Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1769: 1769

Chapter 1769 - Eight Supralightning Suns

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Li Xuanyang glared at Li Yunxi. Dilly-dallying on the battlefield could really get in the way.

"If he defeats you, our army will fall. We have the upper hand. What we need to do is control the situation, not take risks. It’s pointless to take risks for a quick victory. Don't ruin everything just because you’re feeling competitive!" Li Yunxi's thinking was very clear. In any battle, the weaker party had to take risks. However, no one could remain rational in the face of Tianming’s eye-catching performance on this bloodthirsty battlefield, least of all Li Xuanyang. "Don't fall into his trap. You want to kill him, but he wants to kill you, too!" Li Yunxi appeared impatient, her voice sharp. Unfortunately, Li Xuanyang didn’t seem to hear a word. Gathering the top experts, he launched an attack on Tianming. Past the mountain of corpses and sea of blood, they approached Tianming, filled with shock as they watched him slaughtering opponent after opponent.

"Li Tianming, you dare return to die?!" Li Xuanyang's thunderous voice boomed out, the sound waves slamming into Tianming's body.

Tianming didn't even look in his direction, but said to Long Wanying and the others, "Stop those around Li Xuanyang, but let him in. I’ll give him a good beating." He sounded cold and bloodthirsty because Li Xuanyang was responsible for Azurecloud’s many disasters. Countless people had lost their families and homes because of him.

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"Tianming, he's not weak—" Long Wanying knew very well that Li Xuanyang’s strength was close to hers despite being less than half her age.

"Let him in." With those decisive words, Tianming waved the Godsin and another group of corpses fell to the ground.

After a moment of stunned silence, fire burned in Long Wanying’s eyes as realization dawned upon her. Tianming had undergone a complete transformation since he’d left, from boy to dominating king! "Hear that?!" She winked at the Azurecloud elites around her. They understood at once.

At that moment, the celestial orderian elites headed by Li Xuanyang broke through and appeared in front of them. Intercepting them with lifebound beasts, they stopped Li Yunxi and the others, leaving Li Xuanyang unattended so he could charge right in. Li Xuanyang wasn’t stupid. At the sight of the strange scene, he knew what they were trying to do. Fortune favored the brave; if he chose to flee, the Xuanyang Army would lose its momentum in an instant. He had pushed himself into a dead end! Like the rest of the bloodthirsty celestial orderians, he gritted his teeth and chose to fight to the death. If he won, he would definitely become the sun emperor’s most outstanding child. He never even stopped to consider failure. In fact, failure was something he deliberately avoided thinking about. As the gods of the sun, his only belief was in killing the opponent. He wanted to hold up Tianming's severed head and completely crush Azurecloud. He would stand atop Azuresoul Sword Mountain, stare down at this blood-soaked land, and declare it theirs. Bravery had never been something Li Xuanyang lacked. When the pillars of both sides slammed into each other, an earth-shattering boom resounded.

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"Li Tianming!" Like a tsunami, the roars of more than ten million crazed combatants crashed into Li Xuanyang, shaking his soul. Outside the celestial orderian race, Li Xuanyang had never seen anyone so inspiring that all living beings were willing to sacrifice themselves. He became even more violent. On his left and right arms were four suns wrapped in violet lightning. Prior to that, eight violet suns had appeared on top of his head. Compared to his brothers’ fire totems, he possessed a dense web of violet lightning that instantly transformed him into a god of fire and lightning. His totems were known as the eight supralightning suns. Eight giant fireballs connected by dense lightning revolved around his body at a high speed as the violet sword in his hand pointed at Tianming. The majesty of his totems drew hot-blooded cheers from the celestial orderians. In that moment, lightning sword ki erupted from his sword, rushing toward Tianming and illuminating his cold countenance. The sword was the grade seven divine artifact, Violet Kingsword.

Used to seeing geniuses from the Mysterium Cluster, Tianming had to admit that Li Xuanyang had no cards at all, despite being the general of the Xuanyang Army and the sun emperor’s son. His weapon wasn’t even as good as the Lifesteal Silverdragon. Although it was at the standard of a heliacal-class world, it wasn’t powerful enough for someone like Tianming. The only things Li Xuanyang could really rely on were his totems and astralforce. With a look of contempt, he turned his gaze to the Godsin, then glanced at Li Xuanyang and said, "Do you know what grade this sword is?"

The Godsin was a terrifying divine artifact that made Li Xuanyang green with envy and sent chills up his spine. Of course he had seen it. "No matter how powerful a weapon is, it’s still useless in the hands of the dead. I’ll take good care of it for you in the future!" Fire and lightning rose into the sky as the eight supralightning suns rotated around Li Xuanyang. With him as the core, lightning and fire gathered in the totems and, along with his sword, shot toward Tianming. Eighth-level solarian elders who were more than ten times his age were truly powerful. Imposing and majestic, every move of theirs was a sight to behold. Tianming’s contemptuous smile made Li Xuanyang, as well as the entire Xuanyang Army, explode with rage.

"Smash him to pieces!!" they shouted. Their totems’ roars drowned out all other sounds on the battlefield.

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In the face of such an opponent, Tianming had only one word on his mind: kill! Although he looked disdainful, his actions were ruthless. "Let’s show him what real lightning and fire look like."

Having had its strength upgraded, Ying Huo gathered immense power that exploded and formed a dazzling fire beam. Meanwhile, Meow Meow unleashed its Genesis Bolt, chaos lightning, and Triworld Afterlife Bolts all at once. The black and white lightning formed three great halls that shot toward Li Xuanyang. In the real world, Meow Meow’s abilities drew their power from both the alternate and ancestral worlds. The three great halls’ formidable power was completely different, though their lethality might still not be comparable to that of Ying Huo’s ultimate move. Just as Li Xuanyang used his totemic calamity, his totems were engulfed by Tianming’s lifebound beasts’ attacks. The mingling of lightning and fire resulted in a loud explosion, forming a violent wave that swept across the entire battlefield.

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