Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1734: 1734

Chapter 1734 - Unitary Chaosrealm

The two thousand chess pieces had split into around a million. They surrounded Weisheng Xi, forming an invincible fortress. Tianming, Feiling, and his providence swords were all within the fortress, entirely surrounded by the smaller chess pieces. They even enveloped half of the qin soul wonder, resonating with each other to boost their power!

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Having lost two lifebound beasts, not to mention being surrounded, Tianming seemed to be in dire straits. The smooth chess pieces flew around randomly in the storm, but none of them collided with one another. When the two divine wonders blended together, Tianming and the rest seemed to have found themselves within a spiderweb-like formation, within which killer chess pieces flew about. There was an order to the trajectories of the pieces, and that could only be achieved through formations.

The divine wonderians weren't just talented, they were also incredibly meticulous. The couple's reputation immediately soared in the Mysterium Cluster. Even the Violetglorians were awed to see the divine wonders, which definitely wasn't good news for Tianming's Omnisentient Threads. What he needed was to be deified by the citizens, yet the genius of the divine wonderians immediately made him look like a mere mortal.

"It's over." Weisheng Xi smiled and exchanged glances with his wife, then looked at his opponents. Using his divine wonder to gain an edge in combat was merely a daily occurrence for him. "Li Tianming, I should thank you for giving me the chance to show off the power of our divine wonders to the Mysterium Cluster." Perhaps that was his true purpose for coming to join the fight. After that, the strings of the qin hummed once more as waves of chess pieces flew toward Tianming in a huge swarm.

"Goodbye!" The chess pieces suppressed the physical body while the qin's sound suppressed the soul. Tianming and Feiling were in grave danger. However, as far as Tianming was concerned, his fight had only just started. Feiling showed her tricks for the very first time in the Bloodbath Arena. She had found a new way to fight beside Tianming; it reminded him of their good old days.

Back in the Divine Moon Realm, Tianming had to act alone far too often while she was undergoing the Eternal Nirvana. In Orderia, Feiling had only woken up just as they were about to leave. That meant that the last time they had properly fought side-by-side was back at the Flameyellow Continent against Huiyue Yin, a divine lunarian. Despite not having fought together for so long, they didn't need words to communicate. Tianming expressionlessly faced the divine wonders while Feiling's finger glowed. With a single tap, the spacetime around them shifted. The Millennium Fort from before had leveled up to become the Myriadworld Fort. One spatial wall after another appeared within the divine wonder formations, making many smaller spatial enclaves within that formed the fort's structure. Within the sealed regions of space, the sound of the qin was repressed.

"Ling'er...." Tianming immediately felt the pressure on him decrease the moment she acted. He really couldn't be without her in his voyage through the astralscape!

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"Big Brother, with me around, you can fight without worry." She confidently smiled; perhaps it reflected the part of her that was the ruler of Perpetia. Her words were really sweet and touching to Tianming. It was a clear indication that he could go wherever he wished with her looking over him.

"Alright!" He nodded, feeling the passion rise through his throat. His blood began boiling thanks to the power of love, causing his male bravado to surge.

The Myriadworld Fort wasn't truly invincible, with the chess pieces still being able to shatter some walls. Even then, their force had been greatly dampened as a result. The sound isolation of the walls also helped with the qin's sound. Divine wonders worked with amazingly high precision, and Feiling's techniques helped undo that very precise control they had.

"Are you able to block this?" Weisheng Xii seemed a little perturbed. She plucked the strings of her qin and her Silken Deluge, busting through many spatial walls to clear out the battlefield. Standing within the distorted temporal field around Feiling, she didn't feel that she had been slowed down relative to the other regions at all. The only thing she noticed was Tianming and Feiling starting to move faster. They relied on Feiling’s Flashsoul Skywings to avoid the chess pieces with great agility. As the spacetime distortion spread throughout the divine wonder formation, the wonderians grew more and more confused.

"Come to my side!" Weisheng Xi finally noticed the weirdness.

"Got it!" Weisheng Xii nodded and rose to join him, bringing her formation along to pair it with the chess soul wonder once more. The spiderweb-like net of qin strings had the potential of greatly limiting their movements. As such, the Weishengs had to remain together to fight at their strongest. While the chess and qin soul wonders were acting rather erratically, they were still considerable threats. The chess pieces were still threatening, even when slowed down.

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"Is there a way to split them up?" Tianming asked.

"There is. I need some time," Feiling said.

"Alright." They trusted one another with their lives. Tianming's providence swords gathered and formed a vortex that surrounded them, blocking off the relentless divine wonder attacks. Feiling fell silent behind Tianming. The spear in her hand turned back into Sapphire Skywings. Her hands were now crossed and she had her eyes closed. A bright, blue light shone from her palms and nails, turning into a bluish-white shield that began expanding. Her mysterious spacetime powers seemed to contort the area they were in once more.

"Big Brother, move aside!"

Tianming opened a path through his providence swords, revealing the Weishengs. Feiling was now submerged in the blinding light of spacetime and only the three pairs of wings behind her could be seen.

"What’s that?" the divine wonderians said. They watched as a ball of light suddenly flew out of Feiling's hands, instantly appearing in front of Weisheng Xii as if it had skipped space itself.

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"Careful!" Weisheng Xi cried.

"I'm fine!" She didn't take Feiling seriously in the least. As far as she was concerned, girls who were too beautiful were usually nothing but ornamental decorations. However, the ball of light exploded before it touched her body. It wasn't just a normal explosion; instead, the ball formed a spherical barrier that was in actuality a rather unique spatial cage. It kept Weisheng Xii confined within, seemingly separating her from the rest of space into her own little pocket universe. The moment her body was separated from local space, her qin soul wonder faded away. The spiderweb of strings had suddenly vanished as everything about her disappeared.

"What’s this?!" Neither of them had witnessed such a technique before. Their first reaction was to attack the sphere like they had the Myriadworld Fort. Weisheng Xii slammed her silk cloths against the inner wall, only for something weirder to happen. The fiercer her attacks, the faster the sphere expanded. It even pushed Weisheng Xi away. The sphere started out with a diameter of six meters, only to swiftly expand to about a hundred meters. Weisheng Xii was still trapped within it all the same. Could the sphere infinitely expand?

"What’s that?" Tianming was quite surprised at what he saw.

"Unitary Chaosrealm." It seemed that the techniques from the ruler of Perpetia were quite interesting and out of this world. It was a supernatural application of spacetime, something that couldn't be defined as an ability or a battle art.

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