Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1760: Full As ension

Tianming made a rough estimate. It’d been around a year and a half since the mysterians' ships had left for Violetglory. "There's only about six months left before they reach Violetglory, which isn't far away from here. If the ship sending the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword also departed at the same time, it won't have reached Flameyellow yet." He couldn't be sure whether or not comma girl was telling the truth, so he had to prepare for the worst. However, she didn't mention when the chaos worldbangle would arrive. He wasn't sure if that was a trap; all he knew was that people from the realm of chaos were really limited in what they could do in the realm of order.

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"I should have them look for it." He used his Omnisentient Threads to get around a billion Flameyellow humans to head to the Abyssal Battlefield in search of anything that seemed out of place. Through the threads, he was able to tap into their senses. The moment they spotted something, he would immediately know. That made it incredibly convenient for him to do anything he wanted on Flameyellow.

He waited at Taiji Peak Lake as the billion people, all of whom were rather capable cultivators, formed groups that would ensure their safety in the Abyssal Battlefield. With Tianming organizing the search, it proceeded rather smoothly. There were quite a few bottomless pits on the continent, making it quite easy for large numbers of people to pass through at once. Around half a day later, they located the chaos worldbangle.

With a single glance, Tianming was certain that it wasn't something from the Flameyellow Continent, nor the realm of order for that matter. It had a fundamentally incompatible quality with the matter in this realm, making it stand out. When Tianming's henchmen brought it back, he was waiting at the bottomless pit's entrance.

"Human Emperor, please take a look." They were all honored to be able to serve him.

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"Your efforts are much appreciated." Tianming took the ring, but was careful not to touch it directly. Instead, he placed it on a rock and closely observed it. It was a black bracelet with a simple, yet ancient design. It looked incredibly old and had complex patterns on its smooth, glossy surface. The inner side of the bracelet seemed covered in sharp, saw-like teeth. Even though it was old, the teeth were still sharp. If he put it on, they would no doubt bite into his flesh.

What was with this design, anyway? Who would put on something that would hurt them? He furrowed his brow. It didn't really matter what it looked like, however. It didn't seem to be a divine artifact; instead, it looked to be sculpted from a piece of natural material rather than being forged. Yet it didn't seem to be raw divine ore either. It contained a kind of energy that Tianming had never seen before, something that was almost... negative. If the energies of astral discs revolved in one direction, the energy in this bracelet revolved in the opposite. While normal energy sources radiated out, the energy of the bracelet seemed to radiate inward like a vortex, seemingly drawing in those who looked at it.

He wasn't sure if comma girl had said something along the lines of him learning the truth if he put it on, yet the bracelet seemed to be giving off that impression. "Only a fool would put you on."

He rolled his eyes at the spikes that looked like locks. If he put it on, it would bite into his flesh. If he wasn't able to remove it and got enslaved, or something along those lines, it would be the worst-case scenario. But he tossed the item into his spatial ring just in case. While he didn't trust comma girl, he did want to keep it just in case it could be used for something. The bangle seemed to completely quiet down inside the spatial ring.

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"What about my parents, grandparents, and brothers in the realm of chaos, and that supposed portrait of me that's a hundred thousand years old? Is that more nonsense?" He shrugged, not knowing what to make of it. He didn't think that comma girl would really allow the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword to be sent all the way here. Soon, he almost entirely forgot about the chaos worldbangle. 


Time quickly passed, and Tianming had been in Flameyellow for some six days, during which the people of Flameyellow all grew stronger. Even those within the chaos skyjail could feel the Imperial Will's influence and were growing in strength.

"One day, perhaps all the people of Flameyellow will be able to ascend!" Most of the seniors he knew, such as Xuanyuan Dao, Ouyang Jianwang, Yi Xingyin, and the rest had managed to ascend. Even Xuanyuan Muxue would sooner or later be able to with his exclusive tutelage. Eventually, the Flameyellow Continent's spiritual energy would no longer be enough to support the demand for it. Tianming wanted to transplant one of the saplings of the Azurecloud Divine Tree to the chaos skyjail, which would ensure its safety. However, suddenly increasing the density of spiritual energy on the continent might also draw unwanted attention. It definitely wouldn't be good for this paradise, so he gave up on that notion.

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"Looks like migrating away is better for Flameyellow in the long run." He turned his gaze to the sun, where his current nemesis was, feeling the desire to conquer that world.


Two days later, Yin Chen finished organizing the bodies it left behind in Orderia and brought important news. "I found... Weisheng Moran," a metal cockroach agitatedly said, though its speech pattern hampered the rate of its speech.

"How's she doing?"

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"Blood grudge... inside body... much suffering... dreamless celestial... emperor wants... you to... go to... his nation... to hand... over the... Azurespirit in... order for... him to... release her."

"Wasn't the one infected by the blood grudge the dreamless celestial emperor himself? Why did it pass on to Weisheng Moran?" Perhaps the special blood relation between those two allowed it to be easily transferred. In other words, she was the one suffering instead of him.

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