Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1771: 1771

Chapter 1771 - Invincible Lifebound Beasts

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Li Xuanyang had once imagined that he would be unyielding in the face of death, but when the sword actually reached his neck, he realized that he would miss this interesting world and was reluctant to leave the women. However, the young man caught up again. The majesty in his black and gold eyes was a nightmare that Li Xuanyang would never forget until death. He finally realized that his opponent was a miracle and his ten bane-rings were real. Tianming’s sword descended, and this time, the goal was Li Xuanyang's neck. It was clear that he had run out of patience. Now was the time to hold up Li Xuanyang's head and mobilize a counterattack.

"Please—" Before Li Xuanyang could beg, his desperate eyes lit up.

"Be careful!" Long Wanying shouted from the sky.

Realizing there was danger, Tianming immediately protected himself with the prime wonder and retreated. He was blown away by shockwaves. Despite having the prime wonder for protection, he still suffered injuries and was bleeding. It turned out to be the celestial orderian elites headed by Li Yunxi. When they realized that Li Xuanyang was in critical condition, they managed to rid themselves of their opponents and move to rescue the crippled young man. In order for that to happen, several of them had been killed by the Azurecloud warriors due to their carelessness. Although they had protected Li Xuanyang from certain death, they were now surrounded by Long Wanying and the others. It wasn’t surprising at all. If Tianming had been defeated, Long Wanying and the others would have also tried their best to get out of their entanglement. In the case of evenly matched sides, it was difficult for one to completely overpower the other.

It's a pity I didn’t kill him, but there’s still a chance. Besides, he doesn’t have arms, bane-rings, or legs. Even his prick’s gone. What's the point in living? Tianming sneered. Li Xuanyang wasn’t dead, but Tianming had achieved his goals of gaining glory, turning the tide, and winning hearts. As he slaughtered tens of thousands of celestial orderians, the Omnisentient Threads he gained were sturdy and thick like blood pacts. The people believed in Tianming, and in return, he became their source of spiritual strength and changed their fate. In the face of death, they were all united in their fight against destiny.

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By slaughtering ten thousand and crushing the Xuanyang Army’s general commander, Tianming had proved the authenticity of his totems, while at the same time showing that a man of such a tender age could become a top cultivator in a nova source world. He was destined to bring joy to those who believed in him and bring faith into the new era.

At that moment, dense Omnisentient Threads connected to him and the power of his believers poured into his body. There were more than ten million cultivators at the Ascension stage and above on Azuresoul Sword Mountain, as well as tens of millions of ordinary folk at the Saint stage who had come to take refuge. Drawn by the power of the Primordial God-Emperor, their divine will transformed into ropes that attached themselves to Tianming. The moment his totems had destroyed the eight suns, his Omnisentient Threads exceeded ten million, then soared to twenty million, and the number was still increasing. Although it was incomparable to the Omnisentient Threads he had obtained from Violetglory or Flameyellow, these threads were connected to the elites of the Azurecloud Continent whose wills were stronger and fiercer.

The power of twenty million cultivators flooded Tianming. The numbers couldn’t compare to Violetglory’s billion, but he felt like he was bursting at the seams. Desperate for survival, these cultivators were crazier than anyone else; thus, they could provide him with more power. As the white Omnisentient Threads seemed to materialize, Tianming shone even more brightly. Even with his Omnisentient Will, the immense power was approaching his limit. Thus, he made an attempt to transfer part of this power to his pandemonium and cyclic sacrosuns. Tianming had returned after using the power of the people against the overlord of the primalwingers, but had yet to attempt anything since then.

"From the very start, my totems were able to use the power of the people, which may be related to the nature of the cyclic constellation and cyclic sacrosun, which are able to transform power. Although I had yet to form constellations in Flameyellow, the essence of that has always existed due to my Aeonic Grandbane." The existence of the cyclic sacrosun was the reason that Tianming was able to transfer part of that power to his totems so his Myriad Providence could grow from ten thousand to a million swords.

"My lifebound beasts and I can all borrow power from the pandemonium sacrosun as well. If I can inject this power into the sacrosun, would they also be able to temporarily borrow power?" That may entail certain risks. The Omniscient Will accumulated within Tianming could suppress the power in both his body and totems. However, his lifebound beasts were separate individuals.

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Ying Huo wasn’t the least bit concerned. "The power of believers here can’t compare to Violetglory in terms of numbers, but it’s stronger than Flameyellow. You can try. We’re Primordial Chaos Beasts and our growth is limited by yours. Divine Will alone isn’t enough to suppress our power."

"Fine. Stop bragging," Tianming retorted.

"You dare underestimate us? Be careful, the five of us might snip your balls off," Ying Huo laughed.

"You’re shameless!" This chicken was beyond saving.

The conversation happened in a matter of seconds. As Tianming gathered the power of the people, a black and gold imperial star materialized above his head, like an embodiment of the man himself. The appearance of the star caused another sensation among the Azurecloud cultivators. Tianming channeled the power of the people into the pandemonium sacrosun to be used by him and all five of his lifebound beasts, much like the mortal realm’s Unity stage. The power of the pandemonium sacrosun was more mature. Power could be directed to his beasts as long as they remained on the battlefield.

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At that moment, a beam of white light erupted from Tianming's body, surging toward the sacrosun. In that instant, the sacrosun expanded tenfold. Even if it was unstable, the explosion of power was a fact.

"It worked?" Tianming's eyes lit up.

"Try it!"

Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Xian Xian, Lan Huang, and Yin Chen, whose countless bodies were raging across the battlefield, all sensed the birth of a new energy source. The pandemonium and cyclic sacrosuns were simply a perfect match for Omnisentient Threads.

"Come on!"

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The sacrosun formed a stable channel between Tianming and the Primordial Chaos Beasts. When part of his believers’ power had been transferred to the sacrosun, all five lifebound beasts drew strength from it.

"Holy shit! It's hot, it burns!"

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