Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1746: The Primalwingers’ Astralship

Sovereign Starfeather understood that old fellow. The primalwingers had survived being caught between the two behemoths of Violetglory by being discreet and harmonious. That old fellow had spent his entire life in a cautious manner, so why had he started a conflict with two sovereigns in the prime of their youths when the primalwingers hadn’t grown a new crop of experts yet?

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They would only infuriate the Violetcloud Imperium for little gain. It made no sense.

As the two primalwinger infiltrators scuttled in opposite directions, Tianming lost track of Ji Xiaochen.

“This way!” Yin Chen revealed itself at this critical moment. It had placed a few cockroaches on Feiling’s dress when Ji Xiaochen appeared, so it could provide Tianming with directions now.

Suddenly, he heard the rumbling of a moving astralship. It wasn’t the Kilostar Capital or Ninedragon Emperor’s Tomb. Tianming turned to Mu Ziyan and asked, “Do the primalwingers have an astalship?” He had always thought otherwise!

“I don’t know, they never used one since Primary and Violetglory came into contact,” Mu Ziyan replied.

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Not using one wasn’t the same as not having one. The noise came from above, so it couldn’t be the Kilostar Capital. An astralship that could bring Feiling away had arrived! The primalwingers’ determination was exhibited by revealing their never-before-seen astralship. Any slower and Tianming would lose her!

Tianming had never been so angry. His body hungrily drew on the power from his two billion followers and his totems combined into the shape of a boat, parting the clouds as it raced in the direction indicated by Yin Chen.

A gap was formed in the roiling clouds as he moved, at the end of which was Ji Xiaochen! The next master of the primalwingers had never expected Tianming would be so skilled. When he turned, he saw a young man with the majesty of a sovereign, surrounded by a million swords.

“JI XIAOCHEN! Put her down and I can pretend this never happened!” Two billion voices overlapped like a thunderclap.

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Ji Xiaochen frowned, but success was already at hand, so he didn’t hesitate to continue forward.

Tianming didn’t bother saying anything else. His swords surged forward, buffed by his Omnisentient Will.

“So strong!” Ji Xiaochen’s expression changed. His wings spread out to cover his back, but they didn’t provide any resistance and were pierced through.

“That woman is even more important to me than my life. Anything is negotiable if you let her go, but if she meets any harm, I’ll spend the rest of my life exterminating your race! Innocence and guilt won’t matter—all will die! Believe me, I can already hunt you down in my twenties, so think this through.” The power behind Tianming’s words was enough to leave Ji Xiaochen pale and sluggish.

However, he didn’t stop. He grit his teeth, ignoring Tianming’s threats and continued his flight.

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Tianming closed in. The proximity made Ji Xiaochen’s body burn from Tianming’s black and gold power. His wings were full of holes as well. He was in critical danger right now.

“LAST WARNING!” Tianming had arrived behind him. The Grand-Orient Sword shone as he used the Sevendragon Tribulation on Ji Xiaochen. He instantly crossed the last kilometer of distance, hacking toward the primalwinger’s head.

“LET HER GO!” The booming voice made Ji Xiaochen bleed from his orifices. Tianming had already reached him, so he would die without a shadow of a doubt if he remained stubborn.

Tianming hadn’t intended to kill him without a prior grudge, but the events had already made him lose all of his rationality. The tiny totem swords surrounded Ji Xiaochen, wiping away any resistance he could muster. The Grand-Orient Sword could no longer be blocked.

Then something out of Tianming’s imagination happened.

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The girl who had been ‘kidnapped’ appeared in front of Ji Xiaochen, blocking the incoming swords. At first, Tianming thought Ji Xiaochen was using her as a meat shield, infuriating him even more. But then he saw Feiling’s blue eyes, and the coldness that lay within. She stood there defenselessly, waiting for Tianming to kill her. However, she knew Tianming wouldn’t.

That moment their gazes met was enough for Tianming to realize how difficult it would be to make all of Feiling’s past lives acknowledge him. For Feiling, a girl in her twenties who had loved him for ten years, that was almost her whole life. But for an immortal who only had Jiang Feiling as a tiny portion of her long life, she couldn’t deny the long and countless years in the past where she hadn’t known Tianming or loved anyone.

Hoping for an agreement to wipe all of that away was naive. She was probably just dragging out the time so that Tianming wouldn’t touch her in the real world, but the multiple times in the wondersky realm were truly unacceptable for her.

The truth was out.

Why would the primalwingers take such a suicidal risk?

It was because the Lord of Perpetia wished to leave!

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