Chapter 1740 - Two Billion

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The team had won ten rounds in a row, the perfect end to a great performance. Even if Tianming no longer appeared, legends about him would be circulated in the Mysterium Cluster for tens of thousands of years. In the same vein, even if the Violetglorian Celestial Beings no longer appeared as a team, the miracle they had created today would still be talked about—especially by the many races outside the three deific-class worlds. Challenging the authority of the mysterians was equivalent to creating history. Their enthusiasm was second only to the Violetglorians. It was a pity that Tianming had immediately left the Astraldome. Otherwise, there were many people who wanted to interview the five of them and maybe learn the story behind their glorious accomplishment. If the Mysterium Cluster was a lake, its waters would be boiling.

"I wonder how the Violetglory Star will celebrate."

"I wish I could see it."

"They’re all world-class heroes!"

At that moment, it was indeed just as they had imagined. The wondersky realm was filled with movement and endless cheering. This time, Tianming returned to the Violetcloud Battlefield with four other people. Naturally, the appearance of all five of them caused a greater sensation. In that instant, Tianming felt a monstrous wave of enthusiasm slam into his body. It was the overwhelming faith of the people that uplifted both his flesh and soul. Engulfed by a sea of passion, he couldn't hear or see anything. The bizarre state lasted for more than fifteen minutes before subsiding. The crowd stared at them with red eyes. Tianming could understand their thoughts—they yearned for glory, to leave this lonely star on the stage. They firmly believed that Tianming was their blood brother born on the Violetglory Star. Their battles had borne the heavy weight of everyone's dream. It became a sense of honor that united them. On this day, their dreams had come true! Even if it wasn’t clear how they had defeated comma girl, that didn’t change the fact that Tianming had dominated the Mysterium Cluster.

"Brothers and sisters, I’ve done it." Taking a deep breath, Tianming revealed a relaxed smile.

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When he’d been eliminated from the Astralium Seeking, Tianming had vowed that he would return. In the beginning, some had questioned it, but today he’d convinced them all. Another burst of feverish cheering filled the air; it was destined to be a sleepless day. The young Violetglorians needed him there, thus, Tianming remained in the Violetcloud Battlefield to connect with the young men and women who were unwilling to leave. Half a day later, the celebrations ended and Tianming was ready to leave on the pretext of seizing the moment to cultivate, motivating his peers so they were bursting with greater passion for cultivation at the same time. That was Tianming’s form of giving back.

"When my divine will grows stronger, I should be able to give back to them as far as cultivation goes." 

A cultivation craze had begun on the Violetglory Star. As their pillar, the young man was the source of the younger generation’s belief and their leader on this uphill battle. It was the perfect synergy between his Imperial and Omnisentient Wills. For Tianming, the time he spent was an end, his response to those who supported him. He looked forward to returning to the real Violetglory Star. Leaving the wondersky realm, he returned to Violetpeak and was swamped by new Omnisentient Threads. Intangible white clouds of Omnisentient Will poured into his albi.

"There’s so much." Tianming's entire body glowed and it felt like he was about to burst. The increase in Omnisentient Threads far exceeded his imagination. He’d previously had few albi with Omnisentient Threads, but now the power of his believers flooded his body and they started burning, transforming his body every time his Imperial Will integrated with his Omnisentient Will.

"Two billion!" Tianming was overjoyed. The number of Omnisentient Threads on Violetglory Star exceeded anything he could have imagined, with more than 1.5 billion like-minded people being added this time. "There’s been a qualitative shift since the battle with the Celestial Beings. It’s caused an even greater sensation.” This was definitely the limit. At the moment, he was enveloped by countless Omnisentient Threads. His fans’ souls seemed to surround him, pulling him into a sea of believers. By placing his attention on the Omnisentient Threads, he could reach their thoughts. They were all different, with different lives and emotions, but they were all united in their beliefs.

