countless bodies before the enemies even noticed them. All of a sudden, their vision began dimming as they bled out from the holes in their bodies.

What was even more shocking was how Tianming's lifebound beasts had a higher body count than his totem swords. Lan Huang, combined with the Prime Mountain, absolutely dominated the field. With power from the pandemonium sacrosun, it used its nigh-unkillable body to shatter the enemy's formations. None of them alone could face off against the gigantic beast and all who tried were stomped to death. Having lost their leader, the Xuanyang Army was a complete mess and couldn't coordinate themselves properly against the giant two-headed dragon tortoise.

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On top of Lan Huang were Ying Huo and Meow Meow, each on one of the heads. They launched their abilities nonstop, constantly fueled by the sacrosun. As the ground shook, countless black roots came lashing out with Goddess Flowerfall as Bloodrain Swords and Demise Greenloti rained down, draining the enemy's blood.

Needless to say, Azurecloud’s defenders were also important reasons why the charge worked. They were fighting with the benefit of the Azuresky Myriadsword Formation's protection! It was a world belonging to the swordpupils, and their sword ki asserted a world of swords on their enemies. Their bones, as strong as swords, had been passed down their bloodline and had been even further boosted by Tianming's glorious presence.

Tianming slaughtered on without anyone being able to stop him. He felled so many enemies that he freed up some of the defenders from their encirclement. Rampaging with a hundred thousand swords, he left only piles of corpses in front of the Azurecloud warriors. Thanks to his Omnisentient Will, he was a perpetual killing machine. His determination completely convinced the defenders, making their blood boil so hard it was about to spill out of their noses. There wasn't a shred of doubt that Tianming was a true god that fate had sent to save them.

It was the birth of a new myth!

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Many of them passionately yelled as they stepped into the battlefield with Tianming. Even the constelliers no longer contributed from a safe distance away, but charged into the chaos with their weapons. Tianming's presence seemed to affect them all. As the battle grew more chaotic, blood seemed to waft in the air until the flaming clouds above were entirely stained red. The celestial orderians no longer knew why they bothered to go to a foreign land to commit senseless slaughter. It seemed that only death was capable of making so many people rethink their actions, yet there was no longer a chance to regret it. Though their elites numbered three times the enemy's, Li Xuanyang's utter defeat on the battlefield by the decabane genius, and the redirection of the leading officers before he lost, caused the army to lose their strategic edge. They had no choice but to fight as messily as the enemy. Tianming's single-handed assault also sowed fear in the hearts of those that saw it. They got the impression that their army was losing as a whole.

As they were an army, they were dependent on the chain of command. Now that their commander was gone, they no longer knew whose orders to follow, making it a great chance for the Azurecloud defenders. Near five million ascendants and constelliers charged in, most of whom were disciples of less than a hundred years of age. Though the power of the Azuresky Myriadsword Formation was weakening, the defenders were doing more damage than before. The participation of the younger disciples made the disparity in numbers even worse, giving the celestial orderians a mistaken impression.

First, there was the invincible Tianming. Then, there seemed to be countless fighters coming in from behind him. The Azurecloud warriors were even more terrifying now that they saw a hope of winning, and such a change in morale could be fatal on the battlefield. They fought on as they observed Tianming handing down devastation wherever he went. As long as he continued doing so, the rest would never give up their struggle.

Tianming knew what he had to do. No matter how strong a single person was, as long as they weren’t on the level of a sovereign, they would be greatly limited in what they could affect. Thus, he had to leverage his position as their mental support to bring out the fight from these warriors. War wasn't just a matter of one-on-one battles, but a clash between countless units. It was crucial that the fighters themselves believed that they could win.

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Tianming's nonstop crusade was the sign they needed to be sure of just that. Before he showed up, the enemy had gotten a boost of a million troops. Even if they didn't want to admit it, it seemed like they would lose and die for sure, and even Long Wanying had chosen to die. Yet now they were driving back the celestial orderians like madmen. Duels depended on courage, while wars depended on morale! Backed into a corner, the sudden turn of the tables gave them boundless morale.

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