Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1745: Luring The Tiger Away From The Mo

The primalwinger overlord had just finished reforming his wings. Shooting Tianming one last look, he shot into the sky, attempting to flee.

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Whatever the case, the danger had passed. Now it would be up to Sovereign Starfeather and the rest to chase him or go to Primary to find out the truth. “Primary probably wouldn’t dare to offend the Violetglory Star. Their strength should still be lower than the two overlords even after the eruption of primalwings from the Kunlan Realm. What was he thinking?”

Tianming couldn’t understand it. He felt uncomfortable, like he had missed something.

Mu Ziyan arrived before Tianming. Her tense expression relaxed when she saw he was unharmed, and she started to curse. “Does that old man have a screw loose? Even if he runs away today, Primary can’t run.”

“The thing is, I have no relationship with him. He had no reason to assassinate me.” Tianming frowned. “The only possible connection is from that time I visited with Ling’er.”

Ling’er had gotten the Sapphire Skywings. When he realized that, his expression changed. “Not good!”

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At the same moment, Yin Chen telepathically spoke to him. “Return now! Danger now!”

Luring the tiger away from the mountain! The assassination attempt on Tianming was just a ruse. His ferocity had been fake, and Tianming had never been his goal. Rather, it was to alarm the Starchasers and bring them away from Violetpeak.

Ling’er and the rest had been forgotten in the crisis. They weren’t as eye-catching as Tianming, so they shouldn’t have been in any danger. However, he realized there was the possibility of them kidnapping Feiling for her wings.

“Go!” Tianming shouted before drawing on the power of his believers to shoot toward Violetpeak.

“You’ll all die if you dare to touch Ling’er!” Primary didn’t have a wondersky realm, so they didn’t know about Tianming’s glory or what Ling’er meant to him. Perhaps that was the reason for their boldness. Tianming hadn’t expected this to happen, and that infuriated him even more than the assassination attempt.

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Tianming rushed into Violetpeak. As he did so, he crossed paths with a middle-aged man in black clothes carrying Ling’er! His primalwings were hurriedly flapping and Tianming watched as he shot into the purple clouds above.

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“Ji Xiaochen! Put her down!” Mu Ziyan recognized the person and barked. Ji Xiaochen was the primalwinger overlord’s son and their second strongest expert. He was a prospective sovereign like Mu Ziyan. “It isn’t too late to stop. Primary has limited resources and struggles to exist. Don’t force our Violetcloud Corps to attack!” Mu Ziyan chose to use harsher words, as she knew Feiling’s importance to Tianming.

Was it worth it to lose their race to extermination for two primalwings? Tianming couldn’t understand why the primalwingers were doing this. However, did that really matter now?

The other party ignored the threats and continued upward. Tianming followed him up into the sky. Behind him, the five patriarchs of the Pentarchy and thirty-odd Astralkings were hurrying after him. The primalwinger’s actions had well and truly infuriated the Violetcloud Imperium.

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It was an utter embarrassment for the primalwingers to infiltrate and kidnap someone right in their capital. It was a naked provocation, which was why the patriarchs were acting despite their lack of attachment to Feiling.

“The primalwingers are crazy! They’re suicidal. Mobilize the army, we’re invading Primary!”

“I’ll go to the Divineglory Dynasty and suss out if they’re related. Still, they shouldn’t be causing trouble now when they know the mysterians are interested in Tianming.”

The whole matter made zero sense from every angle. Tianming was the brightest star in the sky right now, and had enough influence that could move half of the entire star. If the Divineglory Dynasty tried to attack the Violetcloud Imperium now, their foot soldiers probably wouldn’t even dare.

Sovereign Starfeather was still chasing the primalwinger overlord while Tianming, Mu Ziyan, and a thousand experts behind them were chasing after Ji Xiaoyan. It was easy to lose track of a target in the clouds, which was what the two primalwingers were relying on as they zig-zagged through the clouds. They knew they would lose in a straight-up fight, so they were trying their best to escape. Primalwingers were innately skilled in flight, which made them even more slippery.

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Sovereign Starfeather was soon in the loop, so he abandoned his chase and moved in Tianming’s direction instead.

“This isn’t over, Old Ji! I’m sure you know about Tianming’s recent performance. The primalwingers may never recover from this, and for what? Two primalwings? Wing bones for your descendants? Is it worth it?”

The primalwinger overlord continued flying away without a word.

“Illogical.” Sovereign Starfeather frowned.

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