Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 1725: 1725

Chapter 1725 - Comma Girl

Things entered a stalemate. Yanwu Dao couldn't do anything about it and only said, "Actually, as long as you don't make so much trouble, I don't bear any hate toward you. When you come to us, I'll treat you as a brother and a friend."

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"This is only a friendly fight. I just want to reset our grievances, you see. If you're open-minded, this won't affect our friendship at all. You know what they say, you're never true friends until you've fought at least once, right?" Tianming said.

"The issue is that I’m unable to demand that those guests accept this senseless challenge."

"How would you know if you haven't tried asking?"

"That's because you aren't worth it, at least not until you take me down. We can settle this in a duel."

"Nope, I don't want to waste my energy fighting you only for a few old grandpas a few times my age to defeat me after I get the title of number-one genius. My time is limited, unlike those old folks'."

Those words infuriated Crimsonjade Cang and the others. All of them shot odd gazes at Tianming.

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The matter was still in a stalemate. More and more onlookers came to look, making the situation harder and harder to control. Yanwu Dao knew that if he didn't appropriately handle this matter, the mysterians' reputation was at stake. His seniors would also change their view on him.

At that moment, two beams of light appeared in the fifth level, causing waves of shock. Weisheng Xi of the wonderians and the mysterious girl had appeared! Crimsonjade Cang and the other mysterians were shocked, then broke out laughing.

"Perfect! Now his act is up!"

"Li Tianming, let's see how you end up! Yanwu Dao, slay that insolent fool!"

"That idiot actually managed to get everyone from the Celestial Beings to deal with him. His life has been worth it. Now he has to pay the price."

"He deserves the title of King of the Knockoff Celestial Beings!"

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"I'm going to die laughing.... Wasn’t he so sure that the two honored guests wouldn't come? They definitely weren't able to stand your insolence any longer and came to deal with you."

Crimsonjade Cang laughed the hardest among them. "Looks like dealing with twitchy upstarts like them is everyone's duty. Even with how talented he is, his head's surprisingly empty. After crying wolf so many times, the wolves finally showed up, huh?"

The mysterians had been rendered speechless before, but the two guests would teach him a lesson. They looked forward to how everything would turn out. The two guests made it to Yanwu Dao's side as the mysterians worshipfully gazed at them.

Weisheng Xi was known as the most beautiful man in the universe, and Tianming had seen him before. No doubt he was stronger than Yanwu Dao, being a divine wonderian. Tianming turned to the girl and was quite shocked at what he saw. She was wearing a black veil that obscured her face, revealing only her black, spiritless eyes. The eyes almost seemed fake. Not to mention, she seemed a little too ordinary, like someone he wouldn't bat an eye at in the Vermillion Bird Kingdom. She wasn't tall, nor did she have a curvy figure. In fact, she was flat as a board and really slender. Her hair seemed dried out and her nose looked a little crooked beneath the veil. She even seemed a little hunched. She was someone who could instantly disappear into a crowd, and her apparent plainness was contrasted even more heavily as she stood next to Weisheng Xi.

She almost seemed pitifully plain, as if she was a puppet without her own will. She awkwardly stood there, almost like she couldn't blend in with the rest. It seemed as if a single slap would be enough to take her out with how helpless she appeared. She didn't even have a name label that denoted where she came from. There was only a single comma on her label, which was why many people just called her comma girl.

The fifth level was filled with grand and bombastic people of all kinds, and someone like her looked like a rat turd in a bowl of porridge. Tianming struggled to imagine how someone like her could be an honored guest who got first place in the Astralium Seeking. Most importantly, she was the one who had obtained the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword. It was a shame he couldn't watch the fight among the top ten after he was eliminated. Otherwise, he would have a better understanding of her abilities. She was definitely going to be the biggest variable in today's fight. However, Tianming seemed relieved regardless of how it would turn out. He had gotten what he wanted: a chance to face off against the Celestial Beings.

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The arrival of the two caused cheers to erupt. Weisheng Xi squinted at Tianming and smiled. Turning to Yanwu Dao, he said, "This fellow really knows how to mess around, for him to be able to give you so much trouble."

"Don't blame Brother Dao. We were the ones who lost to him in the first place and gave him that reputation," Shenwu Fen said.

"He’s quite capable, but a little too ambitious. I’m sorry to trouble the two of you over this," Yanwu Dao said.

"It's a small matter. We divine wonderians and mysterians are as close as siblings. This is only a small issue. I'm just here to fill up space in the party and you can hardly call this a favor," Weisheng Xi said.

"You have my gratitude!" Yanwu Dao also thanked the comma girl. As expected, she didn't respond at all. There wasn't even a single change in her expression, as if she was completely isolated from this world. "Since that's the case, I have to thank Li Tianming for giving the Celestial Beings a chance to reunite once more."

As he said that, their party name appeared in their name label.

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"Now that's the original Celestial Beings!" Cang cried out. Countless other mysterians cheered, while the non-mysterians seemed worried for Tianming. They knew that if he lost, nobody would dare to side with him ever again and going to the sixth level would be a pipe dream. There was nothing anybody could do about the underhanded monopoly the mysterians and wonderians had over the way things worked. Even so, they silently supported Tianming in their hearts.

Yanwu Dao faced Tianming and said, "Li Tianming, you should be honored that these two precious guests have shown themselves for you. If it were me, I’d feel honored as well."

"I see. Then should I thank them for showing up?" Tianming gleefully said.

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