Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1748: 1748

Chapter 1748 - Road to Destruction

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Sovereign Starfeather had proven with his actions how heavily he valued Tianming. A youth in his twenties who could survive a sovereign’s attempted assassination was much more important than one that could dominate the young geniuses of Mysterium Cluster.

Perhaps the Lord of Perpetia thought the primalwingers could extricate her from Tianming, but she’d underestimated the Violetcloud Imperium’s staunch support of him.

“Their astalship may be small, but it sure is steady.” It had taken two consecutive hits, but it was still hanging on, though it was listing from side to side.

The Kilostar Capital’s attack power was definitely enough to give the primalwingers a fright. Tianming had no idea how she’d managed to get them to take this risk. Perhaps it had something to do with the eruption of primalwings that time from the Kunlun Realm.

Primary soon appeared ahead, the astral hole still as resplendent as a flower. The Primary Sphere entered the eye of the storm. The astralguard formation was already activated, taking the form of countless misty barriers in the shape of flowers. Astral holes were different from nova source worlds. They only had one entrance. Hence, the primalwingers only had to seal that single hole.

“Their nova source isn’t stable. The amount they can use to support their astral hole is limited. The Kilostar Capital should be able to blow it apart, then we can exterminate the entire primalwinger race. Of course, we may not have to, but we do still need the threat.” Sovereign Starfeather brought the Kilostar Capital to a stop. It aimed its cannon, which was visible to those below, at Primary.

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Starlight gathered and nova source began pulsing. The Primary Sphere might be able to dodge, but Primary could only suffer the hits head-on!

“Right. Don’t aim for the formation. Aim for the petals instead.”

The vortex of Primary was like a flower, and its petals were actually nova source that was revolving and dispersing, the destroyed regions of Primary. When attacked, it would throw the nova source inside Primary into chaos, making it inhospitable to life.

Astral holes were already on the road to destruction, like houses on the brink of collapse. You didn’t even have to go for the gate; just knocking on the walls would speed up its collapse. In comparison, Violetglory would have walls of steel. The Primary Sphere could never destroy it no matter where it hit.

It was only a threat, so Sovereign Starfeather didn’t use too much power. A beam of light struck the vortex and the storm was disrupted, growing chaotic as its nova source exploded. The rampaging power flowed into the living areas inside. All the primalwingers living there probably felt like the sky was falling and the earth was breaking.

The scene was too terrifying. Cosmic wars in the astralscape and the fluctuations of nova source… life was too fragile in this situation.

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Sovereign Starfeather magnified his voice using the Kilostar Capital and said, “Listen, primalwingers. Your overlord barged into my Violetcloud Imperium and snatched away a genius of ours before fleeing back to Primary. How can the citizens of my Violetcloud Imperium endure such a naked provocation! My astralship has descended now. That was a warning shot. Bring out my person with haste. If there has been some misunderstanding, I’m open to an explanation. But if your overlord insists on refusing, I have no choice but to repeatedly attack your nova source vortex until Primary collapses. I can only express my pity if the billions of primalwingers within perish. After all, I believe none of you support your overlord in his misdeeds. Why would you? Jiang Feiling belongs to my Violetcloud Imperium and is the wife of Astralking Tianming. Will your entire race pay the price for your overlord digging out two wing bones for his juniors?”

Sovereign Starfeather was giving them a way out. He would accept the return of the person and an explanation, then he would take this incident as never having happened. Even if the overlord didn’t fear death, surely the rest of his race did! There was no way billions would die for the mistakes of one.

Primary had no reaction.

Tianming was depressed. “Don’t tell me she controls the whole race?”

“Yes.” Yin Chen answered. Its body was still inside and could see the extraordinary sights within.

“Seriously?” That meant there was some link between Feiling and the eruption of primalwings before. The Lord of Perpetia had some link to the Kunlun Realm.

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There was still no response after a minute, and Sovereign Starfeather was expressionless. He had already made his threats, so he couldn’t back down now that the opponent was acting stubborn. Hence, an even stronger beam of light struck Primary’s vortex.

Nova source fell into even more chaos than when the previous shot had landed. The entire astral hole was shaking; it definitely wasn’t pleasant for the primalwingers inside.

“This is the second time. I’ll attack every minute, each time using greater power than before. I don’t know how many hits Primary can take. Just release her and everything can be discussed. Otherwise, every minute that passes will cause untold casualties. Blame your overlord for this.” A sovereign was a sovereign. When he acted dignified, it was far different from his casual side. He couldn’t have lacked boldness to be in control of Violetcloud Imperium.

“If she’s in control of the primalwingers, this stubbornness is hers, not theirs.” She was definitely aware of what was happening. Sovereign Starfeather’s threat was Tianming’s threat. His finger had a cockroach on it, and her body had one too. Thus, Tianming was waiting for her answer.

“Lord of Perpetia, you want to scare me with this? Dream on.”

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