Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1750: Return of the Prime Tower

Was the Lord of Perpetia mentally ill? Was she really moved by clinginess, of all things?

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“Big brother, this is a chance. There’s now a point of merger between my past memories and me. It may only be the start, but I believe I’ll be whole and complete one day and no longer be weird. I won’t bring you trouble anymore, okay?” Feiling expectantly looked at him.

“Of course! That’ll be great!” Tianming said. Although it had been an accident, it was still a good move. The matters between boys and girls weren't as simple as the Lord of Perpetia thought. For the many intimate moments in the wondersky realm, she had no defenses against it. She couldn’t just run because she wanted to.

Tianming’s cannon fire from Kilostar Capital must have shocked her. Things were off to a good start.

Feiling couldn’t possibly swallow up the Lord of Perpetia. They were the same person, so coexistence was the only possibility. Both sides accepting the other’s memories was the path to becoming complete. Perhaps the Lord of Perpetia had believed that the Soulburn Hall in the wondersky realm was false. As long as her actual body didn’t love, she would remain pure. However, it didn’t work like that. Sooner or later, the new memories would become unforgettable.

“Then you should leave Primary and quickly return to my side.” Tianming grabbed her shoulders. He decided to be more careful this time and would never give the other personality a chance to escape again.

However, he didn’t expect Feiling to shake her head.

“Big brother, I’ll stay here for now.” The emotions in her eyes weren’t fake, which meant this was the real Feiling.


“Now that we have the chance to merge, for the past personality to respect the memories of this life, I need to respect her memories, too,” Feiling said.

“Please speak clearly and understandably.”

“It’s like this. I believe I’m related to the Kunlun Realm. The merger has just started, so I don’t know exactly what this relationship is, but this entrance may give me access to many primalwings. Those are things that were left behind by my previous life. If I can get them, it’ll be very helpful for you in the future,” Feiling seriously said.

“Then I’ll just wait here for you and we’ll get them together.”

Feiling shook her head. “If you’re here, I’ll be slower in sifting through my previous memories as they instinctively reject you. Negative emotions will slow me down. Besides, you have to return to Orderia and save your godfather.”

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“Is that how it works?” Tianming still didn’t get it.

“Big brother, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Thinking of you may make me complete. For now, with my split personality, bad things may still happen... which worries me. You were even almost assassinated this time. I’m really afraid of losing you.” Feiling’s eyes reddened as she spoke. Perhaps these were her true thoughts—she was afraid.

Her rationality told her that if she could hurt Tianming at any time, she wouldn’t be a help to him, but instead a burden. “I’m a sick person, so please let me get well before I return.” She hugged Tianming, looking up at him with teary eyes.

“But can you get better without me around?” Tianming said.

“Yes, because this is mental. I’ve considered it, and maybe longing is the antidote.”

“But what if you miss me too much?”

“Idiot, we can meet anytime in the wondersky realm.”

Tianming had no reply to that. He looked down at her for a very, very long time. Was what she said what she felt inside? Merging would imply she had to accept all of the Lord of Perpetia as well. There would be a change.

Perhaps Feiling had noticed Tianming’s thoughts, but she bit her lips. “I’ll always be your Ling’er no matter what, or how much time passes. This life and all of my future lives, I’ll love you. As for my past life, when I didn’t know you, I’ll try my best to make her love you.” Her grasp was full of strength and her eyes were full of willpower.

“I support Ling’er. She’s a gal who’s pretty, kind, and understanding!” Xian Xian bawled.

“It isn’t that complicated, Ling’er can do it. No one can stop her, including herself,” Ying Huo said.

“Meow,” Meow Meow assented.

“Yes!” Lan Huang said.

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“Very disgusting,” Yin Chen snorted.

It was quiet. Feiling wanted to leave, but her hands were honest and refused to let go of Tianming. “While you’re at Orderia, my mission will be to unveil the secrets of the Kunlun Realm and cure my illness. I also have a present—”

While she was still speaking, Tianming cut her off with a kiss to the lips, and the not very family-friendly scene made Xian Xian and the rest close their eyes.

“How spicy!”

“A wild pervert is here!”

“A flower stuck in cow dung!”

As the beasts cursed, Tianming finally released her and gently said, “Don’t say illness, you’re not sick.”

“Yes.” Feiling obediently nodded. She was the one who didn’t want to separate the most, but she knew her past life needed space from Tianming.

“What’s my present?” Tianming asked.

“So, you really do only care about the present.” Feiling pouted.

“Nonsense, you’re my greatest present.”

“Sweet talker. What if you sow your wild oats on Orderia while I’m not around?” Feiling was worried.

“Don’t worry, Ling’er. The five of us are your bodyguards. If he speaks to any girl, Xian Xian will record it down for you,” Xian Xian volunteered.

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Tianming felt the pressure.

Feiling said softly, “I fished out the Prime Tower you dropped into the Kunlun Realm. It had found some parts it was missing in the Kunlun Realm, too. Those parts should be at the standard of the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword. I made the primalwinger overlord send it out to you. Once you get it, return with the Violetcloud Imperium people. I’ll see you again in Soulburn Hall.…” Feiling was crying as she spoke. Partings were difficult, but they were an inevitable part of life.

Tianming didn’t want this either, but he respected Feiling’s wishes. Forcing her to stay with him wasn’t truly caring for her. That said, the Prime Tower’s return didn’t bring him any joy. He stood in the snow, watching her as she wordlessly watched him back, the air thick with emotion.

“Time to go.” Feiling squeezed out a smile.


“Do come to Soulburn Hall often. I may just be here waiting for you.”

“Of course.”

“Don’t be too emotional.”


Tianming nodded along with her requests. Actually, she didn’t really have to do this. It was just an excuse to stay longer and speak more with him.

“Seriously? We have the wondersky realm. You can see each other every day, do you really need to act like you’re parting forever?” Ying Huo ridiculed.

Tianming and Feiling were stunned.

“Good point?”

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The two of them laughed.

“I’m leaving, big brother.”

“See you tomorrow,” Tianming said.

“Don’t bring them in.” Feiling winked.

“Those who get it will get it.”

“What? Get what? What’re you doing here?” Ying Huo said doubtfully.

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“They must be sneaking barbecued meat in here, those selfish fellows!” Xian Xian grit its teeth.

“It’s not meat, they must be sneaking naps!” Meow Meow said.

“Nonsense, they must be running around, swimming, and exercising?” Lan Huang said.

“Maybe they… are showering.… People helping… will make… you cleaner,” Yin Chen guessed.

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