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"Although I got fewer Omnisentient Threads than when I was on the Flameyellow Continent, each of them are stronger. I’ve accomplished more in this aspect than I did in creating the Tianming Dynasty." This might be Tianming's biggest gain on the Violetglory Star. He had achieved a lot, whether in terms of the improvement to his cultivation realm, strengthening of his soul, upgrading his sword ki, and battle arts... they had all achieved good results. However, the Omnisentient Threads were the real thing that bound him to Violetglory Star. Two billion! Tianming couldn’t imagine how much additional combat power they would provide.

"I don’t need the Starchasers anymore. I should be able to protect myself here." He was constantly aware of their thoughts. At that moment, Tianming resembled the brain of a big network spread out all over the Violetglory Star, just a spark in this vast world. If ever this spark started a prairie fire so all of the Violetglorians were included in the network, Tianming would be unimaginably strong. All in all, it was a great harvest!

"Even if I return to Orderia now, I’ve already achieved my goal. The Violetglory Star made me who I am today." Back when he had left Orderia and came to Violetglory Star, he was merely a first-level solarian. But now, he was strong enough to return to Orderia even without the Omnisentient Threads. Tianming had been waiting for this moment.

"I’m exhausted. I’ll rest for a few days, come clean with Sovereign Starfeather, then leave for a while!" Of course, he would only physically leave, but he could still enter the wondersky realm at any time. Since he spent most of his time in the Violetcloud Imperium, it didn't matter whether his body was there or not.

"The question is, will Sovereign Starfeather stop me?" He would find out the answer after laying his cards on the table. Tianming had acquired several treasures from the Violetglory Star, but he wouldn’t be gone forever. Traveling between the two stars was easy. He had also brought glory to the Violetglorians and resolved the threat of Ye Chen.

"Sovereign Starfeather should have no reason to cage my physical body here. Anyway, the mysterians will eventually come to take me away if I remain here." The truth would soon be revealed. "If Mu Ziyan is planning something, she’ll definitely expose her intentions now that I intend to leave." 

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Battles in the wondersky realm and Astraldome drained the soul, not the flesh. Ye Chen, Lingfeng, and Xiaoxiao were resting as well. After Tianming and Feiling’s scenic tour around Violetpeak, they felt rejuvenated. "Ling'er, I've rested enough. Let’s return to Soulburn Hall. I can go another three hundred rounds," Tianming excitedly said.

Looking at the anxious young man, Feiling couldn't help but laugh. On the surface, she seemed to refuse, but her body said otherwise. She followed Tianming into the wondersky realm and quietly entered Soulburn Hall. The wondersky realm was almost identical to the real world. They heated a jar of wine over the stove in the pavilion and enjoyed a quiet time in each others’ embrace.

"Cheers." Amidst the falling snow, the scene of a beautiful woman in the quiet pavilion was like a poem. Even in the wondersky realm, Feiling turned red after a few sips of wine. Lying limply in his arms, she placed her head against his stomach, grabbed his clothes with both hands, and murmured, as if talking in her sleep.

"How’d you get drunk so easily? Now I’ll feel bad taking the next step." Tianming pinched her cheeks.

"Stop pretending. Didn’t you say you like me like this?"  Running her hands across his body, Feiling soon found his ‘Grand-Orient Sword’.

"I knew you were pretending. You’re so naughty."

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"Let go."


"Then you’re finished! There must be blood once my sword is unsheathed. Surrender your life!" Tianming roared, taking advantage of her drunkenness to have his way. Although he was a little rough, Feiling was still filled with energy at the end. It was clear she was having more fun than he was.

"Die, you demoness! Eat my great sword!"


The time they spent in Soulburn Hall was most relaxing. This was Tianming's safe harbor, where they could forget all their troubles, isolate themselves from the outside world, and enjoy the peace and quiet of their own little paradise. Feiling rested her head on Tianming’s chest as they lay in the snow, listening to his heartbeat.

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