Chapter 1737 - Don't Speak

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Unaware of comma girl’s actions, or lack thereof, in the Astralium Seeking, Tianming wasn’t surprised when she nodded. They had to decide a victor before they could enter the next round, otherwise they would be stuck here forever. The battle between the two Celestial Beings had entered the final stage. With his successive victories, Tianming’s reputation had climbed to the peak of all history. He was the most sensational figure in the Mysterium Cluster; what would happen when he faced comma girl, who had never fought? The spectators’ excitement reached a fever pitch. They had all kinds of speculations about comma girl, and believed that Weisheng Xi wouldn’t have surrendered without good reason. Perhaps he had lost in a previous duel. Thus, they concluded that comma girl’s strength was on a whole other level, far surpassing the divine wonderian duo whose talents had amazed the world.

"Will Li Tianming be lucky enough to emerge as number one in this universe?"

Curiosity had all of the Mysterium Cluster sleeping in the real world, filling up their wondersky realms. What a spectacle it was.

"Although they were stronger, the Celestial Beings chose not to besiege them in the start, and so are the remaining players from the Violetglory Star, in spite of their numerical advantage. Both sides are quite graceful."

"Graceful my ass! Apart from Li Tianming, the other four can’t do much, so why not earn a good name for themselves?"

"Whatever it is, it's a fact that the Violetglorians aren’t as strong as the Celestial Beings. If they had all started fighting at once, the battle would’ve ended long ago. But then again, Li Tianming and his team’s achievements are still enough to cause a sensation in the Mysterium Cluster.”

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"I truly admire them."

"Like us, they come from a heliacal-class world. It’s really inspiring to watch them challenge the top geniuses of deific-class worlds."

To a certain extent, Tianming had become the center of belief of a large group of people outside the mysterians, but it wasn’t enough to form Omnisentient Threads for the time being. However, it could lay the foundation for them. This was the birth of a legend.

In front of him stood the mysterious, puppet-like girl. It wasn't until this moment that Tianming felt her eyes on him. Unlike before, they were no longer lifeless. Comma girl took a step forward.

"It’s starting!" Her every move drew loud cheers from the spectators. The young people were excited for a showdown between the top geniuses of the universe. This wasn’t a fight between senior and junior, or two opponents of different status. What they yearned for was the glory of being the best. 

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Strictly speaking, Tianming was no longer at his peak, with the loss of his lifebound beasts and totems, but he still behaved generously without compromising his character, allowing comma girl to make the first move.

"Li Tianming." Though her voice sounded a little hoarse, there wasn’t a sense of unfamiliarity when his name left her lips. With each step that she took toward Tianming, she moved a thousand meters, surpassing the limitations of space. In the blink of an eye, she was right in front of him.

Sensing a threat, he took a deep breath and tightened his grip around the Godsin. Seven types of grade-eight divine hazard sword ki combined to form a dense sea of swords, enveloping Tianming. On the outermost layer were numerous totems, turning him into a massive sword of sorts.

The young woman’s actions weren’t at all ambiguous. Although there was nothing terrifying about comma girl or the astralforce radiating from her, nobody was able to shift their gaze away from her. Something about her evoked inexplicable, bone-deep reverence. In an instant, she appeared before Tianming, crashing into the sea of swords without totems of lifebound beasts.

Tianming thought her strange. At that moment, comma girl opened her mouth, releasing dark smoke through the black veil. The smoke quickly spread out, forming a large sphere several kilometers wide. Feiling, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow were all enveloped by the smoke that plunged them into darkness and blocked their vision. It was very strange for anyone to emit such a thick, black fog. Tianming sensed a deadly threat. In that instant, he lost sight of comma girl, unable to even see his own fingers. In theory, the spectators wouldn’t be able to see anything as well.

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"He was swallowed?"

"What’s happening inside?"

Anxious, Shenwu Yin and others watched the thick smoke engulf the entire Bloodbath Arena in no time at all. Dyed jet black by the smoke, the arena resembled a ball of ink. No matter how good their vision was, all they could see was darkness. Naturally, cultivators outside the Astraldome could only view what was happening through the wondersky realm instead of seeing it with their own eyes. Because comma girl hadn’t fought before, the spectators weren’t sure if she was deliberately hiding from them, or if the dense smoke was an important means of killing.

"We can't see anything. How annoying!"

"As expected of comma girl! She’s so mysterious even in battle!"

"But it doesn't seem like there’s any movement inside."

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It was deathly still. In any battle, there would still be sound, even if the changes were too quick to see. But now there was only silence, which was somewhat depressing for the spectators who were used to violence and carnage like in Tianming’s previous battle. What on earth was happening?

Tianming was rather confused. In the thick fog, comma girl suddenly appeared about half a meter in front of him. That was a dangerous position. He wielded the Godsin, massive sword ki erupting from within him. She grasped his wrist with little strength, certainly not enough to completely control him. However, he didn’t push her away or attack with his totems and sword ki because her veil had fallen off. She looked less remarkable than Tianming had imagined—almost a little too plain—but Tianming couldn’t figure out one thing; why did he seem to see Mu Qingqing’s face from such an ordinary countenance? After all, the woman was already dead. Any entanglement with her had long ended. He had almost forgotten about her. In fact, if he looked closely, her eyes, ears, mouth, and nose weren’t at all alike. The only thing that shocked him was her eyes. At that moment, there was some expression in her eyes, like a lasting imprint or a curse he couldn’t get rid of.

"An illusion?" Tianming was shocked. But the problem was, she wasn’t part of the divine wondersky race. In fact, Weisheng Xi, with whom he had just fought, was an expert at bewitching his opponents. 

Staring into Tianming’s eyes, comma girl held his hand and shook her head.

"Stop playing games. If you want to fight, then fight.” Tianming was a little displeased and disgusted with strangers who went digging for his worst memory. Everyone was young once, and the setbacks they had suffered when they were most vulnerable could never be erased.

Shaking her head, she whispered two words, "Don't speak."

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