Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1772: 1772

Chapter 1772 - Commanding the Battlefield

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Ying Huo turned into a fiery phoenix and soared as black and red flames covered its feathers. It used Sixpath Infernal Lotus, the flames of which made it look ten times bigger than before. The ability immediately turned the battlefield into an infernal hellscape, burning tens of totems to a crisp.

Meow Meow was even more direct. Thanks to the pandemonium sacrosun, it was like a battery that had been supercharged with power. It only had to keep blasting abilities without even moving from the spot. Lan Huang, on the other hand, grew bigger. Its size was directly proportional with the astralforce it had and it could shift it at will. It turned into the largest beast on the battlefield and rampaged through the enemies with the help of the Prime Mountain and Greenspark Tower. It basically couldn't be hurt or killed!

While Xian Xian didn't grow any larger, its roots and leaves were even more ferocious and its abilities had also been improved. The expanded range of its Evernight Curse greatly affected the battlefield. While Xian Xian and Lan Huang didn't fight by Tianming's side, they still greatly changed the flow of battle. Xian Xian especially seemed to be able to help the defenders, almost like it was playing the role of an extra lifebound beast for all of them.

The last one to join the fight was Yin Chen, who seemed to be omnipresent and nowhere at all at the same time. It monitored the situation of the entire battle and made surgical attacks to help the defenders, gathering its bodies where it was needed to reduce casualties on their side. Most importantly, it could transport injured fighters to get help. Most of them couldn't move from their injuries, but they could still be saved; however, they would die if the celestial orderians came to deliver a coup de grace. But with Yin Chen on the field, it turned into many spiders and spun threads to carry people away, playing a pivotal supporting role. Few, if any, could escape its many eyes and it could systematically move the injured away from the battle with little risk.

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While it neither grew in size nor increased in number thanks to the pandemonium sacrosun, each of its insect bodies grew in strength and ferocity. Even a few hundred bonegnaw ants could carry an injured fighter back, much to people's shock. All in all, each of Tianming's lifebound beasts had great roles to play on the battlefield. Ying Huo and Meow Meow remained by Tianming's side most of the time, while Lan Huang burst through enemy lines and formations. Xian Xian controlled the battlefield's flow while Yin Chen helped with support.

It was only a test run for the pandemonium sacrosun, yet it was massively successful. Not only did the five lifebound beasts grow in power like Tianming’s totems had, they even seemed able to control the power with their divine wills. In fact, they had more powerful divine wills than Tianming, they just hadn't been able to unlock them thanks to the limitations of symbiotic cultivation. Now that they had temporarily turned into seventh-level solarian beasts, they were even more capable.

Tianming's beasts greatly turned the tide of battle. Tianming himself was bursting with power thanks to the two sacrosuns, becoming the true ruler of the battlefield. With his totems and divine wonders, he was an invincible existence.

People watched him raise his Grand-Orient Sword with his black and gold eyes shining bright. He pointed his sword at the remaining troops of the enemy, all elites. There used to be three million at the front and another million that had come later, but now there were only about 3.7 million in total. If it weren’t for Tianming's arrival, they would have been slaughtering away with abandon and celebrating their victory. These three million plus troops were just as powerful as the Flamefiend Army that had attacked the Myriaddragon mountains back then. They had killed many denizens of the Azurecloud Continent and ruined many sects and homes, stealing quite a lot as they passed by.

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Even though Li Xuanyang was the son of the sun emperor, he was only one man. In war, as long as it wasn't people like Tianming or the sun emperor, the might of one person was limited. That was why Tianming's crippling of Li Xuanyang wasn't really a win in his books. His real enemies were the three million plus remaining troops. As long as he didn't wipe them out, Azurecloud would never see peace!

Since the moment Tianming had trampled all over Li Xuanyang and pointed his Grand-Orient Sword at the enemy troops, the defenders of Azurecloud cheered.

"Celestial orderians are lowly invaders and bandits! You’ll all be buried here today! Last time, I made you guys a large mass grave at the Myriaddragon Mountains, and now I'll make a new one for all of you here!" If it was anyone else saying those words, they wouldn't sound nearly as convincing—the declaration was shocking, to say the least. But now, they were seemingly starting to repeat the battle of Myriaddragon Mountains.

The bloodied defenders picked up their weapons and assembled behind the white-haired youth with their lifebound beasts, their bloodshot eyes filled with killing intent. Thanks to Tianming, they wouldn't fall without struggling and would fight to their deaths to change their fate! Their fate-defying will was enough to overcome the immense pride of the celestial orderians. They turned and looked at the regal youth, forgetting how young he was as they entrusted their last bit of hope to him.

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"Everyone," Tianming said as he turned to them, "Follow me to slaughter those dogs! We’ll have them pay their debt with blood!"

They roared with anger and rage. Only by claiming the lives of their enemy would they be able to properly vent. "Die!"

Tianming charged in with his divine wonders, lifebound beasts, and totems, splitting the Grand-Orient Sword into two as he went. He no longer needed any protection as he charged straight into the celestial orderian troops.

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