Chapter 1736 - Comma Girl's Decision

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Feiling releasing her grip caused cracks in the Unitary Chaosrealm. Eyes lighting up, Weisheng Xii launched herself at the walls. With her free hand, Feiling threw a powerful punch, the light on her nails flickering. Blue light enveloped the chess soul wonder, ripping it into three parts, top, middle, and bottom, which sank into the Trilife Mirror. She had once used this trick to restrain Huiyue Yin, giving Tianming the opportunity to kill him. Today, the Trilife Mirror was more powerful than before. Forming walls to separate the broken chess pieces, the mirror trapped Weisheng Xi in the center. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finish him off.

For the divine wondersky race, their bodies were equivalent to formation nuclei, which were the core of every formation. However, they were extremely fragile. Once a formation nucleus was destroyed, the formation followed. Having experienced the war in Tianming City and Taiji Peak Lake, Tianming possessed a deep understanding of them. No matter how Weisheng Xi polished himself, he couldn't change the facts.

The moment Feiling risked letting go of the Unitary Chaosrealm and appeared behind Weisheng Xi, Tianming knew it was time to join hands. Connected by love, their moves were synchronized. At the moment when the Mirror of Three Lives was split, Tianming's body merged with the sword and totems. In the past six months, Tianming had successfully combined the Saintdragon Annihilation with the rest to form the Sevendragon Tribulation.

With the obstruction of the chess pieces, the move was previously useless. Ten thousand swords rumbled and the seven swords—Silverdragon Flashkill, Blooddragon Sacrifice, Blazedragon Fireblast, Blackdragon Abyssthrust, Whitedragon Exaltation, Fienddragon Blood Transience, and Saintdragon Annihilation—merged into a mountain. Each sword contained powerful sword ki. When combined with the totems, it exploded with lethality, forming a storm-like sword move.


Manipulating the chess pieces, Weishen Xi had split the Trilife Mirror in the time it took for two breaths, but there was already a vulnerability in his defense. In the instant the sword storm pierced through his defense, the chess pieces crushed the totems around Tianming. But even so, it was impossible to destroy the man himself. The residual power of the mirror restrained Weisheng Xi so he could only stare wide-eyed as the sword stabbed him. He was turned to ashes on the spot, without a chance to even speak his last words. After all, Tianming only had one opportunity to slay him. This battle proved that Feiling was still a great help to Tianming, and no different from before. At the moment of Weisheng Xi’s demise, the chess pieces blew up and vanished. The chaotic storm returned to calm; Weisheng Xi was dead!

With the back and forth from both sides, this was currently the most exciting battle. The power of divine wonders was breathtaking, but with the help of Feiling, Tianming's moves were equally brilliant and deserving of victory.

For the Violetglory Star, the battle with a benefactor had little to do with glory. However, Tianming’s magnificent victory cemented his status as a god. Despite the consensus in the universe that a divine wonderian couple belonged to one combat unit, some people thought of them as two individuals. With that in mind, Tianming and Feiling's cooperation was equivalent to two against one. But the reality was that they were a couple who defeated another couple. Neither side had an unfair advantage. The cooperation and tacit understanding between Tianming and Feiling, as well as the way they complemented each other, were equally outstanding.

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In fact, they had yet to completely defeat the divine wonderian couple. At that moment, Weisheng Xii broke out of the Unitary Chaosrealm only to witness Weisheng Xi’s death. "Huh?" She froze in place but was soon engulfed by the army of metal insects. Among the metal insects were a chicken and cat. They were definitely some of the best in terms of tenacity and strength.

"I’m not playing anymore. It’s meaningless!"

Tianming thought there was another battle to be fought, but Weisheng Xii raised the white flag at once.

"Don’t just give in," Tianming said as he slowly descended in front of Weisheng Xii with Feiling. The battle had been tragic, with the loss of a third of his totems, the elimination of Lan Huang and Xian Xian, and the destruction of more than ten million Yin Chens.

"Who says I’m doing that? It’s pointless. First of all, there’s two of you so I’m going to lose anyway. Secondly, according to our rules, the death of either one of us means both of us are dead. We can’t live like this,” said Weisheng Xii.

"This is the wondersky realm, not the real world," Tianming retorted.

