Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1770: 1770

Chapter 1770 - Groin Attack

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Li Xuanyang's expression changed at once. Despite having used almost everything he had to block the two abilities, he was still sent flying. He had always called himself the god of lightning and fire, but today he’d actually been wounded by lightning and flames. His entire body was scorched and his totems dimmed.

"He’s only in his twenties. How can he be so strong? Did he borrow the Ninedragon Emperor’s power like he did last time?" Li Xuanyang was shocked. As soon as he rose to his feet and stabilized himself, the entire world seemed to turn black in his vision. "Huh?!" Looking up, Li Xuanyang saw an enormous white tower descend from the sky. "What is this?" He trembled inside. A seed of fear had begun taking root in his heart. However, the soul of their race flooded him with strength. At that moment, he connected to the eight supralightning suns, becoming one with his totems.

The Prime Mountain smashed into Li Xuanyang’s merged form, causing yet another earthquake. Under the terrifying weight of the prime wonder, everyone could hear the sound of Li Xuanyang's bones breaking. Although his totems managed to resist the massive tower formation’s attack, they still violently shook as Li Xuanyang was forced to his knees. That was the advantage of divine wonders. Destroying the divine wonder without killing Tianming, the formation nucleus, was useless.

"Ahh!!" Li Xuanyang was worthy of his reputation as one of the strongest young adults of the celestial orderians. He was extremely resilient at his age. Relying on astralforce and the power of his totems, he unleashed explosive power against the prime wonder, splitting it in half. Although it quickly recombined, Li Xuanyang's counterattack had also rekindled the celestial orderians’ hope. Soaring into the sky, he searched for Tianming's position. At that moment, when he was full of confidence, Tianming locked on to him with killing intent. He turned around and saw the white-haired young man holding a grade nine divine artifact with ten thousand swords swirling around him and a chicken and cat by his side. Before the man himself appeared, fire and lightning hit first, followed by the decapath era godswords.

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“You frog at the bottom of the well! See if my totems are real or not!" With that, the decapath era godswords exploded with power. With the Godsin as the core, a storm of swords shot toward Li Xuanyang. When he used the Saintdragon Annihilation, his totems formed a sword formation and Godsin became the sharp edge of the blade. It wasn’t just a storm of sword ki, but one of slaughter. Many watched as the sword pierced the air with enough lethality to drop their jaws.

"Impossible!" Li Xuanyang roared. He didn't believe anyone could be so talented. Even so, he used all the means at his disposal to confront Tianming head-on. As the eight suns spun around him at a high speed, lightning and fire formed a monstrous vortex with his sword at the center. The two violent storms collided at that moment. In fact, it was their totems at the very forefront of this battle, decapath era godswords versus supralightning suns. Li Xuanyang’s totems weren’t at all weak. After all, his cultivation level was rather high. The key was the difference between them: Tianming's swords were sharper. Under the destructive power of the Myriadsword Providence, Li Xuanyang’s totems were extinguished, shattered by the irresistible force. The scene was no worse than the battle between Long Wanying and Li Yunxi. One by one, the suns exploded into dazzling fragments that reflected light. The razor-sharp sword ki seemed to rip apart the hearts of every celestial orderian at this moment, cutting their pride to pieces. That one blow alone was enough to prove that Tianming’s totems were genuine and stronger than Li Xuanyang’s suns. If the celestial orderians had doubted the authenticity of the decapath era godswords before, that doubt was now ruthlessly extinguished. Their hearts were crushed. Many celestial orderians turned pale.

"Die!!" Tianming let out a fierce roar, like a cold-blooded god of death. After destroying the totem suns, Tianming, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow drove straight in, targeting Li Xuanyang. With a wave of his sword, the white-haired youth broke his opponent’s weapon; a dignified grade-seven divine artifact had been completely wrecked.

Li Xuanyang sharply inhaled. But before he could escape, he was paralyzed by Meow Meow’s black and white lightning. Meanwhile, Ying Huo flew under his crotch, attacking as it slid past.

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"Ahhh!!" Li Xuanyang's face turned into an ugly grimace, marked by a most desperate and fearful expression. However, there was more to come. What was most terrifying was the god of death in front of him. Tianming swung the Godsin a second time, using Fienddragon Blood Transience. There was only one likely outcome for Li Xuanyang’s head: being split in half.

Tianming’s attack was swift, fierce, and brutal and Li Xuanyang let out a cry of despair. As the celestial orderian pillar of support, his cry was a huge blow to their morale as Tianming became their inner demon. At the last moment, the bane-rings on Li Xuanyang’s arms exploded with power, forming a dense wall of fire and lightning in front of his head.

Thin as a cicada's wings, Godsin slashed his arms. After a burst of lightning and fire, the two limbs fell limply to the ground. Both Li Xuanyang's bane-rings and totems had been destroyed, which was equivalent to losing most of his combat power. By this point, he was almost completely crippled.

However, he wasn't dead yet. Drowning in blood and tears, he crawled and twisted on the ground before finally climbing to his feet. Like a little puppy, frightened moans spilled from his lips as he fell several times, choking on the bloody soil.

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"You’ve killed so many people. I won't let you die so easily, Li Xuanyang!"

Upon hearing Tianming's nightmare-like voice, Li Xuanyang began sobbing. When he fell to the ground, pain struck him once more and he found that he couldn't get up. Then he looked down.

"Ahh!" He screamed. His legs no longer belonged to him. He couldn't stand up again because all four of his limbs had been severed. The only thing he could do was squirm and wail.

He never thought he would die like this.

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