Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1768: 1768

Chapter 1768 - Execution Plan

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The weight of the nine-story tower was ten thousand times that of a mountain of its volume. The tower soared into the air and came crashing down. The first time its terrifying power was unleashed, it caused an earthquake on the battlefield. As cracks opened in the ground, unsuspecting celestial orderians were pulverized. With the Prime Mountain opening a path and the Myriadsword Providence above its heads, Lan Huang ferociously charged into battle. Wherever it went, blood and mangled flesh splattered.

Up to this point, Tianming had relied solely on his own strength. Although he wasn’t particularly powerful, his attacks were simply overwhelming to the weak. When combined, the totems and Galactic Godsin could wipe out an entire area. Xian Xian’s Trisoul Fiendsong and Evernight Curse were also like sharp weapons on the battlefield. In the confusion, Xian Xian’s pollen could take advantage of their weakness and sink into their bodies, causing internal strife and stirring the bloodthirsty desire to kill one another. As a sharp knife, Tianming steadily towered above all, turning the opponent’s army into a complete mess. Such a young man was in a different category from other geniuses in their twenties; his strength had even surpassed that of most thousand-year-old experts.

His enemies were red-eyed as they frantically tried to kill him. However, he survived their attacks and slaughtered tens of thousands of them in no time at all. There were almost no complete corpses around him. The mutilated corpses could be seen by all Azurecloud warriors. Demonstrating near-perfect kills, the decabane genius proved his identity as their savior. In this age of miracles, the sparks of faith that ignited within their hearts grew so strong they eventually started a prairie fire, setting him ablaze so that he shone brighter than the gods of the sun.

Chaotic times made great heroes. Even if he was currently a manic murderer, he was still the god of war that had their blood boiling. Just watching him slaughtering his way through the totemancers and leaving behind a bloody sea of corpses made the celestial orderians smolder with rage. Ten thousand people were merely a drop in the ocean for an army of a million, yet Li Xuanyang could discern the fall in their combat effectiveness. Despite the fact that the army still stood, there was a pervasive sense of despair. Such was the role morale played in the battlefield. In the past, Li Xuanyang liked using tricks like that to defeat the enemy. His plan was to use his army to play the same trick, but he never imagined it would be used against him. He was anxious.

"All seventh-level Solar commanders and above, gather round me!" he shouted.

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"Are you crazy? That’ll lead to chaos!" Li Yunxi frowned. Because she was familiar with Tianming, she was dumbfounded. Even so, she still had her wits. The role of the commander wasn’t expressed in their individual combat power, but in the control of each operational unit. Every command had to be accurately conveyed. By doing this, Li Xuanyang was drawing out the strong and giving up the celestial orderian advantage—that is, the army.

On the verge of a rampage, Li Xuanyang clenched his fists and roared, "Kill him and they’ll collapse. What’s the point in controlling the army?"


But before Li Yunxi could stop him, Li Xuanyang had already executed the military order. In that instant, the top elites of the entire army gathered around him and formed an execution unit.

"Whoever kills Li Tianming will be rewarded with Deathblaze Island and be crowned king!" Li Xuanyang announced. The cultivators burned with eagerness for the reward. With such a rich temptation at hand, the entire army showed great courage.

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Eyeing Tianming, they rushed toward him like a turbulent flame. Long Wanying and the others noticed at once.

"Gather around and protect him! As long as he’s alive, we have a hope of survival!" Without another word from Long Wanying, Gujian Qingshuang and Yun Tianque made arrangements. Unlike the men who fought for rewards, the warriors from the Supracloud Sanctuary and Azuresoul Palace were willing to give their lives for Tianming. In the war to destroy Azurecloud, in fact, both sides were well-matched in terms of top elites. The celestial orderian advantage lay in the number of mid- and low-level cultivators.

The battle centered around Tianming, whose black and gold eyes pierced the crowd, focusing on a young man charging in his direction. Eyes red, he viciously roared. It was Li Xuanyang. The distance between them gradually dwindled. As the pillars of opposite camps, their presence caused a surge of madness that rose to a fever pitch. More importantly, they each possessed a strong desire to slay the other.

The collision between the top elites, their lifebound beasts, and totems from both sides turned the battlefield upside down. Fire, lightning, wind, and frost swept across as the flames of war raged on. The celestial orderians attacked with only one goal in mind: killing Tianming. On Azurecloud’s side, the cultivators stuck to him. Coupled with his strong offense and defense, the group of powerful celestial orderians encountered unimaginable resistance. After pulling out the commanders and losing the advantage in numbers, the entire celestial orderian army fell into a quagmire of death. Casualties sharply increased in a short period of time; Li Xuanyang and the others knew they had no choice but to kill Tianming.

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Withdraw? For Li Xuanyang, that would be an unbearable humiliation. They’d had the advantage in both military strength and morale, and had just been about to swallow up their enemies. If they retreated now, their opponent might recover. In the current situation, retreating was equivalent to surrender.

"Clear the way!" Li Xuanyang resembled a furious god of thunder. His hair stood on end, entangled in flames and purple lightning.

"Don't take any risks." Aware of his thoughts, Li Yunxi shook her head.

"Get out of the way!"

Li Xuanyang gathered a group of ten. Except for him, everyone was at least a ninth-level solarian. Several of them could even take on positions as sect masters of second-rate sects, but they were all under Li Xuanyang’s personal command. As an eighth-level solarian, Li Xuanyang was considered the most talented among the sun emperor’s ten children. In his youth, he was one of Orderia’s top geniuses. And with his current accomplishments, he might become a sovereign before the age of a thousand years old.

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"Those who stand in my way will die!"

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