"We believe in sharing life and death, and that’s something we uphold at all times. It has been engraved into our lives. What do you know? In this astralscape of order, no one but us understands true love," Weisheng Xii said, her eyes red.

"Fine. You’re amazing. I admire you," Tianming sighed. There were reasons for the rise of certain races in the universe. For example, the innate conditions of the divine wondersky race were far worse than the mysterians. It was their character, culture, and beliefs that got them to where they were.

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"You’re pretty strong, but the astralscape of order is a thousand times greater than what you imagine. My advice is to stay humble," Weisheng Xii said.


Thinking about the Violetglory Star, Tianming said to Weisheng Xii, "When the Violetglory Star was invaded by the Skywolf Star, it was the divine wondersky race who saved us and created the wondersky realm for us. You’re our benefactors. Although we might have personally offended you, it doesn’t change our respect for the divine wondersky race."

Tianming had expected his fight with the divine wondersky race would upset the people of Violetglory Star. But with that sentence, those from Violetglory Star could accept his belated humility.

"Oh, okay." Weisheng Xii didn't seem to respond much to it. Perhaps the divine wondersky race had saved too many stars from the Skywolf Star. However, that was something Tianming had yet to see with his own eyes, so he didn't feel anything. By defeating Yanwu Dao and Weisheng Xi, who was stronger than expected, Tianming had achieved his goal of establishing the Violetglory Star’s status. Feiling and the others had performed brilliantly as well. At least in the eyes of the Mysterium Cluster, the Violetglorian Celestial Beings could compare to Team Celestial Beings. Petty griefers like Crimsonjade Cang would only be more ashamed. 

In fact, Tianming might have already accomplished his ultimate goal in the Astraldome. The only one left was comma girl, who was no different from an invisible person. The people of the Violetglory Star knew nothing about her. She had yet to disclose her identity or background, and it was unlikely that Tianming would gain new information from fighting her. Defeating her would do little for the Omnisentient Threads, but in the event of failure, he might lose fans. Thus, comma girl’s existence was a bit of a headache for Tianming. As soon as Weisheng Xii voluntarily left, everyone turned their gaze toward comma girl.

This is the Bloodbath Arena. There must be a winner and a loser. I can only proceed after this battle, so I should speak to her, Tianming thought to himself. How strong was she to be able to defeat the divine wonderian duo and obtain the Grand-Orient Sword? "Who are you, comma girl?" That was the question everyone was most eager to know. Because he had never seen her fight, Tianming knew nothing about her. With numerous doubts in his mind, he approached her. Like a puppet, she blankly stared at him, a thick, black veil shrouding her face.

"Um.…" After a long pause, he asked, "Do you want to fight?" He was both eager and fearful of the unknown. As soon as the words left his lips, Tianming felt a sense of relief wash over him. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with staring at such a strange person. The entire Mysterium Cluster was also waiting for comma girl’s answer.

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Outside the Bloodbath Arena, Shenwu Yin was filled with anticipation as she asked, "Will they fight? Previously in the Astralium Seeking, Weisheng Xi handed over the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword without a single move from comma girl. Will she fight this time?"

"Probably not, though I’m certainly looking forward to it if she does. Everyone speaks so highly of her. Just who is she?"

"I don't know." Shenwu Yin shook her head. "Does anyone know?" She asked.

Unfortunately, they all shook their heads.

"Who knows? Someone might recognize her once she makes a move!" Shenwu Yin said.

"I hope she fights and teaches Li Tianming a lesson, or else he’ll be out of control,” said the green-eyed Crimsonjade Cang.

"Why’re you still talking? Aren’t you embarrassed? The elders will definitely lecture you as soon as you leave," Shenwu Yin retorted.

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"You’re just a little brat. It’s not up to you." Despite scoffing at her words, Cang was worried about exactly that.

Just then, loud cheers sounded from the crowd. 

"She nodded!"

"She’s probably agreed."

"How great is Li Tianming's reputation? Not even Weisheng Xi dared to fight her, yet he’s been given this opportunity."

"It’ll be a great show!"

The spectators’ anticipation reached a fever pitch. This time their excitement was pure, without the influence of their favorite team or star of origin. At most, they wanted to satisfy their curiosity and see what secrets were hidden beneath comma girl’s mysterious veil.


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